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A 302 How To Stroker Build

1993 ford mustang 347 stroker 500+ hp

New Project, New Goals In the past several years small block Ford stroker engines have become all the rage. Every machine shop and specialty parts house advertises some sort of stroker kit selection, the most common being the based kits, but even cubes are now available from the Windsor blocks. 12 Dec L () Mustang - budget build to stroker - i want to stroke my to from a 90 mustang workn on a budget of around wat are. 12 Aug I really want to build a , but these engines are hard to come by I have heard that I can make a out of a and or a engine. I want to hear form people who have done it and what they found to be a good combination for the engine including block, crank, heads, and cam. I intend to shift out.

For more than a decade, small-block Ford guys have argued the merits of the versus ci stroker small-blocks. Skip all that and build a The Ford small-block Windsor engine family offers two block-deck heights: The factory-offered deck heights offer two dilemmas for hot rodders. Second, the engines with the taller deck heights are also 2 or 3 inches wider and taller, depending on the parts used. Those are a couple of reasons many guys stick with the low-deck engines, even though the based mills make it easy to get to ci.

Another reason is that many use boost to make up the displacement deficit.

How To Build A 302 Stroker

By using an overbore of 0. Te same overbore with a 3. Piston-ring issues aside, guys were already arguing about rod ratios of the versus the Rod ratio is the rod length divided by the stroke, and in theory, ratios around 1. And, according to the bench racers, the makes better top-end power while the makes better low-end power, due to its longer stroke. In our world, all that matters is cubes. Bigger bores mean more displacement.

How Do I Build a 347 Stroker

Te stroker has a 3. This means a bonus of 16 ci or about 20 hp on an average street enginebut the larger bores also add up to more intake airflow- regardless of the cylinder head used-due to unshrouding the valves. The financial downside is that big bores can only be had with an aftermarket block.

Ford Stroker Build-Up - Truckin Magazine

But consider the benefits. Also consider the price of rebuilding a stock block: The results were predictable: The dual-plane makes more power below 5, rpm, and the single-plane makes more power above that point.

In this case, we think the Air-Gap is the best choice, even on the dragstrip. On our Facebook page, we play Guess the Power. Reader Mike McDonald won, estimating hp at 6, and lb-ft at 4, The block is also preclearanced for a 3. All the machine work is done apart from final honing to fit your pistons and rings of choice. In this first story, we made hp and lb-ft with just 9.

While you are at it, have the block fully boiled, cleaned and Magnafluxed, with new freeze-out plugs and camshaft bearings installed. A new nodular iron crankshaft made by Scat Enterprises in Redondo Beach, California, is fitted into the main bearings of the Ford block. X Newsletter Sign Up. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Why such low compression? Because the next step involves something that rhymes with ubercharger with a catchy chorus of hp.

How To Build A 302 Stroker

See it in the next issue. It was loaded to the rafters with gear, including an extra set of tires and wheels, click hampered by a tight converter, 2. As such, it was a slug below 4, rpm. As part of our ongoing efforts to make HotRod. As always, thanks for reading HotRod.

Creating a ford 347 stroker engine

Facebook Twitter Google Plus Email. Want more power from an 8. The is the answer. Holley Performance Products Russellville Rd.

How much stroke is enough? Blow out all the oil passages to make sure they are clean too. The rest of the engine consists of a new high-performance oil pump, timing chain and sprockets, a new balancer, all new fasteners, and Fel-Pro gaskets and seals.

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