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Are You Needy? 5 Tips To Battle The Urge

How to Stop Being Needy in a Relationship?

24 Dec Worried that your needy behavior is spoiling the fun in your relationship? Here are 15 useful ways to stop being needy and have a happy relationship. Does your boyfriend think you're needy? Find out just how needy you are, and use these 9 ways to stop being needy and insecure in your relationship. How to Be Less Needy in Relationships. When you stop being needy, you will feel better, and your relationship will be closer than ever.

You may have been told in relationships that you are too "needy" or "clingy" and although the truth can be painful, there is always time to improve on our behavior. Often, especially when we truly care a lot about someone, we don't think with our heads but with our hearts.

The definition of neediness, as described by clinical psychologist Craig Malkin, Ph. So how can you put an end to this negative behavior for good? The good news is there are many productive ways you can change your lifestyle almost immediately. The benefits will then How To Stop Being Needy In A Relationship to show as you will become happier, healthier and enjoy stronger relationships. If you are naturally needy then you might need to work with a new distraction technique. The benefits of finding a new hobby to throw yourself into will bring a lot of positive aspects to your life.

15 Useful Ways To Stop Being Needy In A Relationship

Even if it is just a few hours a week, this is the time that won't be spent chasing after someone else. The less you are around - the more he will want you. Maybe your new hobby could be something you enjoyed when you were younger, or you're interested in learning a new skill - whatever it is, the confidence booster alone will make it all worth it.

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi called these new hobbies "flow activities. Time flies, self-consciousness disappears, and you are fully immersed in the activity at hand. Hobbies, especially those that stretch our skills, foster this desirable and increasingly elusive state.

The How To Stop Being Needy In A Relationship rule in the beginning of every relationship is to not drop everything for him. If you think this rule doesn't apply to you then not only will you look super needy, but also he will be less likely to commit.

Her overly possessive nature puts a strain on the relationship and this is not far from reality. Guys want a girl who is successful, fun and enjoys doing her own thing. Making them feel as if you don't need them, but rather you want them, will keep it a sweeter deal for longer. One notorious habit needy people have is constantly reminding their partners of how much time they haven't spent together. He may not be there cuddling with you, holding your hand and watching Titanicwhile you are sick, but he will make sure your medication is filled, you have a hearty meal and be there until you get well again.

If he stands up for you and protects you, he is showing he cares and is in for the long haul. Take a step back, breathe and think - it's not how often we see each other but the quality of the time spent together when we do. One of the most confusing things about Facebook is that it poses as reality when what we really see on our news feed is a very calculated version of the How To Stop Being Needy In A Relationship.

Our days out look more fun, our selfies look pore perfect and friends mostly post about the good times and leave out the bad. So when your guy is away posting pictures of the "great time" he's having smiling and laughing with friends, you might feel the urge to comment: Keep your hands off the keyboard and remind yourself Facebook is not reality.

A common trait amongst needy girls is that they like to really go in-depth with plans for the future. They will already know exactly what year they will start a family, when they will buy their first home and how many holidays they will have with here partner over the next five years.

For the average laid-back guy, it can all be a bit too much.

How To Stop Being Needy In A Relationship

Over excessive goal setting can often lead to disappointment. Often we plan because the feeling of uncertainty makes us feel uncomfortable or anxious. We then fiercely protect our own vision of the future so these feelings fade away.

However, studies have shown those who plan with intensity tend to get it read more. We fall into relationships that are more convenient than compatible, because instead of wanting to be with someone you feel like you need to be with someone.

Maria Popova, blogger and founder of Brain Pickings online, explained: When we need someone to adore us, we tend to become over agreeable and match his interests.

If he enjoys watching basketball then you tell him you love it. If he listens to a certain musician then all of a sudden you are downloading every one of their songs. Maryjane Kapteyn, who writes online under the pseudonym The Love Coachexplained: Instead, you become the filler gal: Needing to constantly please him won't do you any favors in the long run.

Abraham Hicks - Neediness In A Relationship

If you don't like the same movies as he does then say so - it won't end your world and he will respect you more for being honest. Neediness can come from anxiety and stress. The most natural cure for both is spending time in the great outdoors.

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If your partner has mentioned more than once that you're appearing too clingy, then your next date day together should be something you can do outside. Having a lot of open space around you and being able to unwind with nature will put you both at ease. When you date outdoors, the focus of your time together will shift from all the pressure being on how you both feel for each other to how you both feel about the environment around you.

Also, the extra exercise is always a bonus too. If you feel as if you can't spend one evening without your man then you might need to look to your friends for help. These guys will come and go, but your closest and most loyal friends will be read more for life.

