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4 Mar Prime Minister and I Yoona Fashion Episode 16 Recap. Watch Prime Minister and I Legally Here. We're almost at the end of the Prime Minister and I road. Yoona showed off some of the edgy sensibilities we saw in the beginning of the drama. I kind of missed her shirt and bomber jacket days. There's one. 29 Jan EPISODE 15 RECAP. After falling into Yul's arms Joon-ki suggests that they replace the current prime minister then—the only justification they would need would be the president's word. Na-ra is still crushed over Lucky for you there's another solution for that: dating your wife. You can tell how sorry Yul. How Women of Power Dress Up in Korean Dramas. There's no shortage of powerful women in Korean dramas. I love myself a good high school drama with a girl from a poor family and with two rich guys fighting over her as the lead stars but you definitely can't beat a drama with a successful female lead character because.

Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. When Da-jung follows him, he demands to know her train of thought by having him meet his not-so-dead first wife and leaving them—was it for his sake? She says she had approached the whole contract marriage like a fun game and played her part as wife and mother with gusto.

Prime Minister and I Episode 16 Recap

However, she was overwhelmed with fear in the face of that fantasy life becoming a reality. This was a chance to live her own life as she sees fit, Da-jung finishes. Why does all of that sound like a lie? And why do I get the feeling that Yul thinks so, too? She turns away at that, and Yul lets out a deep sigh.

Back at the estate, the news that Joon-ki has put a stop to the upcoming press conference has Yul wondering why his brother-in-law is suddenly so eager to help.

She asks to whom Da-jung plans on telling next—Woo-ri, perhaps? And like another reflection, Yul looks at his own in his study. Dad is both surprised and suspicious to see his daughter beside his bed in the article source.

The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 15 Recap

His condition seems to be getting worse too, seeing as he needs post-its to recall items and oversleeps frequently lately. He narrows his eyes suspiciously, wondering if the married couple is fighting again, which is when Yul arrives with a cheery smile. Those words affect him, but he leaves anyway. Yul receives the upsetting news that the international harbor project is back on the table, and that the police investigation on Chairman Na has also stalled.

She guesses that Yul must resent her for showing up alive. He admits he does, and still in shock, he asks softly how Na-young could let the entire world take her for dead all these years—if she were alive, she should have said so. She was already presumed dead and responsible for turning Su-ho into a vegetable after all. Did you not think of the children while you were hiding? Thank You, good sir. Na-young cries that of course she did and even now, she misses them terribly.

Surprisingly, Yul allows it: But Yul has already let bygones be bygones and sticks to his word to trust In-ho. Da-jung hears from the doctor that Dad will only get worse, but keeping a journal may help his memory in the meantime. So Da-jung gifts her father with a journal that looks like hers and encourages him to write in it, and Dad asks about the news that Yul might be out of a job soon. Her phone rings before she can answer, and Da-jung is called out to dinner with Yul at a fancy restaurant.

He requests link they talk about more lighthearted topics, and then asks teasingly if Da-jung has a plan for after she plans on breaking up with him.

When she points out as much, Yul asks that she humor him today.

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That prompts Da-jung to ask if something else is bothering him, and Yul masks his worries with a denial, saying that he simply wanted to see her instead. Yul insists on giving Da-jung a ride back after dinner, and it pains me to see him trying so hard to keep up a cheery mood.

Da-jung grows silent at that and she and Yul sneaks sidelong glances at each other during their ride. Da-jung says they should let him sleep for a little while longer. Awwwww, so why would you push him away if you care so much? In-ho runs outside the hospital looking for Da-jung The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 15 Recap more info softly smiles to see them in the car together. Sometime later, Yul wakes to find Da-jung already gone and she stands by the window to see his car drive off.

Da-jung runs into In-ho on her way in and is disheartened to learn that Yul was likely troubled because he met up with Na-young earlier today. Yul sits with Joon-ki when he returns home and wonders if the reason why his vengeful brother-in-law has now taken such an interest in his affairs is because of Na-young. Thankfully he wakes from his deep slumber a long minute later.

Then Yul seeks out Woo-ri in his room, and in a calm voice, says that he should meet his mother. She died in a car accident! Thus he refuses to meet his mother, who tells Su-ho excitedly that she might see her son.

Da-jung is on edge to see Yul pay another visit to Dad and walks him out.

Even in this episode when Da-Jung is being so self sacrificing and stuff, I just don't think she knows how to deal with her Dad's worsening condition, the ex-wife coming back just as their relationship got serious and then Yul resigning all at once. While I agree the real reason behind Joon-ki's resignation, I also think he wouldn't end up with Seo. Manse will be so delighted at such birthday present!

He then posits his question as a metaphor: Would she take it? Yul heads to the elevator here we see Da-jung come running just as the doors close. She takes the stairs and catches up to him within a distance of twenty feet … but just watches Yul walk out the door. And In-ho sincerely congratulates the soon-to-be former prime minister on his resignation. Na-young returns a smile at her, saying that she now understands why Yul likes Da-jung so much.

