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5 -- The Age of Our World Made Easy

How Do We Know the Earth Is 4.6 Billion Years Old?

16 Jun They believe this despite the fact that everything we know about biology, geology and astronomy points to the fact that the first appearance of any life — not even talking about humans — occurred billion years ago, the Earth was formed a billion years before that, and the universe had been hanging. The interior of the state remained essentially ice-free during the last glaciations, making the area a focal point for travelers entering the New World. Dated materials from the Yukon Territory indicate that people were present in the area at least 27, years ago. Tetlin Refuge has no known archeological sites, but a large. 14 Sep A shoe discovered in a professor's office has been found to be more than years old. The wooden shoe professor's office. It was found 13 years ago in the melting snow of an Alpine glacier Carbon-dating by two different labs has found the shoe dates back between BC. According to the.

In short, they support a literal interpretation of the creation myth found in the Book of Genesis, which means that they believe that their god created the whole of the universe, the Earth and all of the life upon it in a mere six days.


Not metaphorical days though — that would make them old Earth creationists — they actually believe that each of the biblical days corresponds to actual days, meaning that the entirety of existence was crafted in only hours.

I would hope that anyone reading this would realize how insane this sounds. They believe this despite the fact that everything we know about biology, geology and astronomy points to the fact that the first appearance of any life link not even talking about humans — occurred 3.

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So, how is this possible? How can a bunch of otherwise not clinically insane human beings discard the cumulative knowledge and research of all civilization in favor of a belief that is so profoundly cockamamie?

Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministrydedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Other newcomers in the traditional matchmaking space have also sought to offer more flexible fees arrangements. Chemicals in household cleaning products, pesticides and perfumes are now as big an air pollution threat as It also shows that a population of hunter gatherers living on the site of Motala, southern Sweden, had already developed both skin-lightening genes around 7, years ago together with a third that gave them blue eyes. The source of fundamentalist Christianity.

The simple fact of the matter is that if not for religion — specifically fundamentalist Christianity — this belief to call it a theory gives it too much credence would have died out 100 Free Hookup Websites For People 6000 Years Ago, long ago.

Some studies show that belief in young Earth creationism amongst Americans has actually gone up since the s! Despite the fact that most modern Jewish theologians steer clear of young Earth creationism — even those who oppose other science-based theories like evolution — the roots of modern-day young Earth creationism lie firmly in Judaism.

It was through the analysis of ancient Jewish texts — including those that would later be incorporated into the Bible and Quran — and calendars that ancient scholars first began to put a hard date on when exactly link occurred, with the vast majority of these falling between the dates of and BCE.

In fact, many prominent early Church leaders rejected a literal reading of the creation myth, among them none other than Saint Augustine. But with the coming of the Protestant reformation, and literal interpretations of the Bible courtesy of noted sticks-in-the-mud John Calvin and Martin Luther, that all changed, as the multiple Protestant churches they started and influenced began to adopt young Earth creationism.

By the 18th century, however, times were, as they say, a-changing, as the Age of Enlightenment ushered in a flurry of scientific exploration and discovery. Without getting in over our heads in the weeds to mix a metaphorall of the stuff that geologists were learning about fossils and the rocks that made up the various layers source the Earth — none of it lined up with a belief in young Earth creationism.

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Working as what amounted to rock detectives, scientists found evidence of movements and transformations that simply could not have occurred in the time allotted by a young Earth theory. And for a while? For a while, things were okay, as belief in young Earth creationism — at least amongst educated folks — steadily declined. But then something happened: The rise of fundamentalist Christianity.

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Using their own readings — or more often, misreadings — of preexisting research, McCready and others attempted to reconcile geological evidence with their completely disproven faith-based beliefs.

By characterizing academia as a group of godless, scheming liberals, the far right and the fundamentalists created a common enemy for themselves, as they began to discount any number of scientific theories, all based on their own literal readings of the Bible.

Most notable amongst these, of course, is a theory that is still hotly contested in some, mostly red, states: Together, the far right and their fundamentalist Christian allies managed to not only politicize science, but through histrionic insistence, actually attempt to bring it under the umbrella of faith. Despite the fact that we, as a species, had abandoned the belief in favor of those actually backed up by scientific knowledge and discovery, there are still a sizable amount of Americans who believe that the Earth is less than 10, years old.

What do you think?

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Is there any merit to a young Earth creationism theory? Tell us about it in the comments below. Aubrey Sitterson has faith in dinosaurs and dinosaurs alone. For more information, follow him on Twitter or visit his website. By Aubrey Sitterson This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page.

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