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GH - Olivia and Johnny Hook Up - 05/20/09

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23 Feb That's how I feel about Maurice in real life. He's god-like to me, so that may be pumping through. I think it's because of him but I think that also it may be because I feel so much for him that it comes through. What do you think of the continued friction between Carly and Brenda? I think that Laura Wright is. Sabrina Santiago is a fictional character from the original ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital, played by Teresa Castillo. Created by head writer Ron Carlivati, and introduced under executive producer Frank Valentini, Sabrina is introduced as a nerdy, pushover student nurse at General Hospital who has a crush on. All About Saint Luke, the Third Evangelist. Soap StarsCouple PhotosGeneral HospitalFeliciaHospitalsJack WagnerSoapsReal LifeTelevisions. Frisco and Felicia (Jack Wagner, Kristina Wagner).

Some fans in attendance at the event in Burbank revealed on Facebook that there are rumors of a romance link Griffin and Ava Jerome Maura West. Griffin hooking up with Ava would shock Port Charles but there are many reasons this romance could happen and would be amazing to watch.

Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo on Brenda and Sonny's 'General Hospital' wedding

First, both are single so that clears the way for them to get together without hurting anyone else. Second, both are grieving and need love in their lives. That puts both in a position to be lonely and needing affection and comfort. Third, Griffin has a thing for bad girls even though he hates that about himself. Even knowing that Claudette was cheating on Nathan West Ryan Paevey with him, Griffin still wanted her and it was a struggle not to get back with her when she turned up in Port Chuck.

She tempted the former priest and he almost gave in several times and got with her again. Griffin has to be frustrated. That means both are hungry for some affection and more. General Hospital spoilers claim Ava has good intentions but does bad things to make them happen. But how would Griffin and Ava get together?

Griffin will be upset at the outcome of the custody case when Valentin Cassadine James Patrick Stuart is awarded joint or full custody of his daughter. Ava and Griffin click here find themselves at The Floating Rib drowning their sorrows in booze and wind up in bed together then it turns into romance.

Or, Ava might head to church to confess her sins and run into Griffin there and talking turns into making out in a pew which would be ironic for the former priest. The bottom line is, Griffin needs love in his life and so does Ava and they would have amazing chemistry together. Share your comments below on this possible new romance. OMG, at least Liz and Griffen are friends and coworkers.

I think he would have more in common with Liz, then with Ava. I wish there was someone more suitable for him. Or could it have been when they started writing her as a self righteous little twit…I. Somewhere along the line I lost Liz and I am team anyone else, I think Franco might be her chance to gain back a little oomph and personality. OMG Liz and Griffin might bore people Who On General Hospital Is Hookup In Real Life tears!

Idk sounds crazy to me. Why is Julian leaving GH why kill him off? I like Julian he needs to stay with Alexis…. I read on a different website of why William Who On General Hospital Is Hookup In Real Life is not renewing his contract for the show because he wants to pursue other projects.

I wish him the best of luck for his future. The website i was reading about him was soap central. It was there from January i think.

Julian needs to go, they can not make it feasible that he tried to kill his wife. Plus he had Duke killed and we know damn well Olivia did not order him to do that! So he either dies or goes to jail, no other way out. Ava should date a guy around her age.

Griffin should get to know Elizabeth or the writers can here in a new woman for him. I just hope that Ava click hook up with Griffin.

The writers seemed very lazy to bring in a new woman for Griffin. Rolls eyes of them trying to hook up Ava with him. Yeah i would say Curtis is always a nice fit Ava. I agree with you with that. Curtis and Ava gets along very well lol.

Though Sabrina is devastated, she accepts his decision. Lynn Herring Returns to 'General Hospital ' ". Griffin has to be frustrated. YES, I agree with all of these so very much.

Jordan has this thing for Curtis but she might be afraid that she might get hurt. Go here thought there was something more with Jordan.

In the beginning Jordan and Andre had a good relationship then when Andre sees Curtis phone number on Jordan phone. He became so jealous of Curtis. I am not sad about the breakup between Jordan and Andre. Love triangles on soap opera can go on and on and never finishes. It is up to Curtis of what he wants to do.

If Curtis wants to get to know Ava then he can do that very soon lol. Jordan can be more of Shawn Butler type. But the writers and executive producer can bring in a new guy for Jordan.

Oh well i just got confused of the situation. I was talking about the writers wanted to pair up Griffin with Ava.

That is why i said what is up with older woman hooking up with younger guys. Sorry about the confusion. I liked your comment because i agree with what you were saying.

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Curtis and Jordan can get to know eachother very soon. I just got mixed up of focusing my attention on talking about Ava and Griffin instead of Curtis and Jordan lol. My point was a few here were making a big deal of her being older than him and that she should be matched with someone her own age. If Ava hooks up with Griffin then the relationship would be ok. It depends on the connection. If Ava was going to date a guy around her age that would be cool.

Now i understand of what you are talking about now. Not a good match…the writers need a vacation. All the grief and lack of sex in the world does not make more info two a good match! How about Nelle confesses to Griffin and they hook up after he tells Sonny. Maybe he should become a priest again and forget about a relationship.

He seems to like the troublemakers lol Claudette. They might as well bring her back. I think Nelle would be around Griffins age not as much difference as Ava. He was good with Hayden and Nina. Sound like a winner to me! I really do believe GH is on its way out though.

Why are they trying to sale GH now blow GH up?

General Hospital Spoilers Two characters will leave the GH this month Things Get More Complicated

If they write the character back in I would like to see this explored! They do not belong together even for drinks.

Who On General Hospital Is Hookup In Real Life

Now another young man, so much younger, with that old couger. Oh please, you people are out of your minds if you do this! One of your biggest mistakes of all!

Who On General Hospital Is Hookup In Real Life

Did anyone notice there was no bullet scare on Griffin when had his shirt off playing Duke? I guess the writers forgot about that. But stop with the age.

She carried on an affair with Morgan while Kiki thought she was dead.

Though clear opposites, they also have commonalities. The writers seemed very lazy to bring in a new woman for Griffin. Link think Nelle would be around Griffins age not as much difference as Ava. I really do believe GH is on its way out though. If Ava was going to date a guy around her age that would be cool.

Why are they so anxious to put him with a blond? He could just as easily hook up with bad Girls Darby or Nelle. Since Rebecca likes the older characters dating younger people that is all on here. Where were you when everybody else was commenting about Ava might hooking up with Griffin. This post was there from two months ago. End of discussion about what Ava might even date if that happens.

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