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Several others were imprisoned for nonviolent speech that was critical of state institutions see Prosecutions and Detentions for Online Activities.


In Octoberdetails emerged over the arrest and subsequent deportation of Iyad el-Baghdadi—a Palestinian blogger, longtime UAE resident, and vocal human rights advocate —to Malaysia. A critic of both secular and Islamist political forces, el-Baghdadi was not formally charged with any crime and lacked the necessary travel papers to enter Malaysia, where he spent several weeks in detention see Prosecutions and Detentions for Online Activities.

Dubai court sentenced them both to one year in jail, while a third defendant was charged with an unspecified sentence for circulating the material. In FebruaryEmirati authorities arrested Omani blogger Muawiyah Alrawahi as he was crossing into the country by car. Ahnad Al Hussaini February 13,

In FebruaryOmani blogger Muawiyah Alrawahi was arrested while please click for source the UAE border and, as of publication, remained in detention on charges of insulting the country and its rulers via Twitter. Three sisters also disappeared for three months following tweets in support of their imprisoned brother see Intimidation and Violence. Ongoing crackdowns on users have increased self-censorship on social media and online news outlets, of which the most prominent are government-owned.

Numerous websites are blocked and search results are filtered in order to prevent access to local and international voices that differ from the state line, particularly on political, religious, and sexual matters.

Current legal restraints, coupled with a judiciary that fundamentally lacks independence, create a highly problematic legal environment where users cannot be guaranteed that their constitutional and internationally recognized rights will be upheld. As such, nonviolent opposition activists are often targeted under laws designed to counter terrorists and cybercriminals. Six social media users have since been sentenced to three to five years for criticizing the judicial process or calling attention to human rights abuses, often regarding their jailed family members.

For instance, Osama al-Najjar was sentenced to three years in September for alleging that his father was tortured while in prison. Foreign nationals are also targeted under harsh laws regulating social media use, resulting in their arrest and often deportation. The government has embraced information and read article technology ICT as a means of developing a competitive economy and improving citizen services. The first reported instance of law enforcement bodies targeting ICT use for political motives occurred in Julywhen an year-old named Badr al-Dhohri was held in Abu Dhabi for using his Blackberry to pass along a message that called for a protest against increases to the price of gasoline.

Many have reported that they were held without charge, denied the right to an attorney, Free Mobile Hookup Sites In United Arab Emirates University in some cases, tortured. Similarly to other Gulf States, Emirati users enjoy a robust information and communications technology ICT infrastructure and high connection speeds.

The number of internet users has risen rapidly from a penetration rate of 61 percent in to The UAE has one of the highest mobile phone penetration rates in the region at nearly percent representing Etisalat upgraded broadband speed twice, once in September and again in April forbusiness clients. According to UNICEF, literacy in the Emirates was reported at 94 percent among males and 97 percent among females, and thus does not constitute a strong obstacle to internet use.

There are now smart-learning schools, compared with only 14 in The program benefits 11, students, who are click here equipped with tablets. The ministry has also completed the e-content project in both English and Arabic. Principals are enrolled in international computer literacy training programs. In the Emirates, internet service providers ISPs are owned by the state. InEtisalat had announced the rollout of its nationwide fiber optic backbone.

In Novemberdu issued a statement that submarine cables were experiencing faults affecting their internet bandwidth. Both Etisalat and du are, directly or indirectly, owned by the state. The UAE government maintains a 60 percent stake in Etisalat through its ownership in the Emirates Investment Company, [22] while a majority of du is owned by various state companies. An official from the Department of Cybercrime at Dubai Police said the police received 81 complaints in and registered 59 cases.

Free Mobile Hookup Sites In United Arab Emirates University

The figure went up in with complaints received and 73 cases registered. Online censorship has increased in the UAE following the Arab uprisings of as authorities blocked numerous websites and web forums where users openly call for political reforms or criticize the government.