Dad frowns to hear that the kids are here to see Da-jung, but they chirp that they missed him too. Hye Joo laughs and Joon Ki pats her on the shoulder before walking out. I have also become a Yoona fan. Lastly, I have to say, the actors were all brilliant. Is this really the case?

He had told her that she could be a mother to their children, but not his wife, and Na-young agrees with that sentiment. She rushes out at the news, missing Woo-ri and the other kids coming in to see her, aw by mere seconds. Dad frowns to hear that the kids are here to see Da-jung, but they chirp that they missed him too.

They even have a gift for him double awand when Woo-ri steps out to pick up drinks, he passes by his mother, but neither of them are aware of the almost encounter. Meanwhile Da-jung takes to the streets The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 15 Recap search of Yul, whom we see wandering the streets alone.

Back at the hospital, the kids decide to finally head home after waiting for Da-jung to return. Da-jung nags at Yul about ignoring his phone after handing in his resignation, and he asks if she came all the way here to say that.

She turns to leave, but Yul calls her back to ask her one more question: Oy, what an episode. Overall, this hour rather feels like an extended trailer to set the stage for the finale, and we see the strained narrative seams of that one-episode extension taking its toll more than ever.

Listen to the man who used to like you! To his credit, he does seem remorseful for harboring such vindictive intentions, though the personality makeover now makes him a declawed villain. At this point, Http://1dating.info/x/20-year-old-dating-35-year-old-man.php really seem to be carrying the narrative weight of the drama on his shoulders and wonderfully portrayed by Lee Beom-soo, whose timbre melts my heart.

And that road better lead to Destination: Your email address will not be published. The PM should just lock him and Da-jung inside that car and I'm sure all's gonna be well. What Nam Da Jung is going through is very realistic for someone in her situation.

Then they got married soon after within two monthsbut it is a contract marriage - meaning it is temporary, and it is not real. Now there are expectations that because they are in like Kwon Yul or in love Nam Da Jungthen they should just get married for real. Marriage is a serious commitment, and it is realistic to seriously think about it - more so because The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 15 Recap is a different situation Nam Da Jung is not just marrying Kwon Yul, she is marrying his children also and difficult continue reading with the first wife and biological mother Park Na Young being alive.

Prime Minister and I

Kwon Yul and Park Na Young were supposedly in love when they married, but obviously that did not end well. Nam Da Jung might be thinking that Kwon Yul is only feeling responsible for putting her in this situation. Or perhaps Nam Da Jung herself is feeling guilty because she thinks her presence is an obstacle preventing go here Kwon Family to reunite.

Or possibly Nam Da Jung did feel scared of the prospect of having a real marriage suddenly - of really being Kwon Yul's wife and his children's mother. Or probably Nam Da Jung truly needed time and space alone to think about her life.

The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 15 Recap

Nam Da Jung's situation is truly a complicated one. But that Nam Da Jung only chose to remove herself in a complicated situation because she thinks of herself as the problem or a source of conflict. Nam Da Jung is not deciding anything for them; Kwon Yul and his children can definitely make a decision for themselves with or without Nam Da Jung in the picture - if the Kwon family will reject Park Na Young, then they should do that because they do not want Park Na Young back in their family and NOT because they found a replacement in The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 15 Recap Da Jung.

Park Na Young is the first and still legal wife of Kwon Yul, and the biological mother of the children. In a social and legal context, Nam Da Jung is essentially the 'other Africa South Internet Dating Best Site. That is totally unacceptable in any conservative culture.

Most of her adult life, she took responsibility for her father. So it is okay for her to be selfish at this point right now and to choose herself for once — she truly needs this web page and space alone to think about her life.

Because of the contract marriage, Kwon Yul and Nam Da Jung and the children The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 15 Recap be great together as a family — this is already a known fact and is already shown. Yul is steadfast in his affections for DJ I'm glad Yul told her he resented PNY. She deserves his anger for all the pain she caused everyone. In many ways, DJ is already the mother to those children, and it must have been so heart breaking for her to realize there is another woman out there who has more "rights" to be their mom.

I can forgive DJ for trying to do the best thing for the children by stepping aside. Thankfully, Yul won't let her go, and that will be the triumphant conclusion tomorrow. Isn't that the sign of a great relationship? That is takes both people to hold it together? DJ to love first and give openly so that the family could learn to be happy again and Yul to love steadfast to hold them together thru this storm.

Either alone couldn't have solved this problem. It took both of them with their special characteristics to form a lasting bond. Because Na Young didn't just cheat and run out on the family, but she pretended she was dead for 7 years. That's no one's fault but NY's and it is context that does matter. I don't NY reappearing makes Da Jung simply 'the other woman' the 'other woman' normally being the one that is cheatingit just makes NY still legally married and the bio-mom.