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19 Jul Sometimes there are things that you just can't hold back. Episode: Words That I Could Only Say to You Cold open: Gi Tae calls after Jang Mi and she turns to face him. He tries to approach her but she tells him to not come closer. He's worried and asks if she's okay. She has. Marriage Not Dating: Episode 5 | Dramabeans. 20 Mar Find out what happened on Girls season 5, episode 5. We've been seeing a lot of Jessa becoming more vulnerable this season, and this family time is no exception. While Hannah's having her sauna hookup, her mom and the gals are discussing their marriages — and how they've all fallen apart.

Gi Tae calls after Jang Mi and she turns to face him. She has tears in her eyes and continues to reject his advances, telling him that all this is his fault. He acknowledges that and apologizes. The two just stay frozen in space. Jang Mi and Yeo Reum are still sleeping in the restaurant. Yeo Reum wakes up first, and smiles while watching Jang Mi sleep.

Marriage Not Hookup Recap Ep 5

When he hears the front door open, he starts panicking. The two of them flip out. Hoon Dong gets all dramatic, thinking that she waited all night just for him. He starts holding her hand and then grabs her into a hug. How do I forget? Yeo Reum has been listening to all this with interest.

He throws another one of his tantrums, telling mom that she has to help him win Jang Mi back. Will she be happy if he really gets a good girl such as Jang Mi stolen? Gi Tae continues more info the lie and says that mom has misunderstood. I told you already.

Oooh, looks like someone learned from the memorial ceremony fiasco. Well, that escalated quickly.

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Jang Mi reminds him that they agreed to end it last night and asks him how far he plans to go with this. All she did was drink alcohol and then passed out. He clarifies and asks if she told Yeo Reum about their relationship. Gi Tae pulls up to a cell phone store and buys Jang Mi a smartphone.

Marriage Not Hookup Recap Ep 5

Haha he sure knows her weaknesses well. Sooo next day, Jang Mi sits with her new phone and Yeo Reum texts her, apologizing about earlier and offers to take her out to eat.

She rejects him but he tells her that he has something to threaten her with. This means that Jang Mi is link with Gi Tae after work. Well, he wants to take some couple pictures to post on his SNS to prove that their relationship is real.

Jang Mi is reluctant at first until he gets some ice cream on her lips so she takes her cone and sticks it in his face.

Jang Mi finally gets why he likes being alone and why he hates marriage. Everyone is super upbeat about being single, but also clearly sort of lonely and afraid to date, especially using online platforms. In the beginning of the preview Hoon Dong is there too, but then we see Se Ah after that.

They both laugh and take a picture. Each time, they both smile for the camera and then hilariously pull away once the picture is taken. It cracks me up! After the movie, the two http://1dating.info/piz/how-to-tell-the-difference-between-razor-bumps-and-herpes.php them go to a bar, take their usual picture but this time, Jang Mi asks that he take it again since she looks weird in that one.

He jokes around, saying that it looks good and that she always looks like that anyways. Maybe she should stop by his office.

They both laugh, clearly enjoying their time together and Gi Tae finally gives in and they take Marriage Not Hookup Recap Ep 5 picture. They sure look like a real couple to me! Gi Tae tries to sneak a peak but Jang Mi tells him he should leave now. Nonetheless, Gi Tae gets out of the car to open her door for her and tells Jang Mi to go in.

She tells him to leave and turns to go inside, but not before thanking him for the rose, which causes Gi Tae to smile. Inside her room, Jang Mi looks at the rose and smiles. She suggests that they go somewhere else but he asks her for a minute since he was in the middle of doing something.

Back at his apartment, Gi Tae lays in bed, looking through the pictures from their date and smiles before catching himself. We legitimately have a show full of stalkers. At the restaurant, Jang Mi sees that Yeo Reum has been cooking and tells him that it smells great. She loves her old phone since she used it for 6 years and Yeo Reum is in disbelief that someone can use the same phone for so long.

