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There's wishful thinking and then there's reality. When you're involved with an amazing Aquarius man and you feel yourself rapidly falling in love with him, there's nothing that you want more than to know that his feelings mirror yours. Obviously, you could take the emotional plunge of telling him that you absolutely adore him. 6 Aug Aquarius is one of the more difficult signs to know if it is interested in you. The sign requires building a friendship and having trust. The Aquarius is a highly intellectual sign, and prides itself on being balanced. It is striving to have its life in a state of harmony, and sometimes bringing in a partner doesn't. To know the signs that Aquarius man likes you is not easy. Man who is born under this sign is not easy to fall in love. He did love short flings and affairs, but for a long-committed relationship, he is very careful. Aquarius man build a relationship based on trust. He loves it when everything is balanced and harmonic.

An open-minded and free individual, this guy wants to make the world a better place, for everyone. This grand approach that he has towards life might seem a little over-the-top when you first meet him, but slowly you are sure to realize that he is a genius with his thoughts and ideas. Your Aquarius man in love will be inventive and original in all that he does to make you happy. He is an intellectual, with a touch of a quirky scientist in him. When you are loving an Aquarius man, let me caution you against fencing him.

It is either freedom or death for your man! Not the cruise vacations but a trailblazing adventure. Even if he does not travel a lot, you will be surprised to notice that your man is so well-versed with the more info of the world that it appears as if he has trotted the whole globe!

From his wardrobe to what he chooses as a career, nothing is conventional. Your Aquarius man in love can, at times, be very stubborn and hard to deal with! Play along and also do take his antics with a pinch of salt a wedge of lime and a shot of tequila! So here are the 8 qualities that you must be well-versed in when loving an Aquarius man!

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How To Know An Aquarius Man Loves You

To an Aquarius man in love, a compelling mental attraction has equal or more importance than physical appeal. Typically unemotional, though not obviously so, your guy thinks that communication is the key when we are speaking of intimacy in a relationship.

On the contrary, his bedroom antics are going to be new, exciting, and pleasurable, to say the least! Taking delight in long talks, moonlit walks by the sea and holding hands; name it and your Aquarius man will do anything in his power to shower unconditional love on you.

Yes, you may very well say that.

5 Things An Aquarius Does When They Have A Crush

A sincerely very nice and amiable person, the Aquarius man is likely to have plenty of friends and acquaintances around him. But you will soon find out that his inner circle is actually very small.

Though he is an outgoing, self-confident person, he does become emotionally distant at times. You may find this utterly confusing and frustrating in the relationship. In spite of these traits which appear negative, your Aquarius man will always be very loyal to you. Remember, there is nothing that he values more than your love!

Though he may not do the flowers and the movies routine with you, be sure to be in for a source of fun! Cloud writing in the sky, trips to exotic villages and so on are more of a valuable expression of love for him. Aquarius men in love feel deeply and truly; he would give his life for you!

When a Aquarius Man is Falling in Love with You – How to Tell?

The Aquarius man in love is very careful with his finances. He rules his pocketbook by reason and not emotion! This makes him a very smart investor, which is a good thing for you too.

Him trying to figure out your likes, dislikes, your inner desires, your dreams, and hopes are important to him. They don't mean harm by ghosting, but they feel like it's an easy way to cut corners and get rid of the fat instead of dealing with the fat with someone they don't want to deal with period. Is it easy to catch signs Aquarius man is in love?

No one should dare to fool him when it comes to money-related matters. Being that creative bloke, he is willing to take article source risks every now and then.

Hand him any piece of paper to sign, and I can bet that he will read it thrice before promising anything. So no tricking there! Always ready to dominate the boardroom; just give him a dark blue suit and see how he puts the room on fire! If and when your gentleman wears some jewelry, it will definitely be chic, practical, and very minimal.

Though he may keep himself abreast How To Know An Aquarius Man Loves You what is happening in the world of fashion, he will always slip something on only to impress himself and not those How To Know An Aquarius Man Loves You him.

