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Watch online and Download free Song of Phoenix - 思美人 - Episode 78 END English subtitles - KissDrama China Drama Genre: Drama, Historical, Political, Romance. Hope EngSub: On a rainy morning little SoWon Lee Re leaves for school which is not very far from her home. english subtitle, Hope full, Hope episode final, watch Hope free drama online, watch online Hope in dramafire, dramacool, kissasian, myasiantv, hdfree, dramanice, dramatv, Hope asian tv, Hope Korean Movie. 10 Jan And despite my gloating to girlfriday about winning our epic battle of inflated hopes, that doesn't mean I don't like Dream High, since I think it's easy to watch and, . At Kirin, Oh-hyuk immediately recognizes new English teacher Jin-man and speaks to him like an old buddy. .. The sub is out on DarkSmurf.

Review our rules for links and comments by clicking here. Has anyone been watching Netflix's Terrace House? It's a subtitled reality show involving young Japanese adults and for the life of me I can't stop watching it. I usually loathe anything reality based but for some reason this show has my attention.

Tatsuya is always a bit blunt but whenever he asks Minori to cook for him, I just don't understand why she doesn't tell him to leave her alone and to do it himself. That site has the fastest sub release. I was happy to see that the boys did do the cleaning, so that was fair. I knew there were parts in his performance that were too good to be mixed with other parts that were so bad! You interview with a school.

I don't even know why. It's just a bunch of 20 year olds hanging out with each other and talking and building chemistry. I think it has to do with how genuine it is. Usually reality television is faked or they set up "dramatic" situations in order to elicit a certain response. You just get to learn about these people at their pace and it's pretty cool and surprisingly engaging. This is coming from a white 24 year old male who loves action, comedy, animation and psychological thrillers so this one surprised me.

I don't know maybe I'm crazy but I urge you to give it a shot and tell me what you think. Also really hot Asian people. Love the show, been following it when it started. Glad the show is finally available internationally on Netflix. The members can leave the house any time they want, and new members will come in to take their place, so things will always be dynamic and interesting.

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The soundtrack is also brilliant, good mix of English and Japanese songs. It's definitely not your typical 'over the top' western reality show, so I do hope more people would give it a go if the premise interests you. Do you know where to watch the other seasons with English subtitles?

I have been looking a lot but can't find any D:.

Korean drama

Unfortunately the previous seasons on Netflix Japan do not have any English subtitles, as they were previously solely produced by Fuji TV. I really wish you wouldn't use it to criticize western shows. I feel that it should not be compared as the cultures are so extremely different.

Excellent point on the cultural differences between countries. I also noticed the very forward comments Hope For Hookup Korean Eng Sub used as compared with the west. They also take heartbreak and criticism extremely well.

I was really surprised. In college and the workforce, I have encountered people from Japan and China who make forward statements that are considered rude or invasive without understanding that the comments came from a place of sincere concern.

I reacted well, but I do wish that I had a better understanding of the other cultures at a time when the words were taken as hurtful, rather than helpful.

But that is life. I hope this show becomes extremely popular worldwide because its such a positive and informative reflection of Japanese culture! If you are trying to fill the void try watching Roomate.

I hope she doesn't get too evil though. Am I the only one who has a huge crush on Minori? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

Its similar in style but it is a Korean reality show and the people living together are Korean Celebrities who are often times living alone and are experiencing living with roommates for the first time, first time in a while and or it is their first time source with someone who isn't part of their Band. I think I am going to go re watch it while i wait for Season 2 of Terrace House.

I've basically been marathoning this show! I feel the same way as you, I love that it isn't over-the-top and doesn't seem fake.

Hope For Hookup Korean Eng Sub

Also, totally love the commentary panel! I totally binged like I haven't binged in ages. When will new episodes come out? It just stopped at episode 18 with a hint of new housemates. I'm exactly the same type of guy as you OP. I laugh at Western reality TV but I love this show. I'm up to episode 6 now and I think this show can actually make you a better person. It epitomises everything good about Japanese culture. And the soundtrack is probably the best I've ever heard on a show. And for anyone looking for the music it's a little hard to find since they didn't use any actual bands but outsourced to essentially what is a jingle-writing company.

Here's a Spotify playlist I'm building that has some of the songs: Another fan helped me find show's website. It gives a list of link episodes, the places they visit in each and the songs from each: Copyright laws I guess.

Has anyone else found that to be the case? Have you found out the song that is played in episode 8 at the No, I haven't yet. Terrace House does have it's own website http: You could go searching through their archives for it.

I go here looking for this song on episode 7 where Uchi and Minori go on their date but its not on your playlist or on the website. All I did was shazam it lol. Sorry for the late reply. Added it to the playlist. Yeah, it seems that apart from not every song being on Spotify, not every song is listed on the website either.

By any chance do you know the name of the song playing during Minori's fashion show Episode 11? The song starts at I honestly love the show, but am pretty frustrated now that it ends on episode 18 on non-Japan Netflix though the show is extended. I just want the rest of the episodes. What I love most about it is the authenticity and how different it is from other reality shows.

Also, it here me even more excited about learning Japanese.

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. If you want to watch past ep.

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I was impatient for the UK netflix to add Part 2 and so I've been watching from ep. Also, even though they are so polite, did anyone else find it weird that they interfere so much with each other's life goals?

They straight up call you out for not having a "clearer" goal. If this was in America, no doubt they'd throw down lol.

Hope For Hookup Korean Eng Sub

It isn't "action-packed" and very realistic. Sometimes it's slow, sometimes interesting things happen and it's very accurate and goes like how i think a social experiment like that would.

I'll have to say that's what makes the show exciting though. I think one of the best aspects of the show is that it doesn't make the characters do confessions. I agree, they are given clear labels that are related to their ages and profession. But all cultures do it, just less obviously. Since the series to me is really interesting from a cultural perspective I have a question for those who are click at this page savvy about Japanese culture than I am which isn't too hard tbh: Tatsuya is always a bit blunt but whenever he asks Minori to cook for him, I just don't understand why she doesn't tell him to leave her alone and to do it himself.

Also the panel never commented on this, so is this common behavior? I was happy to see that the boys did do the cleaning, so that was fair. But it's VERY unfortunate that the chores are based on genitals. I have a basic understanding of Japanese culture after living there for six months and being half Japanese.

They have a very traditional family view in which the husband provides monetarily for the family, and the woman takes care of the household and kids. I'm assuming the blunt ask for food would not be offensive as cooking is just what the woman does in Japan. And you'll notice, cooking seems to be the way the girls woo the guys on the show and I think one of them even specifies that they need a woman who cooks. Yea, I actually found Tatsuya a tad of a bossy bottom. He should take his entitled self to continue reading grocery store and pay for all the ingredients if he really wanted Minori to do the cooking haha.

I asked my Japanese teacher about click here. She said it makes the young woman happy to be able to cook for the guy she likes. I was skeptical but she convinced me.

This show is so good, I don't know what compelled me to watch it but once I started I couldn't stop. It's so interesting how matter-of-fact they are with and about each other, but also so reserved and shocked at something as simple as holding hands.

Very interesting, and the people are fun to watch because you can tell they're being themselves. Some are hot, some are losers, and the show does nothing to hide any of that. There's 26 episodes in Japan so I think they're a little behind on subtitling since its showing 18 eps available for me. I really like the show so Hope For Hookup Korean Eng Sub and I'm glad Netflix picked it up. Their japanese language offerings are kinda limited in Australia and i like the differences in broadcast style between japanese and us reality shows.

The latest episodes on Netflix Japan have English subtitles too, so not sure why they're not releasing them weekly internationally as well