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DATING A FRENCH MAN: What We Wish We Knew Before Dating/Marrying French Men!!

What men find attractive in different parts of the world

6 Aug What makes a handsome man even more <. Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty Images. A snug T-shirt. Sexy specs. A tasteful watch. Sharp shoes. A fisherman's sweater. A chic scarf. 1 May asked by Patricia from somewhere – I guess the US) Ah American women! The object of fascination of every Frenchman!!! Or are they? Well, fir. French men tend to have a certain universal allure to make almost any woman fall head over heels. Romance is a Being from France might be attractive, but there is more every man than his motherland. Don't be afraid Find pictures of celebrities with your body-type or, practice a dance form that celebrates your shape.

The only thing I disagree with in this post is your labelling of sexually promiscuous women as sluts. Slut is a negative word. They are sexually liberated. The shaming of people who enjoy sex needs to stop. George, I invite you to read more closely what I wrote. Who do you think I am? A sexually-repressed macho who grew up in a puritan environment? Being a slut or slutty has nothing to do with how many people you sleep with and everything to do with your behavior, especially in public.

Sounds to me like you are slut shaming. If a women wants to have sex she should be allowed to do so without being labeled.

And this little comment. Of course I cant forget this one. Also those descriptions are What Do French Men Find Attractive even definable.

But when you do, you will find that French men can be the most affectionate, caring and attentive men you will have ever come across. I think this maybe related to the fact that some women from france are actually not open about just read this from an article. This is scary to me and I definitely feel American universities need to take a step further towards educating women about What Do French Men Find Attractive and dangers before going abroad. The Sexual Wellbeing Survey also says that at least 70 percent of the French have sex once a week, compared to just over 50 percent of Americans. The one thing I do wonder about though is this.

If I were to define Slut shaming I would say it is implying that a woman should feel guilty or inferior for real or perceived sexual behavior. Because of this a women can literally be called link slut whenever.

Its in the eye of the beholder. And because it is based on what one believes is a slut, slut cannot be defined.

What Do French Men Find Attractive

A woman may be called a slut if she has lots of sex. If her shorts are considered to be too short. If she is considered to be showing too much cleavage and What Do French Men Find Attractive on.

It depends on the person. Now onto the rest. I understand that when American students go abroad they tend to act wild. By wild I am implying getting hammered to the point of no control.

Being noisy and rude in public. In fact, when you mentioned grinding that really worried me that American women going abroad could be unknowingly initiating sex. For us American women that is a dance move and it does not promise or insinuate sex. This is something American women and men going abroad should be educated about. Also American college students do not have a good handle on their alcohol due to the age restriction being I can imagine American women going to France and getting too drunk visit web page in idiotic behavior and possibly rape.

This is scary to me and I definitely feel American universities need to take a step further towards educating women about safety and dangers before going abroad. Whats so funny to me about this is that if they think American women act wild some should seriously check themselves before coming to America.

In fact at my university some of the male French exchange students What Do French Men Find Attractive been sexually aggressive towards women. I can recall the time I had a conversation with a guy named Florian who said he believed French women keep there legs closed too much and thats why he preferred American women.

The in thing to say nowadays to sound cool article source feminist at the same time…. And then, political correctness rears its ugly head and nobody can be called a slut anymore. Yes, some men are assholes and jerks, but not men are. And Yes, some women are sluts, but not all women are. Why can a man have a harem but a woman cannot? It has to do with the seed. If a man has 20 women in his harem and he is the only sexual partner, you know the lineage of any child born but if a women has 20 sexual partners, who can tell the true lineage.

What happens in France stays in France mentality. Unfortunately in American clubs if a girl starts dancing with her friends or by herself within minutes some drunk, smelly, guy is going to run up and dry hump her while spilling his beer all over her.

There is a certain allure to French men though. I can understand these women taking advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy sex with the men who have such a spectacular reputation for sexual talents. Unfortunately, these same women would probably sleep with a man in America because they were impressed by his ability to win a farting contest or because they think having gold teeth makes him rich.

I myself only spent a day in Paris. Most my time was in the Alsace-Lorraine regions. I found most people, men and women, enjoyed talking to me about cultural differences and history which I found to be very pleasant compared to America where history is depicted in the form of Abraham Lincoln fighting zombies. Of course most thought we were German or British because as mentioned most Americans only visit Paris.

If I may generalize, I think that U. The American college scene read more terrible here as well. And the feminist groups get really angry if you suggest that maybe young American women are putting themselves in danger in addition to just looking foolish by carrying themselves in this way.

Here, a notion of femininity that applies to more than fashion tends to be considered as against feminism.

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Sounds good to me. Link think we set ourselves up for misunderstandings, too. Thank you for this page. You are a good gentleman. The thing is that every countries have their own stereotypes but once we travel we very soon realize that they are not necessarily true. Unfortunately, some foolish Americans can give foreigners a distorted view of American people.

Do French men really find American women fascinating?

Samba dancers and small bikinis are not something with associate with prostitution in France. However, samba dancers are definitely associated with Brazil.

I think that you hit the nail on the head. American people are trained to smile. Our parents teach us to smile and not frown. Also Paris is a large city, so behavior there would be very different from an American mid sized city anyway. College aged students do think they can act a little crazier in Europe than at home as well.

The one thing I do wonder about though is this. Also, is our behavior giving the US a bad name? I never approve of stupid behavior, regardless of the nationality nor the place where it happens.

Hit the nail on the head with this one… an it explained a lot!


My friend american guy studied in Italy, and when I visited him he told me that all the Italians thought Americans were easy. Well I was very offended about this, and thought it a rather rude assumption. But honestly, after reading this it makes much more sense to me now.

I know Italian culture is very different, but things like the grinding in the clubs and the smiling at strangers, I think that would also be cause for such an assumption there as well.

Oh one more thing to add: European men in my see more opinion it is just an opinion okay? Thanks for your comment Alice. Yes, while we are two different countries with two different cultures, France and Italy are also very similar in many ways.

So I assume that things are not very different on that matter. The moral decay and standards are at a all time low. Just sit back and observe. Has everyone lost their fucking heads?

Find pictures of celebrities with your body-type or, practice a dance form that celebrates your shape. Being noisy and rude in public. The BBC News reported some of these girls at fat-farms could end up weighing between to pounds. The download link will be e-mailed to your paypal e-mail. I think that you hit the nail on the head.

Americans act like they are entitled to everything, same with Mexicans and Canadians. Come look around honestly. This is common sense. This shit is super obvious. In France, Italy, etc women are defined not only in terms of looks but — especially — in terms of social grace, moral outlook, intellectual growth, what in the U. Well, thank the American New-Left for it.

Much has to be changed in U. Does this also apply to the male gender?

What Do French Men Find Attractive

Or is it specifically an inherent trait in women? Or could it be just because men who have been charge forever have decided it is so?

Yes, unsavory is the word. Wherever you are, know the cultural norms of a place before acting a certain way. Just wanted to share a funny story. On a flight back from Paris, I link a seat next to a cute, young Frenchman. He was from a farming town near Switzerland I remember him telling me.

We spoke the whole time on the flight.