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Running Electric Service Out To My Pole Barn.

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15 Oct Electric layout in my 60x40 pole barn General Garage Discussion. I'm beginning to lay out the electric for my pole barn. I plan to post the diagram here for comments later in the week. First some background. I did pick up a wiring guide to reference as well. I have amp service to the building as a sub. 27 Oct Making sure you are adhering to building & electrical codes is critical to ensuring a safe and smooth pole barn build. Learn more here!. 25 Jun Wiring a barn for lights and receptacles is not difficult but it does take a little thought and planning to get it right. You need to Unless you can calculate the electrical loads present on your service panel, you may want to have a professional assess the capability of the service panel to handle the new loads.

Wiring a Pole Barn. I am going to build a pole barn and would like some advice on what wire to run to it.

Although sometimes frustrating, you will be better off complying with the regulations set forth in order to have the safest possible project. Do you have a feed-through panel at the house? Both methods will be discussed in the following paragraph. Arcanum, OH Phone: At this time I only plan to use tools table saw, power tools, etc but want to bury the right wire now in case down the road I want to use a hook up for a welder or whatever.

I have a amp service box just for the barn a seperate amp box going to the house and want to trench in wire to the barn. At this time I only plan to use tools table saw, power tools, etc but want to bury the right wire now in case down the road I want to use a hook up for a welder or whatever.

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What wire should I run How far are you trenching? How big is this barn? Are you going to add heat and air?

The first step is to estimate how many amps you will need to power the lights, tools, or other things that you plan to use in your pole barn. Amps Not every barn or garage will require the same amount of energy. If you intend to use your pole barn as a home or workshop, you will obviously need more power than you would if you were just going to use it for storage.

We all know she lies. The problem is that her supporters don't seem to care". It is going to be a 30'x40' and I will be trenching about '. Don't really know what my plans are down the road, right now just a workshop and storage. Just want to put in enough the first time just in case. I don't see adding a bathroom or kitchen, at most just using some for equipment like a welder or the like.

Electrical Hookup For A Pole Barn

I want to put in enough but at the same time I don't want to overkill either. The amp service box is already there Just like Jbfan said for the size of the cable. Your issue probably will not be the size of the main breakers within the new building, but rather the distance ft from your existing power source.

Bad news, but you're gonna have to consider a new "feed" to your new building. View Speedy Petey's Album. Do you have a feed-through panel at the house? Either way, to get amps to the shop would require article source than a amp service to the house.

Electrical Hookup For A Pole Barn

You can use less than amps to the shop and still use the amp panel but this is not normally recommended. IMO you should use 2" conduit all the way and run 4cu or 2al as a amp feeder to the shop. When I built my house last summer I had the utility co set two seperate amp service boxes they both feed into one meter on a post that is ' from the house.

One service box feeds into the house.

DIY - Wiring A Barn - Running Wire. Part 1 of 3

I now want to trench in wire approx ' from the second service box to a shed I am going to build in March. Also, if I use outdoor wire What is a "serivce box"?

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Is it a meter pan? What size wire is feeding it? You can feed the barn with amps or more. For amps you need 2al or 4cu. Please excuse me, I really don't know much about electrical work and terms. Be assured that I will get a professional to hook everything up for me, I just want to get a grip on what wire to bury. What I am calling a service box is the box that the electric company installed on the post I assume a connection is made from the transformer into the service box and then Electrical Hookup For A Pole Barn connection is made to the house underground approx '.

They installed a second service box on the post whick I also assume is connected to the transformer As opposed to I'm still not sure what your service box entails. Is this just a meter pan, or is there a disconnect breaker out there? This is one of the main things we need to clear up. Can you possible post a pic of the service post the POCO provided? To be honest, if you are considering 10 to feed the whole pole bard, and do not know what the conductors I was referring to are, I really feel you would be better off just letting an electrician doing the whole thing.

Either that or have him come out and explain exactly the things you can do prior to his coming to complete the job. Top of Page View New Posts. BB code is On.

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