How To Stop Being Needy In A Relationship

Allowing yourself a break and heading out for a night with the squad will allow you to become more than just someone who clings How To Stop Being Needy In A Relationship his side. Life coach and founder of Positive Women Rock explained: Make it very clear how important your female friends are to you so he won't see them as superficial gossip sessions you can do without.

When he understands that much of your confidence that attracted him in the first place and refreshing healthy perspectives are nurtured by these friends, he will value them too. Studies have shown that friends help squash any feelings of loneliness more than romantic partners do.

The other good news is if you are really in a bad place with your relationship then let your friends know and they can hook you up with someone more suitable. Cosmopolitan magazine reported that friends introduce people to about 40 percent of their sexual partners. One of the most awesome benefits of having a "me night" at least once a week means that you will become better see more when you are with a partner.

Time by yourself helps relieve stress, so when you are together you become more relaxed and less likely to spend that quality time together complaining.

Empower yourself through music, read books that motivate you and make yourself a better person. Don't Let Jealousy Creep In Do you get so excited about a new friendship or relationship that you bombard the other person with attention, only to find that the person starts to seem distant?

Falling in love with your own personal time makes you less needy and more empowered. You also may come to appreciate your relationships more after you've spent some time alone. The pleasure we get from seeing our loved ones actually comes from the rush of dopamine in our brains - also known as the "reward chemical. Those who are addicted to dopamine can get the same rush from exercising even for as little as twenty minutes. Another great reason to hit the treadmill is working out also releases endorphins, which help to create feelings of happiness and euphoria.

The Huffington Post reported, "Studies have shown that exercise can even alleviate symptoms among the clinically depressed. Morris once said, "Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. The advise, "Clearing out the old makes room for the new. Are feelings of shame, guilt, How To Stop Being Needy In A Relationship, fear, click at this page regret taking up space in your house?

Letting go of those feelings may take time. While you work on letting go, begin to add in. You will begin to crowd out negative feelings with positive feelings. Clearing out the negative thoughts will be easier when positive feelings give you the strength to let go. After you have been through an emotional spring clean, you will feel refreshed and ready to show the world the new you. One that is hopefully How To Stop Being Needy In A Relationship needy. You won't believe the good mood music puts you in.

The best trick is to listen to empowering tracks before you visit your bae, then when you do arrive you'll be all pumped up and in a good mood which will make you less clingy than normal. Music is also a great pick-me-up for whenever you are feeling a bit low and emotionally unstable.

Dennis Hsu of Northwestern University told science news website EurekAlert"Although significantly more research needs to be done before we can truly begin to understand music's effects on our psychological experiences, I believe our findings provide initial evidence for the potential strategic use of music, especially in situations where people need to feel empowered.

Pumping up their favorite tunes can quickly ease them into an empowered mental state before going on a first date, an important client meeting, or a job interview. Has your partner ever become frustrated with your irritable moods along with neediness? This might be down to you not getting your head down for long enough.

Engage in activities that are healthy for you and learn to feel more secure and confident. But never overdo it as it is going to drive your relationship away. You deserve better than that. Enjoy being who you are and as time goes by, you will be the confident and most secure person ever. It's when you find that you are emotionally needy that takes a toll on relationships and has consequences.

Lack of sleep makes us feel exhausted and emotionally fragile. A good eight-hour sleep allows our brains to consolidate memories and process mental information, therefore a lack of sleep has been linked to anxiety and depression. The best way to get a decent night's sleep is to "power off" earlier than usual. That means turning your phone, TV, and laptop off at least one hour before you sleep and unwinding with either a good book or a magazine.

Another great tip is to "block the clock", usually, we glance at our phones to check the time but this can How To Stop Being Needy In A Relationship to scanning our newsfeed during the early hours of the morning. Invest in a simple alarm clock and keep the phone far away from the bedroom - easier said than done in our technology obsessed world but the benefits are unreal. If you want to become more confident and empowered then start thinking that way. It won't happen overnight but even taking the smallest of steps to add more sass to your stride has its benefits.

Just click for source is contagious and before you know it you will start becoming click here confident yourself.

If you feel inadequate in a relationship and feel extra needy for your partner's approval this will eventually begin to subside as the new and more confident you emerges. After all, life is all about reaching your potential and looking for a new, better you can only lead to greater things. Our final thought is a question only you will be able to answer: Is this the right relationship for me? If you have become insecure, needy and desperately seeking love during a relationship then this might not right for you.

You might find that you are behaving this way because deep down your needs are not being met. Walking away from a relationship is a hard thing to do but always remember that being alone and being lonely are is the same thing at all.

You could also be holding yourself back from being with the one.