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15 Mar Every one of the French women featured here is as chic as can be, and they're all over age Not only that, but they seem to get cooler by the decade. The women we're calling out include actresses, fashion editors, and former models, but there's nothing flashy about all their style. They clearly have the. 22 May The one thing Cameron Diaz will never wear again, ('No Way') according to an interview in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar, is a tube top. Watch out for the plaster textured complexion which occurs when women panic they need coverage but haven't got their glasses/replaced the light in the. Try not to go too far over the knee as this is not flattering for your calves and your overall look will be older. You will look the sexiest and chicest if the skirt is not too wide and not too long. Petite women may want to go a bit shorter with their skirt lengths. For more info see my article on the perfect skirt length for women over 40 .

Age is nothing more than a number. Are you wearing the same jeans style at 45 as you were at 25?

The vest is from Stella Carakasi. Aoibhin Garrihy displays bright maternity style in colour block Sorry, But I love mom jeans. Thanks for your post. Oh, and I am a makeup addict, nothing crazy but I do love taking care of my skin and makeup is always a must for me.

Or the same skirt length, for that matter? But just because you're getting "older" doesn't mean your look can't feel just as fresh as when you were 20 years old. Keep scrolling to scope out sleek outfit ideas in your age group.

Many offer free shipping and free returns, but always check store conditions before ordering. The whole maxi thing is a bit of a lottery. However, if you start having doubts about any of these it will show.

But remember, if you spot something you prefer more in another category, just go for it—regardless of when your birthday falls. Skip the miniskirt and opt for a shorter dress with a pretty, lace detail. To give the vibe a modern twist, toss on a long suede jacket and add two-strap stiletto sandals. Check out a more affordable option here: Just because you're in your 40s doesn't mean you can't wear formfitting clothing. The key is to go for one tighter silhouette and balance it out with looser-feeling items elsewhere.

11 Over-40 French Women Who Only Get Cooler as They Age

We love the idea of slipping into a perfectly fitting pair of skinny jeans and adding a billowy blouse and cute ankle booties. Off to after-hours drinks with your colleagues? Hey, you're 60—wear whatever you want!

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Just make sure you keep it fun with a wide belt! Whether you're off to dinner with your long-term lover or heading to a party to celebrate your BFF's retirement, you can't go wrong in wide-leg trousers hey, got to stay comfy!

Dresses For Ladies In Their 40s

So chic and sophisticated. What do you think of these style tips? Will you incorporate any into your look?

Dresses For Ladies In Their 40s

Let us know in the comment section below! Sign up for our newsletter and receive exclusive stories, breaking news, sale alerts and much more straight to your inbox! Cameron Diaz, 42 Just because you're in your 40s doesn't mean you can't wear formfitting clothing. Sarah Jessica Parker, 50 Off to after-hours drinks with your colleagues?

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Diane Keaton, 69 Hey, you're 60—wear whatever you want! Lauren Hutton, 71 You're 70!