New App for Anna university affiliated college students. Meanwhile, both locals and foreigners were arrested or deported for social media posts, often in absurd circumstances. Recent reports revealed how security services have targeted 1, devices with sophisticated spyware, reinforcing fears among dissidents that they are being watched.

While self-censorship is pervasive, the ongoing crackdown against online dissent points to the fact that a limited number of users continue to use their real names when addressing sensitive issues.

The families of political detainees use social media to highlight human rights abuses and communicate on behalf of their loved ones. The refusal of state-run news sites to cover controversial issues and trials has increased the importance of Twitter. These factors contribute to a highly controlled online environment in which freedom of expression and the right to information is not respected. The TRA instructs ISPs to block content related to terrorism, pornography, and gambling, as well as websites that contain political speech threatening to the ruling order.

According to Herdict, the crowdsourcing tool that lets users report blocked content, internet users from the UAE have reported several social, political, LGBTQ, dating, and proxy sites blocked in their country. In Decembera website run by anonymous employees of Emirates airlines was reported to be blocked in the country.

The telecommunications company du details what criteria it used to block websites in a document available on its this web page. Prohibited content includes information related to circumvention tools, the promotion of criminal activities, the sale or promotion of illegal drugs, dating networks, pornography, homosexuality, gambling, phishing, spyware, unlicensed VoIP services, terrorism, and material that is offensive to religion.

No similar list was made available by Etisalat, although the company does have a space on its website where users can request that a website be blocked or unblocked.

He also claimed that a list of websites to be blocked is compiled by an American company and then implemented through a proxy server. Most websites blocked were related to political dissent such as the Muslim Brotherhood or regional NGOs. The Lebanese queer and feminist e-magazine Bekhsoos [45] and the U. The suspect was acquitted in in a case that was widely believed to be a show trial. These Free Mobile Hookup Sites In United Arab Emirates University the Emirates Media and Studies Center EMASC ; the Seven Emirates, which focuses on the seven activists who had their citizenship revoked for their political activities; the Watan news website; the Islah political group website; and the Yanabeea.

Over the past five years, political content has been the focus of state censorship. Pages of political significance, such as the Arab-American news website Arab Timesthe blog of an atheist Emirati man Ben Kerishan, and the anonymous Secret Dubai blog, continue to be blocked. In January alone, Twitter users have reported the blocking of ProxTube which unblocks censored YouTube content, [62] the chatting website Omelga, and the image-based social network We Heart It.

However, on numerous occasions the TRA has emphasized that it is up to the mobile phone providers to license these products. Etisalat and du currently offer their own prepaid VoIP cards, Free Mobile Hookup Sites In United Arab Emirates University their prices are higher than those listed by Skype. BlackBerry services have been restricted sincewhen the government introduced a regulation allowing only companies with more than 20 BlackBerry accounts to access the encrypted BlackBerry Messenger service.

The removal of online content often lacks procedural transparency or judicial oversight. Only two of those requests were court orders, according to the breakdown of data provided by Google. The Twitter Transparency Report indicated that no removal requests were made during the reporting period. However, one removal request was made during the January to June period specifying the removal of 13 accounts without a court order.

The overall press freedom environment in traditional media is dire, with foreign journalists and academics often denied entry or deported for expressing their views on political topics.

Nonetheless, since the regional uprisings ofEmiratis have begun to tackle sensitive issues more boldly over the internet, particularly on social media. Users express their opinions, share information on arrests and trials, and even attempt to organize protests.

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However, most users remain anonymous when criticizing state officials or religion out of fear of legal action or harassment. In addition to the threat of harassment and prosecution, Emirati authorities also use financial means to limit the ability of antigovernment websites to produce content online.

For example, the government reportedly pressured Dubai-based advertising agency Echo to end its advertising contract with the U. A complaint was also allegedly submitted to the FBI against the website, claiming it calls for the assassination of UAE rulers. Some Emiratis have continued to push back against government repression and intimidation by channeling their strong digital literacy into online activism, writing blogs, and calling for political reform on social networks.

