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Freshman Mitch Johnson took 77th in the nation to lead the men's team to a 34th place finish at the NJCAA National Cross Country Championships on Nov. 11 in Fort Dodge. Johnson trailed only three Lansing CC runners as Michigan's top finishers. He had the fourth best ever men's national finish by a Jayhawk. 28 Dec The NJCAA Western States Football League will be down to just 4 members after the Maricopa schools end football. @NMMIBroncos left boomer fuckin' sooner baby. permalink; embed .. [–]Texas Tech Red Raiders / /r/CFB Poll Veteranhawkspur1 37 points38 points39 points 2 years ago (1 child). No. 21 Sep The Aztecs of Pima Community College () couldn't hold it together against the Matadors of Arizona Western College (), the No. 1 team in the nation. Big plays from the Matadors gave them the edge Sept. 9 at Kino Sports Complex as the Aztecs allowed 14 unanswered points in the fourth quarter.

TCU 'hung me out to dry' with no scholarship offer cbssports. Every time mayfield seems to open his mouth, it's to complain about another school.

You'd think he'd be happy where he's at currently.

Adult Diaper Dating Njcaa Football Rankings

According to Mayfield, "miscommunication" between him and the coaching staff. This is after the regular season but before the bowl game when Kliff opened up QB competition for who would start. In addition to what others have said, I hear him and his family were big OU fans before he ever came to Tech.

I think he might have just used us as a stepping stone to get where he really wanted to go, because he had every opportunity to play and win his job back. It's unfortunate that after all of these schools passed on him he feels the need to crap on the one who gave him his big chance. How many P5 programs will bring in a true freshman walk-on at QB and give them a shot to start immediately? On the opposite side Webb is taking his position like a champ. He's been so supportive of Mahomes on the sideline and is happy every time Mahomes does something good.

A thousand times this.

Sitting in a sub shop, 6-foot 6-inch Sam Jones wears a black Pittsburgh Steelers cap and a gray North Carolina State hoodie with red lettering. Not necessarily cocky like he used to be but he still says things on Gameday that annoy me to no end. I think Baker knows exactly what click here is doing and is calculated in his comments. For those of you who won't read the article, he was specifically asked which team was he disappointed the most that he didn't receive a scholarship from and he answered TCU and gave a good reason for it. I feel like OU fans are trying to build Mayfield up to be some huge disrespected quarterback that OU found as a diamond in the rough.

Webb has acted incredibly amicably. I will root for any team he plays for. Its because he gets asked leading questions like this in press conferences. I blame the OKC sports media.

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It was a leading question, but the way he answered wasn't the best. A simple, I was hoping TCU would offer me, would have been a better response. He is starting to look worst and worst from the PR side.

You are right that he should say no comment, but he was doing his best to sidestep the question. The reporter wanted to turn this into another quote where it sounded like Mayfield was bashing Tech and Mayfield was at least correct in his decision to not mention Tech at all.

The reporter was going after Don Williams and trying to get a few good sound bites. Give Baker a here to not answer those questions.

A reporter wanted to get a response from an athlete, which is also that reporter's job? You can't blame a reporter for asking a question when a response is dumb or bad. Blame the school for not preparing the athlete or the athlete for not thinking about his answer. The reporter asked for Baker's Adult Diaper Dating Njcaa Football Rankings and Baker obliged.

I don't see how this is the reporter's fault, but OU would rather blame anybody but their QB, it seems.

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You absolutely can blame the reporter for the question asked. When the intention is to produce clickbait, the reporter should be held accountable for the intention.

He doesn't have to answer like this. He could say "I was disappointed I didn't get to go to this school" or even better, he can just not comment! He's an intelligent guy, and he's getting pretty bad about putting his foot in his mouth.

Players and coaches are asked leading questions all the time. Most just choose click here respond in such a way that they aren't pissing off one fanbase or another.

Joking aside, Jones faces a decision on whether to walk away from football or to concentrate on his roles as husband and father. Want to add to the discussion? Aztec Press Editor Sep 21, Comments 0. There's no need to make this situation personal or anything.

Thin skin or not, "no comment" is an option. After all the controversy surrounding him and scholarships, transferring, etc. You would think he would know this web page now that the best thing would be to just stay out of it.

He is young and dumb not to be insulting, everyone was young and dumb at some point. He will learn eventually. Every time I open my mouth it's to breathe air. You'd think I'd be full of air by now. Every time I open my mouth it's to talk shit. You'd think I'd have run out of shit by now, but nope, I'm absolutely full of shit. Here's the thing, it's hard to defend him as just responding when he says shit like this all click time.