And you of all people are sure to agree with us! How you Zodiac sign defines your style. Excite and enthral him and play those sexy little games of the mind with him. Now just wait for the blaze of passion to erupt between you and him. But if he is the quieter type, then… he will still surprise you!

Once you earn his trust, you will be glad that you are with him and not anywhere else in the world! When he is focused on a goal or even on some assignment, he tends to become very absorbed by it. He will suddenly seem aloof and far away! He needs a lot of time on his own, which can be really confusing given how friendly he is. Loving an Aquarius man who is deeply private can be challenging at times. He only reveals his truest feelings after you have been close for a long time.

So though he appears the life of the party, click at this page would rather be home, by the fire, watching a good documentary. An Aquarius man in love is a will-o-wisp of a lover, who is very difficult to pin down to commitment.

However, once he knows you are the right woman, he will be more than happy to give up his singlehood and settle down. Your Aquarius man is attracted to smartness and intelligence. So, to charm him, you must understand the grand designs of life and humanity.

If in any way he senses that you might start chaining him, he will vanish like a gust of wind. In case he is already committed to you, he will not be the one to initiate the break up but signs of his unhappiness will be everywhere.

Absolute reciprocal freedom is what will work best for your relationship with an Aquarius man. I am not in any way implying that an Aquarius man in love seeks an open relationship.

He only wants his own space and ease of movement. If you are a smart, self-reliant woman, who supports his need for freedom, he has no issues sharing his life with you. Though the Aquarius man loves sincerely, it is also possible that he will duck commitment and will settle down with different women he met through enchanting love affairs.

This is see more because of commitment issues springing from his love for freedom.

If you have a spirit as free as his, continue being friends with him and soon he will be popping the big question to you.

How To Know An Aquarius Man Loves You

To get your Aquarius man into bed, again use mind games that will easily ignite the passion that you are seeking. He will get charmed and captivated by words. If he is the outgoing kind, then he will be the one to make the first move. Like I told you, an Aquarius man in love seeks social and smart women. Since he is a very erotic guy who loves How To Know An Aquarius Man Loves You and is deeply intimate in the bedroom, do include a variety of games to keep him interested.

When it comes to making love, an Aquarius http://1dating.info/x/how-to-move-from-casual-dating-to-serious-relationship.php needs complete satisfaction from you as much as he will try to give you. Does your Zodiac sign affect the way you love? As he is the man of diversity, it is obvious that you should expect different positions and that too in the strangest of places!

Yes, you are dealing with a wild one here! Emotions and sex are two very different things for the Aquarius man. So if you are trying to grab his eyeballs, e-mails and texts are not going to work! Love notes on his office answering machine? Now, that is the kind of thing that entices him! Just call him up on his car phone early while he is on his way to work and get him all engrossed in the conversation. The most important rule when it comes to more info Aquarius man in love is that he needs you to be friends with him first.

Then good friends and only then will he give you his heart. I'd type a little faster. I was tormented by the earnestness of the written word not very early in my journey. But once smitten, it has helped me devour life twice over; savoring the moment and indulging in its memories. Realizing that, they are just different manifestations of the same feeling of love, has been my greatest learning.

I seek to share its opulence through the words I type. Receive LOVE in your mailbox Try our weekly newsletter with amazing tips to bring and retain love in your life. Want to know how an Aquarius man in love acts? Here's everything you need to about him Related Posts Aries Compatibility: Which Zodiac sign should you fall in love with? Pisces love life What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life next year?

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Aquarius is one of the most independent and single signs. The Aquarius man knows how to lay it on thick when he wants to draw you in closer. This grand approach that he has towards life might seem a little over-the-top when you first meet him, but slowly you are sure to realize that he is a genius with his thoughts and ideas. Give him his space and independence else he will feel trapped in the relationship with you. Aquarius men are known for their romancing abilities.

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