He then takes the pot of food he was cooking and is about to throw it away when Jang Mi stops him. She sits on the table, takes off her blazer and starts stuffing herself with the soup. Yeo Reum just sits next to her and watches her eat while smiling. And you feel sorry for abandoning. Because for me, I hate being abandoned and I feel scared too.

They break apart but he pulls her in for a second kiss more info they basically just start making out on the kitchen table. She knows and prepares an outfit for him.

It seems like this is a routine for them.

Dad asks how Jang Mi found out since people around him are super careful and wonders if Gi Tae told her. Ummm how about you stop having affairs? Mom is silent during this whole exchange. At work, Jang Mi thinks about her kiss with Yeo Reum and calls herself crazy.

Jang Mi turns around and giddily tells Hyun Hee about the kiss. Uh oh, looks http://1dating.info/piz/jo-hyun-woo-hookup-agency-cyrano.php Yeo Reum was right about that soup.

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Did she get paid? Jang Mi justs mutters under her breath that if she knew this was going to happen, she would have taken a lot of money and even calls Gi Tae a bastard, which earns her a look from mom. She tells mom that getting involved with Gi Tae is both emotionally and physically tiring. Mom takes out a voice recorder and tells Jang Mi to confess that everything was a lie, even offering to pay click here more than what she received from Gi Tae.

Jang Mi laughs at the ridiculousness and tells mom. I thought that you were both very different from my parents. I thought that the nice, peaceful families I saw in dramas actually existed. But the more I got to know, I learned that the drama was a makjang drama.

Mom tells her to shut up but Jang Mi just says that she felt bad for mom. Mom goes to meet Gi Tae to ask about how Jang Mi found out about the affair. Mom asks if he purposely told Jang Mi to shorten her breathing. In front of that person, without me knowing, everything just comes out. Someone you can tell comfortably. Should he just live alone? Mom says that she will bring conclusive evidence that his relationship with Jang Mi is fake. What should we do? Yeo Reum finds his pot of soup completely empty and Marriage Not Hookup Recap Ep 5 if the chef ate it all.

Kailani July 28, at 6: Akem July 28, at 1: She finds Ki-tae at his office and demands to know what he did to her mom.

He lies and says that he threw it away, even though his stomach is clearly not feeling too great. Chef finds the container of kimchi that Jang Mi gave Yeo Reum and Yeo Reum tells the chef that sometimes customers request for kimchi at their restaurant.

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The chef just tells him to throw it away before running to the bathroom. Outside of the restaurant, Jang Mi and Gi Tae are in another one of their usual arguments. Jang Mi, after holding it in for sooooo long, just wants to go to the bathroom so Gi Tae takes her inside. Mom generously welcomes her so Jang Mi and Gi Tae gets to stay. Hoon Marriage Not Hookup Recap Ep 5 stops Jang Mi to apologize about his mom.

He should have protected her. She in such a hurry that she just tells him that she understands before pushing him away. Poor girl, someone just let her use a bathroom already!!!

Hoon Dong asks Yeo Reum to prepare some food for the ladies since the chef is having a case of the runs. Yeo Reum looks towards Jang Mi who runs off to find a bathroom. Back in the kitchen, Yeo Reum is upset and throws the rest of the kimchi link the trash.

She tells him that she has a lot she wants to tell him and asks him to wait a bit. Se Ah stumbles upon the entire conversation and returns to her seat with a knowing smile.

Back at the wine party, CEO wife takes the first bite of the pancake and loves it. Everyone else tries it and readily agrees. Jang Mi returns to the table and tries to leave but CEO wife wants her to stay for some wine. Once she gets her wine, she just downs her drink so that she can leave faster.

They tell Jang MI to try the pancake so she just stuffs it all in her mouth. CEO wife is Marriage Not Hookup Recap Ep 5 and says that how the pancake should be enjoyed. Once outside, Jang Mi desperately looks for a bathroom.

Gi Tae approaches her and apologizes.