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Emma Watson Did Harry Hookup Styles

One Direction's Harry Styles responds to Emma Watson's tweet about walking out on her film

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27 Jul Pairs of Harry Potter co-stars that dated in real life, celebrity couples. We did it for the casts of Game of Thrones and Glee and such, so it's only fair. Here are all the Matt Lewis & Emma Watson — Emma's been completely open about her longtime crush on Tom Felton back when the series kicked off. Explore samlaus's board "hookup" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Harry styles, Jade and Famous people. 14 Jan Reports have claimed the One Direction star and Em-Wat attended a footy match together on Boxing Day Harry Styles may have been romantically linked to Nadine Leopold, but reports have claimed he recently enjoyed a secret date with. Watson split from boyfriend Matthew Janney.


What could that be? And it totally makes sense to me.

Did Harry Styles Hookup Emma Watson

He is super famous, pretty good looking, and he actually seems like a nice guy. And on top of all that he has some appeal as a seemingly loyal person who would stick around, unlike some people — cough cough Zayn Malik. One Direction has been an extremely popular band for a while so it makes sense that there is just so much speculation about Harry Styles and his love life. I mean, come on, just look at that hair. No need for me to fill you in on a backstory when it comes to this girl.

I feel like she would never fall for his musician shtick, but I would not think any less of her if she did. There have been plenty of photos with the two of them at events, but nothing that made them look like more than friends.

One Direction has been an extremely popular band for a while so it makes sense that there is just so much speculation about Harry Styles and his love life. When Harry met Caggie! Finally, the lads chat to reporters.

This was until when the two were spotted trying to be covert at a Manchester United game. If the two of them were just friends then why would they try to distance themselves from each other? The girl has really grown into her looks.

Did Harry Styles Hookup Emma Watson

These two only dated for a couple months in and she is still singing about it. This just makes me think that there is something pretty special about Harry Styles. And now I just have so many questions about their relationship than I would like to admit.

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Some people outside of the UK might not be familiar with Caroline Flack, so let me fill you in on this slightly scandalous hook up situation. Caroline Flack hosted the reality show and had a short-lived romance with Harry Styles. On top of that, Harry was only seventeen and Caroline was 32 at that time, so the press had a field day with that aspect. So why did they break up? Everyone and their grandparents were already talking about these two as individual entities, so when they were spotted together, the media could not get enough of it.

There were several reports about them exclusively hanging out or something else vaguely worded. But anyway, there was a lot of chatter in about Harry and Daisy being an item since they were spotted and photographed together pretty often. There was even a story going around about Harry also dating Kendall Jenner during the same time period in some sort of love triangle situation. She is Did Harry Styles Hookup Emma Watson across the pond for being on the British TV show Inbetweeners.

Or it is more likely that the heartthrob was being coy in the media since the two were seen together many times.

One Direction fans despair. Emma Ostilly 18 - April She is very subtle when it comes to her personal life. The one direction star is well known for liking older ladies, having previously dated Caroline Flack when he was just Plus, he clearly has good luck when it comes to VS models.

It sounds to me like they might have hooked up once or twice and this girl was looking to capitalize article source it and get her come up into another level of fame. This is a little confusing to me.

Plus there is strong support to believe that Harry and Alexa Chung had some sort of romance going. Maybe they had some sort of friends with benefits situation? You are probably scratching your head trying to identify another random blonde girl.

Caggie Dunlop is a UK reality star and aspiring singer. So I have a sneaking suspicion that this could have been Did Harry Styles Hookup Emma Watson situation where Caggie saw an easy opportunity to get some media attention by being associated with Harry Styles. I mean come on, look at her. The fierce One Direction fans ended up scaring her away by harassing her online and even showing up to her parents house.

So these two had no shot at being anything long term.

The dude clearly has a thing for models. The girl is indisputably gorgeous. So it makes sense for Harry Styles to be interested in her. Plus, he clearly has good luck when it comes to VS models. She is very subtle when it comes to her personal life. Hendall was spotted enjoying a tropical vacation together over New Years and they even hung out with Ellen DeGeneres.

So it seems like things might be back on. Kendall is the best choice for Harry though.

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She is just as famous and busy as he is, but she actually cares about her privacy and would not use a relationship for media attention.