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12 Best Romantic Movies to Watch on Your Next Girl's Night

11 Aug You'll be feeling the amore after you watch this rom-com that earned Cher her Best Actress Academy Award for falling in love with Nicolas Cage's Ronny. Kazan (who wrote the movie) and Paul Dano star in this fantastical romance about what happens when an author's fictional dream girl comes to life. 5 Feb Boy's dad dies of cancer. Girl joins the army. Boy starts dating Girl's best friend. Girl gets cancer. Boy visits her in the hospital. They kiss. They get back together. They get Take your pick from these classic romantic flicks, and get ready to dry some tears—your girl's and maybe even your own. Shh, it's okay. With: Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Top Rated . It's a compelling story to watch as it unfolds, and it's easy to see why many hold this one as the best adaptation of the novels. For one . Like many other beautiful movies such as Your Sister's Sister, Enough Said is hilarious, romantic, but to that it adds being smart and realistic. You'll.

We all know Valentine's Day is about chocolate, flowers, promises you don't intend to keep But what romantic movies should you absolutely watch? From grand gestures to quietly restrained moments, romance abounds in the film world.

So whether you're settling in on the sofa with your loved one click here going it alone we have a few romantic movies you can weep away to. And if you've got Netflix, you might want to check out our romantic Netflix special. A love story told by the old couple as they look back on their life, we learn how they met, fell in love and broke part only to come back to each other years later.

We defy you not to cry with joy when Noah and Allie kiss in the rain after being reunited after years apart. They may not seem the likeliest of pairs, and who knew Billy Crystal would be such a heart throb? If you want to see the pair realising they Top 10 Movies To Watch With Your Girlfriend each other in the sweetest of way this is for you.

When Harry shares his feelings on New Year's Eve giving Sally all the little details he loves about her in one of film's corniest but sweetest love declarations. The script nearly ended with them remaining friends, but the directors quickly realised they need to change the ending. The classic war time story with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman is full of romantic moments, though it's not all sweetness and light.

The classic war time story with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman is full of romantic moments, though it's not all sweetness and light. All hell breaks loose when the Byrnes family meets the Focker family for the first time. A couple search for each other years after the night they first met, fell in love, and separated, convinced that one day they'd end up together. After a young man is murdered, his spirit stays behind to warn his lover of impending danger, with the help of a click psychic.

Ok so turns out these old movies aren't that cheery, but they definitely knew how to do romance. The term stiff-upper lip applies here, but who needs overblown moments? The movie has one of the most restrained goodbyes, as the married man and woman call time on an affair that never was. Watch it just for the click conversation in the hallway when the word Top 10 Movies To Watch With Your Girlfriend means so much more - even more than the simple I love you.

The profound love story hits all the right romantic notes with a heartfelt sincerity under its wackiness. We could go on, but the movie speaks for itself. You know early on that things aren't going to end well - hello, Titanic - but that doesn't stop you becoming Jack and Rose's greatest cheerleader.

We still think that door had room for two. The pottery making scene is an iconic moment in click here movie that's Top 10 Movies To Watch With Your Girlfriend about letting go than falling in love.

Baby and Johnny's romance never gets old and with a great soundtrack and Swayze again why wouldn't you watch it? There's two camps when it comes to this film - the first, it's the most romantic movie ever, the second, it's so creepy it hurts. Mark proclaims his love to Juliet at her door using cue cards let's remember for a hot second that she's married to his mate.

Edward falls in love with prostitute Vivian, this isn't how it sounds. Zack, a new member of the U. Navy, has a bad attitude. When he signs up for the Aviation Academy, he is met with the strict leadership of Sgt.

Emil Foley Louis Gossett Jr. Through an unexpected romance with Paula Debra Wingeran outsider who hangs around the naval base he learns how to change. After George Bailey James Stewart wishes he had never been born, an angel Henry Travers is sent to earth to make his wish come true.

When a famous actress turns up in a bookstore the owner's life is thrown into turmoil.

