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You Know you are Dating an IRISH Woman When...

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29 Oct I'll happily skip dating a always on sarcastic mode girl and I'm sure she would be happier dating a snarky guy. Over the line • 2 years ago. "19 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Bitch Who Has No Personality of Her Own So Decides to Fill the Void By Trying To Emulate What They Think a. 6 Mar Dating a sarcastic girl is not as bad as it sounds. Sarcasm might sometimes feel like an offence, but in fact, it's more complicated than that. Sarcastic people are not mean; they just share their own unique kind of humour. Here are 20 things you need to know about your sarcastic girlfriend. 25 Nov While most of society confuses this trait with being a rude bitch, the reality is that beneath their shrewd exterior, sarcastic women are actually sensitive sweethearts. We're savvy, quick-witted individuals that get a bad rap because people don't entirely know us or understand our humor. Whereas having a.

Are you dating a sarcastic girl? We are happy for you but a little sad as well. We are happy that you have a real good one but sad that you have taken one dateable option away from the singles. Whether you have decided to be with her or not, we will tell everything you should know when dating a sarcastic girlfriend. Read on to prepare yourself to the love you will get which can be sweet and can be bitter. We are as playful as cats with laser pointers.

We will always be messing with you. You are welcome to take our jokes and throw them back at us! We remember everything you do. Do you remember tripping when leaving the movie theatre or the outfit you wore on Halloween in your first year? Well, we remember it all! Our joke bank must stay fresh so nothing is off limits and nothing goes unnoticed. We are attracted to people who are equally sarcastic and funny.

Your funny side could cover for your looks. Learn some jokes and join in the fun. I laugh at you because I expect you to laugh at me too. I smile at your misery because I want to be the person that picks you up and hugs you every time you fall. We use our hard exteriors to cover our deep feelings. We have five good things to say about you for every joke we crack.

We may give you a lot attention in private but we will not treat you like royalty in public. Do not expect us to be the ball and chain. Ignoring you or making go here at you is just a sign that we are deeply in love with you. But if we are tearing, there is nothing wrong with our eyes. We are just upset about something or click an emotional reaction about something.

Just because we joke around and mess with you does not mean we are stoic rocks. We have deep feelings.

I tend to be very dry and sarcastic. The thing is that you will never need to be suspicious or jealous. When you are dating the sarcastic girl, the words you utter are cannon fodder.

We do not know how to send signs that we care about you or like you. We hope that you will notice us and read our feelings through our sarcasm. Learn to take jokes in stride. Always assume that we are joking if you cannot tell whether we are joking or not.

17 Things To Know About Dating A Sarcastic Girl

We have big brains! We are just too smart! You need a smart brain to see through our sarcasm.


We do not have the usual kind of humor. We are funnier than others are. You will never be bored around us if you understand and like our satirical humor. The beauty of our sarcasm is that we can hit and insult stupid people without hurting them.

17 Things You Need To Know When Dating A Sarcastic Person

We know how to disguise our anger and frustration with humorous sarcasm. Our brain works like a lie detector. We can see through lies because our brains have exercised irony for many years. She is always two steps ahead of you.

We are attracted to people who are equally sarcastic and funny. Reblogged this on anonymous". Things You Should Know When Dating a Sarcastic Girlfriend Here are some characteristics of sarcastic girls and things you should bear in mind when considering to date one of those hard girls. We will always be messing with you.

Always remember that anything that you say or do around us will be used against you. Expect us to bring it up for months or even forever.

17 Things Only True Sarcastic Girls Know To Be True

Our friends may come in different shapes and sizes but they are just other versions of us. They most likely have the same furious and sarcastic tongue.

17 Things To Know About Dating A Sarcastic Girl

Translating sarcasm through messages is difficult. You may have a hard time trying to interpret our texts. We never switch it off so do not take anything we say literally. We may tone it down to acceptable levels but it is always on. Your sarcastic girlfriend is not mean. She just looks for humor instead of sadness in the worst situations. She has such a high tolerance for sarcastic comments that she forgets other people may not have even the smallest level of tolerance.

In our world, the best way to deal with overwhelming emotions is to hide them beneath a tough face. We know that our comments are sometimes offensive but we will not apologize for them. We will not kneel down in repentance, but we will give certain gestures to break the ice. If you are lucky, you will learn sarcasm from us. It feels great to be sarcastic together.

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