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It's a very late post from end August and things sort of bottle up after i discharge from the hospital last week but this is certainly one event that Roy enjoyed the most… even more than some of the Gala dinner we attended in the past!

No fun being so far away from my other half…. He misses the food here dearly!

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The other truth is that i don't have to travel at least for this time!!! And now a few months before she turn 3, she asked "Mummy, are you ready for a beach holiday? Ride airplane, tomorrow, ok? Hahaha… she really made my day… When i surprise her by picking Roy up from KL Sentral without telling her. I really look forward for Roy to join us in the Weplay session so he'll have a better idea of what a mummy blogger does in events. I've been asked multiples time, what do you do there with Lil' S?

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Isn't it boring to be there for so long? And this time round i'll have a perfect example to show him as it's a family-friendly event!

When I received the invitation from motherhood. I was very excited for the event, so is Lil' S! I just can't wait to settle down and have a look at the showcase area to have a good look at the products. I want to play theeeeere…" with fingers pointing to the back of the room.

Weplay kick start the morning with a good Tai Chi and balancing session to help the guests stretch and move, move, move!

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It's not easy to wake up early on a saturday morning! It's not as easy as i thought but it'll be fun to have it at home… Our favourite saying at home " Mummy buy toys, daddy is the toy! Weplay also take the balancing game to a whole new level by adding a secret compartment that convert it to a sensory game with Cookie Festival! If you would like to know how does the secret compartment work, stay tune on the next post!

Creativity, Collaboration, gross motor skills! As they lay out the life size blocks: It was more than a handful when you have kids in a team! I'm glad that there's a play area readily available while we try to accomplish the given task! Play and children is literally inseperable, play alone without emotion is purely an activity bu.

As you all may know, we are a Montessori and play-based household and i've Bedford Male Hookup Experts Mistakes That Worked Double Puzzle towrds building the environment ever since i quit my job 2 years ago.

One of my biggest challenge here in Malaysia comparing back to Australia is the weather which limit us to a lot less outdoor activities that allow us to explore freely….

Bedford Male Hookup Experts Mistakes That Worked Double Puzzle

In a group of 3 we complete the challenge and build these within an hour. This particular wooden set in this life size really caught my attention, i've always thought this is a wooden set until i was told few days ago that these are actually foam not actual wood….

I'm impressed with how sophisticated this set look!

Even if i place this in our living hall, it'll still look like a piece of classic art with the woody look… LOL. It's fun to be a kid again and expand our creativity using these life size blocks and puzzles. Proud parents will never forget to take a selfie with the end result!

How can this selfie mummy not take the opprotunity to take a selfie with my lovely girl! The excitement doesnt end there! Congratulations to Kathy and family! One thing for sure, we have lots of fun in the event and the key take away that both Roy and I agree is that play based learning and children is inseperable and it's inarguably best way for children learn!

As the school curricular is moving towards academic focus, i think we at home, we should should try to strike a balance and inject more fun and play based learning to encourage problem article source and constructive thinking among our young generation.

Play encourage decision-making, creates curiosity, build resilience and creativity as well as develop concentration skills from my personal experience observing Lil' S' growth the past 2 years.

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We received a couple of items from Weplay and Bedford Male Hookup Experts Mistakes That Worked Double Puzzle are excited to try it out the learn more here few weeks… I'll be busy with our last mins birthday party plan for Lil' S on top of the charity work that we will be organizing.

The initialy plan is to channel our birthday party budget to a charity work but twe have a specific request from the Birthday Girl for a mini celebration so we have 7 days to plan for a small party after her ballet class, she would like to share this special moment with her ballerina friends!

As usual, her wish is my command… lol this is the "thing" when you only have one child! We received a couple of items from Weplay's door gift and we are excited to try it out the next few weeks… So, stay tune for more fun play and giveaways! Your email address will not be published. Sweet Deals for Cinema Junkie — both adults and children! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Bedford Male Hookup Experts Mistakes That Worked Double Puzzle