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Young Money's Mack Maine Co-Signs Nicki Minaj As The Best Female Artist

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1 Feb A photo posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on Feb 1, at am PST. She also showed a #squadgoals pic of her with Drake and Young Money boss Lil Wayne. "#TheBIG3 #YoungMoney --," read Nicki's caption while the photographer, YM president Mack Maine offered more context on his Instagram. 1 Feb With Meek Mill Gone, Nicki Minaj and Drake Can Be Friends Again. By. &. by Corinne began a feud online. She announced last month that she was single, about two years after she and Meek started dating. The photo was taken by the record company's president and rapper Mack Maine. "The Big 3!. 21 May Young Money devotees were briefly worried that Drake's two-year beef with Meek Mill would cause a permanent rift between the Canadian actor-turned- rapper and Minaj. However, TMZ reports Young Money Records acting president Mack Maine went into damage control to bring the family back together.

It doesnt matter for me how long we need to wait on C5! If we wait longer im sure the album gonna be better. I will be ready when it drop imma make sure i get me hard copy…target carter 5…i have never once download a carter album imma try fan of his music and ride or die weezy fan…I even got weezy rock album.

Lil Wayne is really a team player. He could drop C5 tomorrow and own the summer instead he is being selfless. Good for you Wayne. Keep working on C5. Real fans will wait. I can see Nicki Minaj And Mack Maine Dating not getting released until like summer smh. Everybody know Young Money fell off hard after Smh the sad part about it is that things were goin so well for them and they basicly just fell from grace. I guess this summer we gonne bump dedication 6 or maybe sorry for the wait 2 you never know with giraffe boy.

Wayne better hurry up and drop C5 cuz Kendrick is almost done with his album and when he drops that shit its gonna block out annythng wayne is trying to do lmao.

Because Wayne did it 2 that soundtrack song was garbage 3 if Wayne said that jealous verse you would be on here hating. Press Enter to Search. Ab soul on june 24th. I knew this already. I honestly missed this s--t!

Lol CarterV just wait on learn more here. Just one question tho. He looks up to wayne but he is definitely not his fav rapper lol. Okay so how can you hate on your favorite rappers idol?

Carter 4 was in He should have Devol done by now and Just finishing up c5. This dude Wayne just looks sad when trying to perform his songs these days. Without drugs he is damn near embarrassing. I be lowkey rooting for him. Small part of me wants to hold on. Came on here a month or so ago looking for news on Buy the world. Mentioned how kendrick gonna kill it and I mentioned kendrick goes harder in popular artist tracks.

People started talking shit about K dot. Been kinda trollin them since. Kendrick been a millionaire before gkmc dropped. He toured all of until April He did a superbowl Nicki Minaj And Mack Maine Dating with Dr Dre for the beats. Which just made a,billion dollars. He did the spiderman 2 soundtrack that plays right when the movie ends.

All that and barely getting started. Everybody is giving him props on spending wisely buying him. Plus wayne his about money. Kendrick has been saying. When your in it for the dollar. The music falls off. After good kid maad city csme out in a interview said. As soon as Spidermsn 2 goes off. That kendrick verse drops like a bomb.

By the time his 2nd studio album drops. The part about not chasing the dollar and the music falling off. Nicki Minaj And Mack Maine Dating got that part from Dr. So whatever excuse your trying to make for Wayne is down the toilet. Been on tour,all of until april While on tour he had the control verse that popped off while he was in Europe.

Also his song with Fredo called Jealous pretty popular just not too mainstream. And his album drops around september. But he has been waiting on the rest of TDE to drop. Ab soul on june 24th. Then jay rock right after.

Birdman - Tapout ft. Lil Wayne, Future, Mack Maine & Nicki Minaj (Lyrics)

Because Wayne did it 2 that soundtrack song was garbage 3 if Wayne said that jealous verse you would be on here hating. He wanted to release all 6 tde,projects this year at the same time. He not just making up. His bro really did die around that time. He had to hop on a,plane to go to. Straight up rep ur tde shit on kendricks fan page hell i like kendrick but http://1dating.info/x/how-to-make-a-dating-app-like-tinder.php not on his page sayin yall got kendrick dick in ur mouths bcause of course they love K its a kendrick fan page so of course we love wayne.

This a wayne fan page. Moment was his best solo song in years. Believe me is alright but drake draws you in on that track, Nicki Minaj And Mack Maine Dating Wayne. Wayne keeps losing fans because of the music he puts out. Wayne had the opportunity to be the best but he decided to get lazy and fuck up smh.

Just Face it, No Ceilings is the last wayne project that is even worth listening to. How many tyms wil u change ur username? If u call yourself a true hihop fan then u need to hop off waynes dick and head for T. The south is dying. I, Future, Gucci Maine and all those other down south rappers are loosing buzz quick. Ymcmb is comsidered down south rap. The west Coast is back and T. E are the captains!!!!!!!!! E is like the new N.

Take your time wayne….

Nicki Minaj And Mack Maine Dating

It should be Sorry 4 Tha Wait 2 since we been waiting for Carter V and we gonna be waiting longer now! Wayne will be rapping all fucking year! Expect hella features and drops he is going to fucking Kill shit! I hope i need some new shit to vibe to bro dont want no club song i want a fuckin lyrical freestyle over chiraq or i know lol that source hot af. They work when they want to.

Nicki Minaj Is Back Hanging Out With Drake (and Lil Wayne) | SPIN

They all holding him back. What if… Instead of an album with set songs, weezy just put out a song a week or something like that. Maybe the Weezy Wednesdays could be used for a new song every week. That would make since with the whole C5 Season thing. Enter your e-mail address above to get Lil Wayne updates sent to you via e-mail.

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Fating To Mack Maine About. When your in it for the dollar. This will give more time to hype it up more. I hope i need some new shit to vibe to bro dont want no club song i want a fuckin lyrical freestyle over chiraq or i know lol that b hot af. Um Drake did make a source to that 2 on song.

I already figured that. Take your time Weezy. I just want to know the day of its release already! Bet Nickis Album will be pushed back. Tha Carter 5 coming soonn Yeeaaahhhhh!!!!! More confirmation we will get a Dedication 6 mixtape this summer. How long is carter v season going to be then? This will give more time to hype it up more.

Nicki Minaj And Mack Maine Dating

He meant that as a good thing. I put this on my profile pic as a joke.

Nicki Minaj And Mack Maine Dating

The Whole TDE camp covers all your musical needs. Best post so far. Drake should dump ymcmb and move in with T. Just think about it. Drake gonna ruin that tde chemistry going extra hard at SZA.