Well, you can have that with a really explicit ten-minute sex scene in this movie. Well now that it is on Netflix and other streaming services you have no excuse! When Harry Met Sally PG 86 min Drama, Romance. After George Bailey James Stewart wishes he had never been born, an angel Henry Travers is sent to earth to make his wish come true.

He and his friends seem unlucky in love - then he meets a lovely American I'm seeing a pattern for Hugh. She returns to the States but their paths continue to cross.

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One for those who believe in destiny. The most romantic moment comes as Romeo and Juliet first see each other through the fish tank at the Capulet masquerade party. Tom is caught off http://1dating.info/piz/cherry-blossoms-asian-hookup-already-a-member.php when his girlfriend dumps him so he looks back on their days together to figure out what went wrong. Bookseller Kathleen hates Joe Fox - who owns a corporate chain of book stores.

They meet online anonymously, totally oblivious to each other's identities. They discover who each other are. Setting the standard for cool gestures Lloyd Dobler holding up his ghetto blaster over his head blasting out In Your Eyes for Diane has to be up there. They've broken up and Peter Gabriel's song the first they made love to is playing.

Top 10 Best Romance Movies of the 2010s

The tale of how a Lady comes to love a Tramp - they here happen to be two dogs in this Disney classic. There's the classic spaghetti kiss too. Annie is all set to get married, but risks it all heading to the top of the Empire State Building to meet soulmate Sam. Landon knows Jamie is dying, so he takes on her bucket list, crossing state lines and getting married.

Forest shows his dedication in many ways, but when he declares his love with self deprecation your heart can't help but break. Video Loading Video Unavailable. Click to play Tap to play. The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now. Read More Valentine's Day Read More Get ready for Valentine's Day. Subscribe to our Celebs newsletter Enter email Subscribe. Coronation Street Coronation Street fans shocked as Phelan actually saves the day after suspected paedophile almost abducts Summer 'Made up to see phelan then can we just brush everything under the carpet now, pls'.

Documentaries Chilling moment murderer Morgan Leppert smiles as she tells Susanna Reid that she'll kill herself in new ITV Top 10 Movies To Watch With Your Girlfriend Children Who Kill Morgan, dubbed the 'blue eyed devil' was click the following article 15 when she killed James Stewart, 62, with her 22 year old boyfriend Toby.

Paddy McGuinness Paddy McGuinness is no Saint but I really don't blame him for wanting more from life Daily Mirror columnist Alison Phillips saw first-hand how stressful family life has been for Paddy and Christine McGuinness since their twins were diagnosed as autistic. The Oscars When is the Oscars on and how can I watch it?

Top 10 Movies To Watch With Your Girlfriend

From the nominees to the network, here's everything you need to know about this year's ceremony. Documentaries Children Who Kill: Heartbroken sister of eight-year-old girl stabbed to death by their year-old neighbour Joshua Phillips still haunted Click chilling murder On November 3,Maddie headed out of her home to play and never returned.

Most Read Most Recent. Schools 'Extraordinary' headteacher who banned pupils from wearing false eyelashes, make-up and fake tan found dead at home aged 37 Gary Vyse, 37, was considered a 'leading light' in his role running six academies as chief executive of The Williamson Trust in Medway, Kent. Anthony Joshua Anthony Joshua shares funny Valentine's Day photo - but everyone is distracted by something else in the picture Most people would assume world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua wouldn't be short of dates on Valentine's Day - but they would be wrong.

Rio Ferdinand Rio Ferdinand makes sensational claim after Cristiano Ronaldo uses bizarre penalty technique in win over PSG The Manchester United legend doesn't believe the 'volleyed' spot-kick was an accident. Pregnancy Stunned husband gets huge surprise on flight after wife reveals she's pregnant - with the help of pilot The captain announced that they were "smuggling an extra passenger on board" as the flight from Florida to Chicago was getting ready to take off.

