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Should You Confess To Cheating?

Should I tell my gf I cheated on her?

Anyways that didn't work out and my current girlfriend still doesn't know after a couple months. I've read so many things, and i'm so confused.I do love her and the guilt is bothering me, but i can bury it deep down probably if i have to. I don't want to lose her. I run that risk if i tell her. If i don't tell her then there. Q: “I cheated. Do I confess my sins in the interest of honesty? Or keep it to myself to avoid hurting her?” Not only do you owe it to your girlfriend to man up and be honest, but you should also never live under a lie's ugly pretense. That will stunt any All you can do is apologize and tell her how awful you feel for hurting her. i have been with my girlfriend for a little over two years now. i gave her a promise ring, and i gave her my word to one day marry her. i have every intention of fulfilling my word and i love the girl to death. However, i made a huge mistake about a year ago of cheating on her with two different people while i was away at college.

However, i made a huge mistake about a year ago of cheating on her with two different people while i was away at college. It was one time with each girl, and the second time i couldnt do anymore and i walked out and havent done anything like it since.

It has torn me apart ever since ive done it, and i even cried about it the minute after it happened. I wasnt thinking at all and was just being stupid. Letting my hormones get the best of me. It meant nothing to me and i would never do it again. Part of me tells me that i shouldnt tell her because ive learned from my mistakes and that ive already all but killed myself over it.

Moving On After Here Cheats. However, if you truly love your significant other, and want to save your relationship, it's a necessary part of healing. If this were my partner, I would want to know and I would weigh the revelation against the rest of the relationship. Submitted by Jason on June 11, - It is one of the worst things that can happen to a person in life with the possible exception of losing a child.

I wouldnt want anything to happen to us, especially over such a dumb mistake. The other part of me wants to tell her just because i feel like it is her right to know.

Personally, i know i would be so angry if she Should I Tell My Girlfriend I Cheated the same to me. So should i tell her, or should i just do my best to ignore it? I feel so terrible having done it. No body is perfect, we all have done things that we are not proud of, that being said it makes no sense to bring this up. You love her right, so don't hurt her, from this day on love her and only her.

But seriously, tell her the truth. Everything can get bigger and worster you know? Would like to know why is cheating on your gf worse than cheating on your bf?

1. For men, sex is a physical act.

Both is cheating right? Just would like know. Why u have to do this now I try my best to just be with you. Yes I already know becuz u always hiding from me either with the phone or tablet and the names u got i remember I always put Barbie doll for my user name so its better to let me know. Don't your deeply in love to each other deaths if you tell her she would never talk to see u ,she will get pissed or cry a lot because of don't do it: Umm this is a tough one I was in the same situation and Im telling you its better to tell her because what if she finds out from someone else your a gonner but tell her that way she can maybe be able to trust you that you will tell her the truth.

You should tell her. The longer you leave it, the worse it's gonna get, ad it'll be a thunderstorm if she found out by other means. Tell her what you did, how you felt, and that you've learnt from your mistake.

I'm not gonna lie, this is gonna hurt her a lot, and she might end the relationship, but you've got to tell her the truth, not keep it from her. It's not fair on both of you.

Dude, there are no spelling bee winners helping you out here.

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How many times has dumb ass crossed your mind? Do not tell her! If you love her then love her. You did it now you have to live with it. If you tell her you are going to make her feel bad but you feel better so why would you want to tell her?

Should I Tell My Girlfriend I Cheated

If you have no intention of doing anything like that ever again you should shut up, let her be happy and live with what you've done instead of tearing her world apart just to ease your conscience. Maybe, if you do want to marry her, then you should tell her in a gentle sort of way and you should explain how much it hurt go here to keep the secret from her and explain that you didn't want to tell her sooner in case she walked out on you or something like that.

That's what I would do. From experience, tell her before she finds out.

Years of conversation fill a ton of digital pages, and we've kept all of it accessible to browse or copy over. C'mon, have you slept together yet? Back home is your loving girlfriend. On the other hand if she dumped you and moved on, why would you play hide the pickle with someone who hurt you like that and get sucked in again?

She has the right to know. She'll be incredibly hurt. But you need to tell her, then you wait for how she's going to handle the situation. I was in the same situation with my bf of 3 years I cheated On him and he gave me a promise ring before he knew what i did.

I kept the secret for 5 months because my Guilt click eating me up. I think she deserves to know. My bf forgave me and I'm working on regaining his trust I rather do that then live with something like the lie I kept as a secret from someone i loved so much. I couldn't live with myself. Well, coming from a woman. I don't Should I Tell My Girlfriend I Cheated learn more here. Cheating is a horrible thing to do, I understand you regret it, but tell her.

I wouldn't want to marry someone who was with another woman while commited to me. I love my boyfriend, but if he cheated I'd break it off, and maybe she'd feel the same way. Should I tell my gf I cheated on her? Answer this Question Report Mark as Favorite. Answers 15 Sort answers: Comment Vote up Vote down Report.

Should I Tell My Girlfriend I Cheated

I couldn't live with myself Votes: I would tell her she deserves to know. If I was her I'd want to know. Expect to be dumped. Add your Answer Find similar questions. Username Password Forgot password? Top topics Find your topic. You must sign in to view your friends. View top members Find a member. View latest questions Search for answers Ask a question.

Should You Tell Your Girlfriend You Cheated?

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