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Whether you're looking for a place to hang out or just chat with a few friends, you' ll find everything you need at MakeFriendsOnline, where millions of people from around the world are looking to meet others to chat and have fun!. Patook is THE strictly platonic friend making app! You were looking for apps to make new friends and ended up on this page. Maybe you've moved in the past few years, live in a tiny (or huge) city, graduated, or just have this gut feeling that there are people out there who would make awesome friends to you, and you to. Significant Other But Not Living Together Male 31 years old. San Jose 1dating.info helps you meet platonic friends online that you can connect with in real life. Our members are The site works kinda like a dating site with profiles , search, and messaging but it is platonic and not for dating, get it? Membership is free.

Try Google Play with Chrome. Patook - make platonic friends. Item added to wishlist. Item removed from wishlist. Patook is THE strictly platonic friend making learn more here You were looking for apps to make new friends and ended up on this page. Well guess what — Patook is an app strictly for friendships.

So strictly in fact, that we have developed our own automatic method to detect when someone is flirting. Any person who attempts to flirt via the app will get their account permanently banned before their message even makes it into your inbox. Women, men, couples and Make Friends Online Not Dating Free on this app have the same goal and the same expectations.

That means people who like the same things, and also dislike the same things. It calculates a point score for each user and tells you how compatible you are with them. Want even more control? Want to find a friend who speaks French, plays the violin, likes the same shows you do?

FriendMatch: A place to meet new friends

Patook's point system allows you to give out points for traits you like, and then each user gets a little score shown next to their name. Give it a shot. Let us know what you think. Patook is centered around connecting compatible people together.

Make Friends Online Not Dating Free

The score shown on the top right is the result of your point system. Discussions are visible to everyone within your area, so by posting to them you are effectively broadcasting messages to the neighborhood. People can then upvote and respond to the topics and the most interesting topics get surfaced. This helps kickstart conversations between people.

For example, you can give 20 points to women, 10 points to people who speak French, and 20 points who are originally from the United States. The point count shows up next to the user's names.

We have made as many privacy options as we could think of available.

Finally something that works!!!! Connect with similar women, attend local events, chat with other ladies, Meet New Friends! Finding Friends as Grown Ups Tour the world with our featured bloggers and follow along as they make new friends.

Our moderators are also happy to respond to any feedback from you. We hope you enjoy using this app.

It's been very good Full Review. Its also like tinder but with friends. Not good for kids but for teenage is good but however it's not great for adults but it is okayyyyyy Because many people and mostly adult talking nasty in live streaming so the app have to control that. Don't download this app. Wilson Carzon February 8,

Please feel free to message us if you have any questions or comments about it, and spread the word. Join the tens of thousands of people who have made new friends, penpals, or found a BFF on Patook! I cried after I found the app. Because I finally found a way to make friends where I feel safe. I've been having a lot of fun reading about people in my area and I'm looking forward to receiving replies. I have not had any friends that want to do things I'm really interested in.

I'm hoping this app saves my life. I've had the app a few weeks now, and have already met some awesome people on here. None in person yet, but some near me so it's possible! I really love this app, and genuinely recommend it if you're looking for friends.

10 Great Apps for Meeting New Friends

This app was great, for the first month. But now, my messages aren't even seen by the other people. I am completely invisible on the app. I have tried to contact support, but those messages aren't going through either.

Make Friends Online Not Dating Free

Because I am a "premium member", the app shows me whether or not the messages are read, and they are not. If the developer sees this, please contact me to fix the issue, and I'll retract this review. Everything was fine then for some reason I need to log in again and I can't remember what password I've set up. I went through the forgotten password bit and have been waiting for over 2 days for some sort of email that'll help me get back in: This app is very promising!

The interface read more very well designed, and has a lot of options.


I wish that there was a separate section for just matches. PLEASE make it so you can make profile views private and by choosing that, we can't see who views ours either under article source, of course. I see a lot of profiles, so I find myself checking profiles repeatedly Make Friends Online Not Dating Free refresh my memory as I chat with them to make sure I am not confusing them with someone else, and I hate that it alerts them every time.

It is very awkward! This is a good concept, but this implementation feels too complicated. There are so many options and toggles and there's also a points system, it's just trying to do too much all at once. I had trouble uploading photos, first it wouldn't work, it randomly flipped one of my images and cropped another and when I tried to re upload it simply was unresponsive.

There is a matches page, a chat page, a visitors page, which aren't necessarily matches, as well as another page to look through profiles. This app could use some streamlining and serious debugging. User reviews Joy Religeon February 11, Kye Little February 13, Sandrine Courtin February 5, Gabby Rogers January 25, Patricia Arnedo January 27, Ive talked with a few people and its great for getting to know someone locally to get together and be active with.

Its easy to use as well. Im Make Friends Online Not Dating Free a relationship and this is a decent app and the people are looking for friends, not hook ups! That makes it refreshing. Not many users and the app really doesn't facilitate chatting. Skout and MeetMe are both very superior in this category. Patook just isn't worth the time Full Review. Lila Cart February 2, I just moved and was looking for friends. Make Friends Online Not Dating Free tried bumblebff but I didnt connect with a lot a girls on there.

I've only been on this app a short time but I really like that you can put in a ton of information on your profile. You can also see visitors that have "liked" to your profiles instead of having to go through all your matches and finding them.

This has been the please click for source app I've used so far to connect with people.

I also really appreciate that its only platonic friends and flirting isn't allowed. Little Joe January 26, That's the REAL question??? Don't waiste your time people!!

I love the fact that people can't flirt with you and everyone is looking for a friend! I love how it allows you to describe yourself and put down the things you like or do. Its also like tinder but with friends.

Azrael Blade February 10, I find it really strange that you have to do that instead of sending an email verification. Alicia Sanchez January 28, Klaus Fodersteig January 25, Its extremely easy to use and I love how fast you can find a new friend. Aja Parish February 9, I appreciate this app because it offers a safe place to find the exact source of friends you're looking for!

It's extremely customizable, and pretty easy to use! Katherine Scala January 28, I have tried uninstalling twice and still doesn't open. Cameron Moren February 14, Just started using the app so far pretty easy to setup. Lots of local profiles to view and message So far worth the download. Amish February 13, So based on what one writes on their profile points are given That's just an easiest way for others to judge them MoooChiQD January 31,