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Discover latest news from all around the world, trending stories on Lifestyle, Technology, Humor, Entertainment, Sports, Travel, Food, Celebrities, Quiz etc. 13 May Looking at the popularity of these online dating websites in India, I decided to experience the 'never before experienced' arena myself. It does not compromise on safety especially for girls as it only displays the initials and not the full name of girls. The app settings are more or less same for Woo too as. ( PM)Branson Wrote: You can meet/PU Indian girls no problem, especially the middle class ones who tend to speak English. One thing, the darker . ( PM)Lumiere Wrote: And people would travel to India to hook up with drunk British chicks because? And where did I say.

Read The Forum Rules: We have a clear set of rules to keep the forum running smoothly. Click here to review them. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. PartyTime Chubby Chaser Posts: Guys, I'm traveling to India for business. I've always thought of India as a conservative culture, so I'm wondering is it worth going out and trying to pull a one night stand while I'm there? Or would this be a long shot, and a waste of time?

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Does India have much of a night life? I will be in each of the following cities for a few days each: Delhi Jodhpur Kerala What do you guys think? This post was last modified: Interested to hear the answer as I have a thing for Indian chicks.

Actually in India itself I imagine would be another story. Opening sets while socialising should be fairly straight forward if you are socially proofed and I imagine would be pretty hard if by here.

Delhi Girls On Hookup In India

One thing, the darker your skin color the harder it is to pick up Indian girls. One thing, the darker your skin color the harder it is to pick up Indian girls Where would you go to meet them? What style of game works best? My brain tells me you'd have to meet cosmopolitan chicks with western influence, so hit the fancier clubs and lounges. One thing, the darker your skin color the harder it is to pick up Indian girls Where? I cant find any nights clubs. Nobody knows where they are.

Delhi Girls On Hookup In India

I've asked a ton of taxi drivers. I even met an australian guy living here, and he has no clue where to find the night clubs.

Skin quality isn't very good here I've noticed. Indian is also a popular destination for Israealis, they all end up in Goa as well. Goa is an awesome place to go from October to April. Hope it will work here: I've asked a ton of taxi drivers.

Also, I see very few girls out during the day. I just don't see them anywhere. I swear I see 5 guys for every 1 girl. In the matrimonial ads yes they have them here, lolall the ads describe themselves as "fair skin".

I've seen very few fair skinned people here. And I'm in the north. Soon I will travel to the south where they are supposed to be darker. Skin quality isn't very good here I've noticed. I dont mind somewhat dark skin, but its often blotchy and with blemishes and makes them look like their skin is dirty. I have to resurrect this thread. I get riled up just hearing PU and India mentioned in the same sentence.

Recently he went on a "date" and had to take along a mutual friend to make the event socially acceptable.

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Scratch India off the sex destination list. I love Indian food and I'm sure it's a really colorful culture, but I have little desire to go to any place full of open sewers, malaria, cholera and terrorism.

My uncle who has been there numerous times says he often sees people defecating in the streets. I have friends that have gone there and had a great time, but I'll pass on India for now. I'm not convinced there's no sex in India. I used to have an Indian friend, a player type, and he told it really depends who you know and where you go. You not gonna bang chicks waiting for arranged marriage but there's gotta be some play.

You got any cool Indian friends? I knew a girl that was living over in India short term and went on a date with some guys. She was saying that if they gave you a hug, they were acting like they scored. And when they went to the beach in a bikini, guys were all peeping and leering like they'd never seen a half-nude woman in their lives. So that should tell you something.

I'm guessing Delhi Girls On Hookup In India best chance of getting laid in India is from other foreigners visiting. Especially some humanitarian aid chic from Scandinavia living there who hasn't had sex in months hmmm, maybe I ought to head to India, lol. I can't believe nobody has mentioned Goa.

Is it possible to land an Indian chick? Yes, but it will take some time, social contacts, and she will want a commitment. It is full of Russian girls. It is also a popular destination from the UK. Drunk British chicks are the easiest.

Indian is also a popular destination for Israealis, they all end up in Goa as well. In addition you get a good mix of Delhi Girls On Hookup In India Europeans. Not only that, Goa has quite a thriving drug culture and beach rave parties, even though the local police are trying to crack down. The best times to go are from November to about April.

And people would travel to India to hook up with drunk British chicks because?

Go to any part of the Spanish coast or any Greek island if you want that. Its closer and cheaper. Does not make the women any less hideous or fugly though.

The last time he got tired of it, he left on an unplanned trip through South-East Asia, crashing with friends and going on Tinder dates. You can also mention you age preferences, area preferences and whether you are interested in new friends or dating. It depends on how well you can gauge how prudish the other person is. One thing, the darker your skin color the harder it is to pick up Indian girls Hey, wasn't Nomad Marketing once associated with a kickass site called expatrockstar?

And where did I say that people should travel to India just to hook up with drunk British chicks. It was just ONE of the options that I presented. If you strike out with the Russians, the Swedes, the Israelis and the Indians, there are always drunk British chicks. Nobody had talked about Goa, so I was telling people about the Goa scene. I hope that your pick up skills are better than your comprehension skills, because those really suck.

I had never heard anything about Goa before reading this, but after doing a little research, it looks like a great vacation town. Thanks for this tip. It is actually more than a town. It is a whole state that used to be a Portugese colony till the s.

A lot of different beaches up and down the coast. A few years ago drug fuelled beach rave parties were the norm, but things have calmed down a bit. Do a google search for Anjuna Beach, Goa trance, Vagator beach.

This is not my post to get involved with, but there's no go here to attack people like this ManAbout.

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There was just a misunderstanding on the post that's all. Skip on the US too huh? Goa is an awesome place to go from October to April. Not so good now as it starts to get really hot. Otherwise in India its going to be tough to get laid. If you are after Indian chics, best bet is the high end clubs which tend to be in 5 star hotels, or the regions you would find those hotels and restaurants.

In Mumbai I would try a few places in Juhu. The girls here tend to be pretty westernized so you may have to put up with posh rich Indians. Otherwise if you aren't fussed Delhi Girls On Hookup In India nationality you're looking at ex-pat and traveller type places of which there are many in the main cities nearer the tourist traps. I've visited the Spanish island of Ibiza and to the Greek Islands last year, and yup, tons of British chicks and guys there.

Many of the British chicks actually had nice thin bodies, but few had nice faces. In the Greek Islands, forget about getting greek girls. They are quite pretty and exotic looking, but they didn't give foreigners the time of day. Anybody have any experience with greek girls? I encountered some of these at a club. Just click for source few clubs in india and there are very few are expensive.

Only these "posh" rich girls can afford it. And trust me, you will ask yourself why you flew all the way around the world to get the same American-Princess bitchy-ness, only in a Quicki-Mart accent. For young guys like us, its an awful place. Here are the pro's and cons: Lots of old shit to see. Significantly more than any other place I've ever been.