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Every day the beautiful lonely rosebud years for the stem eagerly awaiting pollination, satisfaction and release. Your imprint remains emblazoned on my mind, body and soul, Daily seeping into V-shaped orifice legs wrapped around your broad barrel chest.

Engulfing pleasure via penetration by the fire-tipped arrow of liquid bliss igniting climax, undulating quivering flesh cresting and falling waves beating against craggy muscular shores.

Repeatedly the sword is plunged into welcoming consummation releasing the rapture seminal fluidity ecstasy. A Rhapsody of convulsions enraptures my being casting me into sensual oblivion of volcanic bursts of molten lava shooting forth from Vulvonic cores.

Diane Lane 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Can Mommys Framed

Addicted to never-ending euphoria once again I levitate towards the Golden Flaming Spear scorched sweat washing into untamed grottos. Intensity of squeaks and yelps issue forth from formerly abandoned caverns answering the echoes of uncontained passion as a runaway beast charging, snorting and grunting smashing into the tight cavity taking command.

A cacophony of primordial reverberations fill the bedchamber atmosphere exposing sweaty, grindy rumpled sheets infused with rainbow colors, orchestral violins and Angelic voices heralding the gale force winds of Solomon and Sheba eternal song.

He began to question me concerning my singleness. After a while I figured out he was trying to ascertain as to whether or not I was a lesbian! I assured him that No I was not gay just had not met the right person.

Fast forward to when my abuser finally left me and I finally felt free to confide in certain females whom I thought were my friends. I found that to be a big mistake. Too much Blame the Victim mentality out there. Then there is the other side of the coin with women pushing newly single women back into the shark infested waters of the dating game. Amazing how many insensitive and snarky comments I received about either not wanting to date or taking a break from dating. All the while I listen to them whine, moan, bitch and complain about what the latest boyfriend is doing to them.

These women imagine there is a Mr.

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I do not lack male attention. As one of my supervisors at work likes to say, Ms. Palmer you have many admirers. Trust me when I say I wish many of them would find some other woman to admire.

I was participating in an online group for Domestic Violence Survivors. I was really saddened to see how emotionally bankrupt many of the women were.

Because so many years have passed since I was delivered from my Ex- I was able to be a source of encouragement to women still suffering. A few Friended me or Click to my page and my goal is to offer strategies towards wholeness yet still revealing my struggles and vulnerabilities.

No matter how many compliments I receive about how much I have to offer a man and how beautiful and wonderful I am that does nothing for my inner healing.

Sounds like I have nothing to offer outside of being with a guy. Those remarks may or may not be true but that type thinking is missing the point and counter-productive.

Right now for me the relationship waltz is an emotionally crippling dance. Also I want to concentrate on Me, Myself and I. Oh yes for those wondering if I still have a sex drive the answer is Yes but menopause has put a damper on it and I no longer feel compelled to satisfy that urge. Also I made the decision to remain celibate and there are few if any men who can make me change my mind. The Joys of Singlehood. Constant refrain of, DeBorah I wish I was single like you!

My 54 th Birthday this past Feb. I have to admit four years ago when I entered the fifth decade of my life that after the initial thrill of turning the Big that if struck me that I had made it to the half century point in my life.

Questions posed themselves in my mind as to what that meant to be a woman in her 50s. Then came a time of troubles—health challenges. Commands that my body easily obeyed at 25 seemed to take a hellava lot longer now. He woke me up in the morning. Followed me around all day long and keep me company at night. I qualified for the titled of middle-aged Transformer. I received a letter in the mail to this effect which indicated phone numbers to call for more information.

Suddenly getting older is looking better and better each day. Once something way off in the distant future here a short five or six years away for me now. Pensions, annuities, retirement, together all mean freedom to pursue my passions, Diane Lane 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Can Mommys Framed, and my deepest heartfelt desires with the means and time to do so.

Doing my Happy Dance!

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Perhaps depending on the amount of money I receive I will be able to stop working full-time and just take a part-time job. More time to engage with my writing, my art, and my photography. Life rapidly expands to 55 flavors, way more than Baskin-Robbins without the stomach upset!! A new confidence has arisen within my soul. Fifty-Five is the magic number for pensions, annuities and senior housing.

I plan on doing this next year. Now all my dreams are doable. I see light at the end of the tunnel. Next year I could actually travel on my vacation instead of staying home.

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No need to use birth control, of course I stopped using birth control years ago, but if I do meet a nice gentleman I no longer have to worry about becoming pregnant! Financially Free, sexually free with time to engage in meaningful activities and relationships. Being in my 50s does not mean less than but more than ever. An elevation to a higher level of living.

Silences punctuated only by flowing water, the endless hum and shifting of building machinery. Even normal noises can be unsettling. Especially Diane Lane 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Can Mommys Framed associated with people.

Whispers from a Victorian century long past to digital diversity. Sometimes the sudden interruption of footfalls becomes ominous, invading read more sanctity of the Holy Sanctuary. Even the sound of my own steps is somewhat menacing. What spirits accompany me on perambulations among the saints and sinners? The day is at end, the light has faded. Now the night crew enters to continue the evening melody.

Writing is human communication tool and it brings out the real personality in you as a person. Riscopriamo la bellezza della natura, camminando. Itinerari e percorsi adatti a tutti gli escursionisti, prevalentemente nella nostra bellissima Toscana.

Petergreyphotography looking through the lens. Cheche Winnie Writing is human communication tool and it brings out the real personality in you as a person. Angelart Star The beautiful picture of angels makes you happy.

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Lost Route Riscopriamo la bellezza della natura, camminando.

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The Budding Ken opening the mind and heart through poetry. Illuminative Shining the light on Indigenous life.

Diane Lane 2018 Hookup Meme Trash Can Mommys Framed

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