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To With How An Deal Athlete Dating


1. Their Diet

10 Aug Learn To Deal With Shitty Stereotypes. Unlike that rando you met on Tinder, when dating a professional athlete you have to prepare to know his romantic history just like you know Leo DiCaprio's dating history. “You can't believe everything you hear,” Danielle said. “If they're famous, people are going to talk. When dating an athlete, instead of him calling you up to ask you out for a burger or pizza, he make ask you out for a protein fix at the local chicken wing joint, or barbecue place. Depending on how serious they are about their sport, sugar may be a no-no, so don't make him your favorite cookies. Instead try out a healthy. 13 Mar Dating an athlete is so much more than going to games.

I fell really hard for a college baseball player my senior year of college.

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It was spring semester and he was about to start the longest season an athlete can possibly have in college with 58 games underway. I went in knowing that I would barely see him and that did not stop me from trying to win his heart which I successfully did.

But along this ongoing journey I quickly picked up on the uniqueness of my relationship and how different it is from what is considered the norm in college. Here are ten statements I recommend any significant other reading if you are dating an athlete whether it is a male or female and friends can also relate.

Lifestyle blogger sharing my experiences as a basketball wife, fashionista, and avid world traveler on www. Have your own identity is basically what I'm trying to say. Doing those extra touches, I say. He's not going anywhere.

Always understand their time is precious, and there is not always time for you but when they make time eat it up and enjoy it. If you do not understand the sport they play, learn it and learn quickly baseball acronym dictionary helped me a lot after the fact my soon to be boyfriend called me out on saying the MBA instead of the MLB on our second date.

The small things count and so does time. Be creative and make your dates worthwhile. Plan events, lunch dates and a night of staying in and just doing homework. These are the moments you both will cherish the most. You also learn a lot about each other when you are alone I have learned that my boyfriend loves hopeless romantic movies! You are not always going to understand the effort, time and dedication it takes to be a part of a collegiate sport while balancing school, other organizations and a social life but try your best and always have a positive attitude because they need click to see more more than you think.

Vent sessions will happen and you need How To Deal With Dating An Athlete be a positive impact always, even if it is about how he thinks he may get bed bugs from the Red Roof Inn, and yes this conversation did happen.

When You Have A Crush On Someone Athletic

Always offer to help with anything such as laundry, homework, or even a massage if they say no you are still showing that you care and they will realize the little gestures. Become close with their team, they will become your next best friends. I send my boyfriend inspirational quotes not just because I am a quote guru but everyone deserves a little motivation before a game and it shows him I care even when I cannot be in the stands yelling with all the moms lol.

4. Athletic ware as leisure ware is accepted

But if they truly care about you they will text you before, after and even when they cannot fall asleep on long bus rides back to school. My boyfriend naps every chance he gets, but I look forward to that text every time he wakes up!

How To Deal With Dating An Athlete

They need space too. You many not realize it because your schedule does not align with theirs, and I am almost positive it is probably not as hectic, but they need that time to their-self we all need it.

Be their number one fan always, they want you to support them in every way possible. They would not date you if they did not want you to show interest in what they love to do aka their sport.

You have to care about it because you are about to live it and enjoy every minute of it! I think everyone has a quote that has ignited something within them — a quote that has stirred their heart and inspired their creativity.

A good quote can make me write for hours, I think that is why I find reading so integral when it comes to art.

Just know this comes with the territory and try to support him. I have groupies too. It opens up the worlds inside of you.

It opens up the worlds inside of you. Some of the best Thought Catalog Articles!

How To Deal With Dating An Athlete