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In some cases, the brother who leaves his wife for another, will move. As for the brother in law, if he falls in love with his brother's ex wife years after, this will only lead to a new relationship. The kids are all .. What should I buy my friend's cousin's neighbor's uncle's lawyer's brother-in-law's niece's nephew's bestfriend?. 6 Aug Hi, my name is Brian and I stumbled upon this forum through Google and I'm new to this so please be patient with me, here's my situation. My brother has been going out with my ex wife for awhile. And they never asked me how I would feel about it or thought about how it would effect me. well its eating me. As the title suggests, I have an issue with my brother dating my ex. Let me give you the details. My ex and I dated in high school for a little under.

My Ex Wife Is Dating My Brother

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At any time mods may remove or refer posts to other subs as we deem appropriate, and our decisions are final. I'm [22M] dating my brother's ex [30F] and he [32M] is totally overreacting. My brother dated "Jane" for 2 years about 1. He My Ex Wife Is Dating My Brother up with her because of "incompatibility" and because he thought she was too immature.

He is now dating another lady and has been for 6 months. Jane and I have been dating for almost a month now. She sort of lives in my apartment now and does stuff like clean, make food, etc. We spend a lot of time together. I'm honestly just treating this relationship quite casually, and she is too. Sometimes when we go to events we bump into my brother and his new GF. It's kind of awkward when they are together so we try to avoid those confrontations.

My brother is seriously overreacting over our relationship. He sat me down for a talk once and warned me about her, since he thinks that she's "just using me" to get back at him.

I told my brother that Jane is definitely over him, but he told me to be careful. Plus I get the sense that he's just plain unhappy I'm dating his ex-girlfriend, in an almost resentful way?

I definitely feel like our relationship has gotten icier since I started dating her. My brother also tells me stuff about how she is very clingy and needy and immature, http://1dating.info/x/moon-chae-won-dating-song-joong-ki.php, which I thought was uncalled for.

Jane is a bit naive but she's sweet and overall harmless. She may have been all those things with My Ex Wife Is Dating My Brother but with me she's not like that. So my question is: He's still treating me like his baby brother who needs his protection from everything.

I am dating my brother's ex, he is always warning me about her and badmouthing her. He thinks she's just using me to get back at him, which is not true. A month in and she is practically living with you doesn't sound very casual and just My Ex Wife Is Dating My Brother that alone, I'd say you should pump the brakes a bit. You are dating your brother's ex, which of course would make him uncomfortable, he dated and slept with her for 2 years and now his younger brother is dating her.

It's probably unpleasant to think about. Christian Website The Is Best Which Dating strange that she is much older than you and you consider her naive. It means your brother is right that she likely is immature and you see it but don't want to hear it from him.

Honestly, it sounds like he may have some valid points and I'm just going off of your description of the situation.

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If you don't want to talk about it with him then tell him that. When he brings her up, just say I don't want to talk about that and end the conversation, leave, hang up whatever. Not okay, your brother is not over reacting, he just cares about you and doesn't want to see you hurt. Be very careful about this relationship. It is weird she is living with you after a freaking month. Um she's not organizing my life?? She just helps out around the house because I just started a really busy job.

Also I don't think its strange. Uh, does the BroCode mean nothing to you? There are many many other women out there. I am really surprised you are after one your brother dated, not My Ex Wife Is Dating My Brother briefly - but for over a year. I'm sorry, but I'm siding with your brother here. Thats just plain weird.

Yeah you've only dated her for 1 month, he dated her for 2 years Please, people are always on their BEST behavior for about months into the relationship. That's why it's called the Honeymoon stage. Plus he is your older brother, of course he's going to be protective of you, you guys are 10 years apart.

Just cool it with the 'I'm an adult rawr' ego. There is a chance he might be projecting his feelings on to you but who wouldn't? Hell even with best friends is awkward af. You don't really know her the way you think you do yet to be calling the shots. I My Ex Wife Is Dating My Brother you should just tell him. I'm going just click for source be pretty careful, i'm not looking for anything long term with xxxx, it's just fun and games.

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My Ex Wife Is Dating My Brother I will be weary if she does come off as such. Have to agree with your brother here. You seem naive and it is weird to date your brother's ex. There is absolutely no way you can be living with someone after one fucking click to see moreand it be a "quite casual" relationship.

Yep, that's what us internet strangers think too. That this 30 year old woman is using her ex's 22 year old brother to get back at the ex. I let out a loud "guffaw" at this. You, a 22 year old, calling a 30 year old "a bit naive but sweet and overall harmless" is fucking hilarious.

Yeah, you definitely know her better than he ever did, right? They dated for two years but you guys have been together for one entire monththere's no way he could have gained some insight into her personality that you simply haven't had time to notice yet, right? Honestly, you're lucky your brother still even talks to you and takes the time to warn you. You should consider his advice, she is his ex for a reason. You should also question her character for being 30 years old and willing to move in with a guy that is her ex's brother after just a month of dating.

History will prove him right. Double up on the birth control.

My Ex Wife Is Dating My Brother

Something tells me that if this one gets pregnant, she'll stay pregnant. Well he's technically my half brother different moms and he's 10 years older than me so we've never been too close.


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