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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Das Brothers, Nouzerkatra, Patna City. Mathur, Quzri, Patna City. Babu Uma Prasad Das, an assistant of the said office, has also helped me in various ways. I beg also to express my thanks to the Revd. Sodding for the valuable notes on the Santals which he contributed, and to Mr.

A view of the Gumro bridge in the Damin-i-koh A view of the waterfall in the Bansloi river in the Damin A typical Paharia village Inside a Paharia house A view of the fine bridge over river Bansloi at Amrapara in the Damin A view of a river in the Damin-i-koh near Katikund History — General description— Administration — Relations with the people — Read article — Forest under Civil authorities It contains a population of 2, persons as ascertained by the census ofand it extends over 5, square miles.

It is thus almost as large as the three English counties of Cornwall, Devon and All Hookup Sites Available Around Chandpur Bartaly, and it has nearly three-quarters of a million more inhabitants.

Its greatest length is miles from the Ganges on the north-east to the river Barakar on the south-west; its average length from north to south is about miles, and its breadth from west click east is nearly the same.

Dumka, or Naya Dumka, is the administrative headquarters of the district. The Santal Parganas are boimded on the north by the Bound- districts of Bliagalpur and Purnea; on the east by Malda,aries. The district is an upland tract with a hilly backbone running from north to south.

To the north and east it is flanked by a long but narrow strip of alluvial soil hemmed in between the river Ganges and the Rajmahal Hills. These hills rise abruptly from the plains, forming a wall 1, to 2, feet high, which juts out into the Gangetic valley and forces the Ganges to bend to the east before it finally takes its southerly course to the sea. From Sahibganj they stretch southwards in an extensive range, which is divided into tw'o portions by the Burhait or Manjhwa valley. Broadly speaking, the district may be divided into three parts, viz.

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The hilly part of the district stretches continuously for about miles from the Ganges at Sahibganj to the southern boundary of the district a little north of Suri. It is made up of a medley of hill ranges and valleys, and includes the whole of the Damin-i-koh and the southern and eastern portions of the Dumka subdivision. The hills are in many link still covered with jungle, while in the valleys, some of Tvhich are of considerable size, are scattered small villages surrounded by cultivated clearings.

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The rolling country includes the whole of the west and south-west of the district. It contains long ridges with intervening depressions, in places rocky and in places covered with scrub jungle. The third division consists of a fringe of low land between the Ganges and the hills, which is largely eulth-ated with rice and liable to annual inundation.

Beginning at the north-west corner of the district Tappa Manihari it forms a narrow and practically continuous strip of alluvial soil, about miles long, lying for the most. Its total area is about square miles. S In the alhivial tract to the south-east the scenery resembles Scenery, that of the Gangetic valley; http://1dating.info/wyx/100-free-hookup-sites-for-couples.php is relieved from tameness by the background of hills.

The scenery is far more picturesque in the hilly and undulating tracts which make up the rest of the district, and has been weir described by Mr.

Their isolation makes them prominent, and they stand up boldly, breaking the monotony of the landscape and making a striking- addition to the prospect. Phuljori is 2, feet high, and Teor just under 2, feet. Although the western uplands contain many picturesque spots, they are for the most part tame and uninteresting, and most of the natural beauty of the.

In the way of mountain l pass and woodland scenery I know of nothing finer than the hill. They consist of a succession of hills, plateaux, valleys and ravines, the general All Hookup Sites Available Around Chandpur Bartaly of which varies. Among these loftier peaks may be mentioned Mahuagarhi 1, feet. It is 6 miles from Narganj and Narganj is 6 miles from ICatikund.

Crime and affrays are, I believe, of rare occurrence there, but when they are committed, the never fail to deliver up the delin- quent to take his trial before the proper authority. Nor was any effective resistance offered to fierce on- slaught of the influenza epidemic which raised without inter- mission in this district until well on in This Upazilas eighteen up population isBirampur has an average literacy rate of The natives all fled, and the elephant carrying the father and one young man ran into a jhd ; the Santals then scaled up its side and spilt open their heads, while the other two sons fell pierced by arrow's.

The road from Narganj to Korcho hill is a fairweather road. The ascent to the top of the hill IS rather difficult as there is only a foot track and no road.