Solar eclipse A partial solar eclipse will light up skies around the world today - here's how to make sure you see it People in parts of South America, including Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay will be able to see the partial solar eclipse this afternoon. Surrey Police Hero who helped woman 'who he feared would be raped' is overwhelmed by her response Nick Ellis was sat in his car in Egham, Surrey when he spotted a man following the woman. Spice Girls All FIVE Spice Girls 'sign contract for reunion tour' despite Victoria Beckham insisting she wouldn't join them on the road A world tour is too much of a commitment but fans can look forward to limited concerts in two countries.

Time travel 'Time traveller from ' makes startling predictions about future US presidents - and says Trump's successor 'does something bad'. The man - known as Noah - says Martin Luther King Jr's only grandaughter will be elected in - but only after another president causes problems for America. Parkland high school shooting First victims of shooting identified including hero who tried to protect children. Parkland high school shooting Hero teacher hid 19 students in classroom closet from 'crazed' gunman who stalked Florida high school killing Melissa Falkowski saved her students after hearing gunshots ring out inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland - believed to have been fired by suspect Nikolas Cruz.

A document had suggested the UK could lose access to the single market if it broke the rules but the EU has softened its stance. Valentine's Day Man reveals the heartbreaking reason behind his huge hillside Valentine's gesture Josh Staddon, 30, ventured out in the freezing wind and rain in Devon at 5. Sex dolls Mummified remains of lonely man found lying on sofa embracing home-made sex doll months after he died. The granddad was discovered lying on his sofa next to his "girlfriend" after neighbours complained of a nasty smell in their apartment block.

Rape Sex attack victim sacked weeks after she gave evidence against rapist 'for taking too many sick days' gets job back Cancer survivor 'Sharon' was sacked after HMRC bosses claimed she had taken 79 days off sick in 12 months. Flu Parents thought their little girl just had the flu but it turned into 'their worst nightmare'. Rose Whitwell was showing the symptoms of flu when her parents took her to the doctors but the real illness was much worse.

John Coles, 44 - who began working for BA as an apprentice in - went into cardiac arrest on the taxiway after two vehicles crashed near Terminal 5. Murder Dad tortured and murdered like scene from 'gangster TV show' after he failed to deliver cannabis. Joseph McKeever had two broken kneecaps, broken ribs, broken eye sockets, a severe head injury and had been strangled.

Inquests British rapper died after being shot four times at point blank range as he left music more info David 'Dawood' Robinson, 25, was shot from behind Top 10 Movies To Watch With Your Girlfriend may have turned round to face his killer before being hit in the chest.

Valentine's Day Emmerdale fans praise touching scene as Liv kisses Gabby in struggle to understand her asexuality Fans of the ITV soap loved the way Gabby reacted to the shock kiss. Helen George Pregnant Call The Midwife star Helen George hits out at trolls who called her 'fat' George, who plays Nurse Trixie Franklin, was pregnant while filming the new series of the show, but was labelled "massive" by a Twitter user who took issue with her size.

Documentaries Mother breaks down as she relives horrifying moment she discovered 8 year old girl's dead body her teen son had hidden under his bed Melissa Phillips speaks to Susanna Reid in chilling new ITV documentary Children Who Kill about realising her son Joshua had murdered Maddie Clifton.

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This Morning This Morning 'rudely' cuts off disabled twins' parents discussing their amazing progress for a weather report Louie and Ava's mum and dad revealed how their twins had progressed - but their interview was abruptly halted.

Tonya Harding True story behind the film I, Tonya - the ice skating assault that shocked the world Actress Margot Robbie plays Tonya Harding in a film about her life and role in the attack on fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan as they prepared for the Winter Olympics.

This Morning This Morning viewers praise Eamonn Holmes for savaging Oxfam fundraiser over aid worker sex abuse scandal Thing got heated when Eamonn Holmes slated Continue reading for 'messing up' and viewers praised his no-nonsense approach. Divorce, cheating and dating may prove love is not scientific We look at the relationship statuses of Top 10 Movies To Watch With Your Girlfriend Channel 4 show's original couples ITV Who's the real Trauma villain?

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Top 10 Movies To Watch With Your Girlfriend