In the face of prosecution, activists still use online tools to highlight human rights violations and pass on messages from relatives in prison. Families of political prisoners still rely on Twitter to speak on behalf of detainees, explaining their cases, spreading information about violations of their rights, and calling for their release.

There are several examples of relatives who are active online, including Mariam al-Mansouri, [88] the wife of detained blogger Rashid al-Shamsi, and Aysha al-Thufiri, the daughter of detainee Salih al-Thufiri. For instance, three sisters were secretly detained for three months for tweets calling for the release of their detained brother Issa al-Suwaidi. The rights of online users in the UAE are not protected by law, nor are they respected in practice. Several laws, including the penal code, the publishing law, and the cybercrime law, are commonly exploited to deter free expression and violate the rights of users.

There is a general feeling among those who reside in the UAE that online tools are monitored and that surveillance is widely practiced with little judicial oversight. Several prominent online activists and ordinary citizens were detained in late and early as part of the UAE 94 trials.

In addition, and saw a number of cases of arrest, torture, and long prison sentences. The passage of Terrorism Law No. The cybercrime law issued in November read article to be used to prosecute online users that are critical of the government.

Calls to change the ruling system are punishable by life imprisonment. The burden of proof is also upon the defendant.

Since the sentencing of the 69 political dissents inthe UAE continues to arbitrarily detain bloggers, netizens, and internet users. Human rights groups have continuously criticized the UAE for violating the human rights of political detainees and failing to provide them with fair and transparent trials.

Instead, many are denied access to a lawyer, held South Singles Hookup Site Africa In cause for extended periods of time, or tortured. Numerous Emirati users continue to serve long prison sentences for Free Mobile Hookup Sites In United Arab Emirates University online activities, mainly related to the UAE94 trials directed mainly against alleged members of the banned opposition movement al-Islah.

Blogger Abdullah al-Hajri [] and Twitter user Omran al-Radhwan [] are serving seven-year sentences. Several Emiratis were sentenced to prison for criticizing state institutions, particularly over their criticisms of the UAE94 trials.

He was found guilty of belonging to banned political group al-Islah, spreading lies, and instigating hatred against the state through Twitter. Similarly, in JuneNasser al-Faresi was sentenced to three years in jail for a tweet insulting the Federal Supreme Court and the ruler of Abu Dhabi.

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Abdulrahman Bajubair was sentenced to five years in jail for running a blog and Twitter accounts reporting on the mistreatment of political detainees http://1dating.info/wyx/all-hookup-sites-available-around-chandpur-bartaly.php December In MarchKhalifa Rabeiah and Othman al-Shehhi were fined and are currently serving a five-year sentence for tweets critical of the judiciary system.

In Aprilauthorities arrested and deported Palestinian refugee and human rights advocate Iyad el-Baghdadi to Malaysia because of his Twitter activism.

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In JulyJodi Magi, an Australian national was deported from the UAE after posting a picture to Facebook showing a vehicle blocking disabled car spaces. In Marchan Emirati man and woman were arrested after a pornographic video of them circulated online. Dubai court sentenced them both to one year in jail, while a third defendant was charged with an unspecified sentence for circulating the material. In Junethe Federal Supreme Court used the cybercrime law to order the retrial of a man convicted of insulting his colleague via WhatsApp.

The high amount of prosecutions and physical harassment of users in the UAE is, in part, due to the obstacles they face in using ICT tools anonymously.

Cybercafe customers are also required to provide their ID and personal information in order to surf the net. Incidents Free Mobile Hookup Sites In United Arab Emirates University providers demanding warrants or legal permissions for security bodies to gain access to user data are not known.

Twitter users have been arrested for exchanging private messages with controversial accounts. The account was targeted over allegations that it received leaked documents from the Interior Ministry, although the documents were never published. Two other users were also more info for having messaged Sout al-Haq after authorities reportedly hacked into the account.