When, however, one takes the trouble of going to the plateaux on the top of the' hill, his labours are amply rewarded. An amphitheatre of ranges of hills covered with dense forests opens up before link eyes.

The site has a commanding view. The highest points in the range are believed to be Mori in Bungalow Kusma, a fine peak about 2, feet in altitude, and Sendgarsa in Bungalow Bokrabandh II, both of which overlook the Burhait valley. It is surrounded by hills, but there are five narrow passes leading to the plains — the Chaparbhita to the south-west on the Godda-Burhait road, the Manjhwa to the north-west in the direction of Bhagalpur on the Borio-Boarijore road, the Ghatiari to the east on the Burhait-Barharwa road, the Margo to the south-east on the Burhait-Litipara road and a fifth north-east to Eajmahal on the Borio-Tinpahar road.

The valley is drained by the river Morel or Moral, which, flowing from the north, has scoured out a long ravine, and by the Gumani coming from the south-west through the Chaparbhita pass. These rivers meet at Burhait, and the united stream, which is called the Gumani, flows along the Ghatiari pass, and thence through the plains to the Ganges. Purther south the Bansloi, a fine broad stream, intersects the hills, flowing along the Pachwara or Kendwa pass, which runs through the range All Hookup Sites Available Around Chandpur Bartaly east to west.

There are also numerous small streams flowing down nearly every ravine and valley, which afford an abundance of pure fresh water.

All Hookup Sites Available Around Chandpur Bartaly

To the north-east the hills abut upon the Ganges, leaving only a narrow passage along which the Loop Line of the East Indian Eailway passes. This belt contracts towards the north, here a still narrower passage, which was in Mughal times a pass of great strategic importance. Here there may be seen hills crowded one upon another, steep narrow ravines, wide valleys, sharp ridges and small plateaux.

The Talcher and Damodar belong to the lower Gondwanas, and the other two groups to the upper. In one case two unfortunate European ladies were cut down when trying to escape, and in another an old planter and his three sons were murdered near Teliap. The Santals shoot them with poisoned arrows but the number killed in this way is small.

Among these the Santals and Paharias have their villages, which are often picturesquely situated on the brow of a steep hill, with cultivated fields and grass lands stretching beyond them. In the south and south-west there are broad tablelands on the crests of the ridges, which contain stretches of arable land. The villages of the Paharias are situated on the hill tops, the approach to which often consists of boulders piled one upon another.

Millets, Sargtija Giiizotia oleiferapulses, and even rice may be seen covering the hills, while mangoes, jack fruit trees and palm trees thrive luxuriantly.

The slopes yield large quan- tities of bamboos and firewood, and the spiked millet is grown in patches everywhere. About the yeara large trade sprang up in sahai grass IschsBmum click the following articlewhich is brought down from the hills to Sahibganj MirzachauM or Maharajpiir where it is baled and despatched by rail to paper mills in the neighbourhood of Calcutta.

This sabai cultivation has resulted in the denudation of the outer hills, and has given them that bluff apj earance which the traveller observes from the railway.

The sedimentary bands are chiefly composed of hard white and grey shale, carbonaceous shale, white and grey sandstone, and hard quartzose grit.

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The trap rocks are all dark coloured dolerites. They vary in character from a fine grained, very tough and hard rock anamesiteringing under the hammer, and with the edges of its fracture almost as sharp as those of a quartzite, to a comparatively soft, coarsely crystalline basalt. The latter usually contains olivine in large quantities. Yery little light is thrown on the source of the basaltic rocks by any observations within the Eajmahal area.

Dykes are rare; and there learn more here only one instance known of an instrusive mass which may mark the site of an old volcanic outburst. This is close to the village of Simra, where a group of small conical hills occurs, composed of pinkish trachyte, porphyritic in places and surrounded by Damodar rocks.

The surface of the ground is much obscured by superficial deposits, but there appears good reason for supposing that the core of a volcanic vent is here exposed. It appears not an unfrequent occurrence that the later outbursts from a volcano are more silicioiis than earlier eruptions, and that a volcanic core, even when the lava flows have been doleritic, should itself prove trachytic, when exposed by denudation. This may be due to the solution of the highly silicious metamorphic rocks through which the outburst took place by the molten lava remaining in the fissure after the eruption, and the consequent conversion of that lava from a basic into an acid rock.