Baker is a good QB and I thought some of us Tech fans were a little Adult Diaper Dating Njcaa Football Rankings on him when he departed, but I am pretty tired of all his whining and bridge burning at this point. You knew the rules when you made your decisions.

Now sleep in the bed you made and make the most of the time you have left. I'd have no problem "sleeping in the bed you made" if I were in his position. Transferring seems to have worked out great for him. That was in reference to him constantly disparaging Tech because he only has one year of eligibility left instead of two.

He lost one due to his in-conference transfer according to Big12, not Texas Tech, rules. Right I thought of that, and personally, I'd still feel like losing that 1 year would be worth it to be in the position he ended up in. I understand both sides of the argument for the extra year Adult Diaper Dating Njcaa Football Rankings eligibility, but that's not my fight.

He is asked this shit all the time. They literally asked him which school was most disappointing to not receive a scholarship offer. They write these articles to get these exact sort of responses that you see in this thread. He isn't the first player and as long as people keep buying into these non-stories, he won't be the last. I'm surprised he hasn't Dylan And Cole Sprouse 2018 Hookup on the "I wanted to go to Texas, but they recruited me as [non-QB position] Maybe it's because it's a meme, who knows.

He created the narrative in when he spoke with the Statesman. It is the road he decided to travel down, and will ultimately overshadow anything the team accomplishes while he is on campus. If they win a title I sincerely doubt anything will surpass that narrative.

And kind if doubt anything will surpass a playoff appearance. I don't think it will overshadow a national championship Adult Diaper Dating Njcaa Football Rankings even the Big 12 championship. The local media basically dropped the Mayfield-Tech issue after it was clear that the Sooners had a real shot at the CFP this year. It is still a bit of an issue because he lost a year of eligibility due to his in conference transfer. He keeps trying to make that Tech's fault when he knew the rules at the time he decided to go to OU.

It might come up next year if his draft stock isn't very high, because then he'll have legitimate to want another year.


He should be mad at everyone. Man I would feel really bad for the guy if everyone who played for big name schools were automatically amazing players and NFL prospects and guys who played at no name schools never went anywhere.

I am surprised he didn't want to play for the Pirate of the Paulose. Granted Pullman experiences different weather than his native Texas, but it is still a P5 school and Wazzu has the perfect offense for his skillset nonetheless.

Adult Diaper Dating Njcaa Football Rankings

I was actually pretty surprised when I learned that Wazzu gave him an offer. Leach seriously hates helicopter parents understandably so. Well he shouldn't be mad at those four schools that he turned down to walk on instead.

I would understand them feeling disrespected that he would rather walk on than play for them though. The thing I like about Baker is that he knew he was good. He could have click elsewhere but instead he choose to walk on at bigger, better schools. Hes confident as fuck. I may be seen as a homer, but this is why I hate OU fans when Mayfield's transfer gets brought up.

The whole situation got completely twisted by a drama queen and his parents mostly his dad, but clearly he inherited Adult Diaper Dating Njcaa Football Rankings of it and now every time it's brought up we look like the unfair assholes. He's doing his best to show everybody though. I feel like most OU fans don't really care about all the drama or whatever and are just happy we have a great QB.

Almost all the talk I've heard about it is from other schools. Mostly media talking heads who can't bother to research or look into it and just take BMs word for it. Problem is, he is full of shit and he is just a drama queen. I mean what do you want us to do? Defend our team to the best of our ability and take it as an opportunity to hype up next years OU-TTU game or just concede that out QB is terrible and we should hate him? I really wish all this trash talk fuled a rivalry of sorts between the two schools and not hating the other hanbase.

I for one never minded the Mayflield trash talk, instead I found it quite amusing and an interesting discussion. There's no need to make this situation personal or anything. His prima donna image isn't helped by the fact that his dad keeps getting involved in his career. He's a grown man and that kind of helicopter parenting in college athletics is very worrisome. I'm okay with graduate transfers, but this growing trend of blue chip athletes transferring if they don't get every candy bar they want Adult Diaper Dating Njcaa Football Rankings their first school is very discomforting.

I get that Single Taken Mentally Hookup only doing what's best for their career, but it starts to bring in all of the negative things from the NFL without the benefits.

While I do not disagree with the spirit of what you are saying, Baker was not what I would call a "Blue Chip" athlete. He sorta Blue himself, though. In the process it sounds like he fucked up his own recruiting and then burned some bridges, but you gotta hand it to him for his belief in himself regarding his abilities.