The bedded basaltic traps of these hills, with their associated sedimentary beds, attain a thickness of at least 2, feet, of which the non-voleanic portion never exceeds feet in the aggregate. There is also an important bed of laterite in these hills, MahuagarM, the highest plateau in the range 1, feet above the seabeing capped by this formation. The following remarks of Sir T, H. Holdich are of interest as showing the great age of the Bajmalial Hills: The evidence which has been collected to prove this ancient connection seems to be conclusive.

Plants of Indian and African coal measures are identicaland not only plants, but the fauna of that period claim a similar affinity. Near the coast of South Africa a All Hookup Sites Available Around Chandpur Bartaly of beds occur which is similar in all respects to an existing Eajmahal series This land connection must have existed at the commencement of cretaceous times.

In the south-east of the Bumka subdivision, south of the Eamgarh Brahmani All Hookup Sites Available Around Chandpur Bartaly, there is a small range of hills known as the Eamgarh Hills. These hills are an extension of the Eajmahal range, but they are not so high and they have a more rounded and undulating outline. The highest peak is Karakata, which is a land-mark for all the country round, as it rises in dome- shaped prominence from the block of hills consisting the group.

It consists of coarse grits and eonglomerates, often ferruginous, containing quartz and gneiss pebbles, with occasionally hard and dark ferruginous bands. It is unconformably overlaid by the Rajmahal gToup, consisting chiefly of bedded basic volcanic lavas of the nature of dolerities and basalts.

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Basic dykes scattered through the gneiss area represent the underground portion of these eruptions. Intercalate between successive lava flows are aqueous, sedimentary layers containing fossil plants similar to those found near Jubbulpore and in Dutch. Further west two parallel ranges of hills All Hookup Sites Available Around Chandpur Bartaly in an easterly direction from Mosanjor to Ranibahah They present a landscape of considerable beauty as seen from the Mosanjor bungalow, which looks out on a picturesque grouping of hills and dales said to rival the hills of the Damin-i-koh in its effects.

These ranges after crossing the Mor at Ranibahal, form the Satgarh group or Satbor hills in taluk Muhammada- bad, north of Jagdishpur. Tarani, one of the hills of the Satgarh group contains the remnants of a pucca house on the summit of the hill. It is said that this hill contained tlie fortified residence of the Raja of Nagore and had an under- ground passage up to Nagore in the district of Birbhum. The Sapchala range breaks All Hookup Sites Available Around Chandpur Bartaly into isolated hillocks after crossing the Nunbil river; and north of it, near Dumka, there are a number of other detached hills, which rise abruptly from the plains in sharp conical masses.

The most important of these are the Ijagwa hills near Nimihat and the Makra hills on the borders of the Deoghar subdivisiom In the latter subdivision there are no contiguous ranges, such hi] Is as exist being isolated peaks in the middle of the plains. Less important, though picturesque in appearance, are the peaks known as Jalwa midway between Madhupur and Baidyanath near Mathurapur blockliut, Belmi near Phuljori, Paboi 6 miles south-east of Tiur, and Makro 8 miles south-east of Paboi.

With the exception of Phuijori, Tiur, Patharda, Degaria and Jalwa which contain and bamboo jungle, these hills are mere rocky excrescences. In the Jamtara subdivision also there are a few detached hills of no great size, the highest being Ghati 1, feet and Malancha feeton wkich stand Government trigono- metrical survey pillars. The general slope of the country is from north-west to Biver south-east, except in the small alluvial tract lying between the Eajmahal Hills and the Bhagalpur boundary, where the land slopes link the north-west and sends its drainage to the Ganges.

The valley of the Barakar separates the south- west of the district from the Ghota Nagpur plateau, but here also the inclination is to the south-east, and the Ajai and Mor, with their numerous tributaries, carry the drainage of the western half of the district not into the Barakar, but into the Bhagirathi below Murshidabad. The streams which rise within the Kajmahal Hills follows tlie same general directiion as those of the south-western uplands, i,e.

In the hot season they are reduced to a mere thread of water not more than 2 feet deep, with a gentle stream trickling through the sand. The following is a brief account of the principal rivers.