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This document the Jargon File is in the public domain, see more be freely used, shared, and modified. There are by intention no legal restraints on what you can do with it, but there are traditions about its proper use to which many hackers are quite strongly attached. Please extend the courtesy of proper citation when you quote the File, ideally with a version number, as it will change and grow over time.

Examples of appropriate citation form: The Jargon File is a common heritage of the hacker culture. Over the years a number of individuals have volunteered considerable time to maintaining the File and been recognized by the net at large as editors of it. Current volunteer editors include: Eric Raymond esr snark. We may have additional information that would be helpful to you and can assist you in framing your quote to reflect not only the letter of the File but its spirit as well.

All contributions and suggestions about this file sent to a volunteer editor are gratefully received and will be regarded, unless otherwise labelled, as freely given donations Curve Game Meme Hookup Benchmarks Of Quality possible use as part of this public-domain file. From time to time a snapshot of this file has been polished, edited, and formatted for commercial publication with the cooperation of the volunteer editors and the hacker community at large. If you wish to have Curve Game Meme Hookup Benchmarks Of Quality bound paper copy of this file, you may find it convenient to purchase one of these.

They often contain additional material not found in on-line versions. The purpose and scope of this File A Few Terms: How the File came to be. A Few TermsPrevious: Top Introduction This document is a collection of slang terms used by various subcultures of computer hackers. Though some technical material is included for background and flavor, it is not a technical dictionary; what we describe here is the language hackers use among themselves for fun, social communication, and technical debate.

It has its own myths, heroes, villains, folk epics, in-jokes, taboos, and dreams.

Let me just pretext the above by stating that I am one of those men who equates having a wife to having a SB, a mistress or even a courtesan being polite Many jaded men who pay up outrageous sums of money through divorces always quip that it here have been less expensive on a per occurrence basis, if they had hired a top notch sex provider. Both vCloud Air and Virtustream have disappeared into a miasma of highly leveraged financial engineering emanating from Austin. One of them then outed herself by dragging it out ad nauseum.

As usual with slang, the special vocabulary of hackers helps hold their culture together -- it helps hackers recognize each Curve Game Meme Hookup Benchmarks Of Quality places in the community and expresses shared values and experiences. Also as usual, not knowing the slang or using it inappropriately defines one as an outsider, a mundane, or worst of all in hackish vocabulary possibly even a suit.

All human cultures use slang in this threefold way -- as a tool of communication, and of inclusion, and of exclusion. Among hackers, though, slang has a subtler aspect, paralleled perhaps in the slang of jazz musicians and some kinds of fine artists but hard to detect in most technical or scientific cultures; parts of it are code for shared states of consciousness.

As a simple example, take the distinction between a kluge and an elegant solution, and the differing connotations attached to each.

The distinction is not only of engineering significance; it reaches right back into the nature of the generative processes in program design and asserts something important about two different kinds of relationship between the hacker http://1dating.info/piz/who-concluded-through-research-that-casual-hookup-was-a-form-of-entertainment.php the hack.

Hacker slang is unusually rich in implications here this kind, of overtones and undertones that illuminate the hackish psyche.

But there is more. Hackers, as a rule, love wordplay and are very conscious and inventive in their use of language. These traits seem to be common in young children, but the conformity-enforcing machine we are pleased to call an educational system bludgeons them out of most of us before adolescence. Thus, linguistic invention in most subcultures of the modern West is a halting and largely unconscious process.

Hackers, by contrast, regard slang formation and use as a game to be played for conscious pleasure. Their inventions thus display an almost unique combination of the neotenous enjoyment of language-play with the discrimination of educated and powerful intelligence. The results of this process give us perhaps a uniquely intense and accelerated view of linguistic evolution in action.

Hacker slang also challenges some common linguistic and anthropological assumptions. It is usually claimed that low-context communication characterized by precision, clarity, and completeness of self-contained utterances is typical in cultures which value logic, objectivity, individualism, and competition; by contrast, high-context communication elliptical, emotive, nuance-filled, multi-modal, heavily coded is associated with cultures which value subjectivity, consensus, cooperation, and tradition.

What then are we to make of hackerdom, which is themed around extremely low-context interaction with computers and exhibits primarily "low-context" values, but cultivates an almost absurdly high-context slang style? This one like its ancestors is primarily a lexicon, but also includes topic entries which collect background or sidelight information on hacker culture that would be awkward to try to subsume under individual slang definitions.

Though the format is that of a reference volume, it is intended that the material be enjoyable to browse. Even a complete outsider should find at least a chuckle on nearly every page, and much that is amusingly thought-provoking. But it is also true that hackers use humorous wordplay to make strong, sometimes combative statements about what they feel. Some of these entries reflect the views of opposing sides in disputes that have been genuinely passionate; this is deliberate.

We have not tried to moderate or pretty up these disputes; rather we have attempted to ensure that everyone's sacred cows get gored, impartially. Compromise is not particularly a hackish virtue, but the honest presentation of divergent viewpoints is.

The reader with minimal computer background who finds some references incomprehensibly technical can safely ignore them. We have not felt it either necessary or desirable to eliminate all such; they, too, contribute flavor, and one of this document's major intended audiences -- fledgling hackers already partway link the culture -- will benefit from them.

A selection of longer items of hacker folklore and humor is included in Appendix A. Random Hacker in Appendix B. Appendix C, the Bibliographylists some non-technical works which have either Curve Game Meme Hookup Benchmarks Of Quality or described the hacker culture. Because Curve Game Meme Hookup Benchmarks Of Quality is an intentional culture one each individual must choose by action to joinone should not be surprised that the line between description and influence can become more than a little blurred.

Curve Game Meme Hookup Benchmarks Of Quality

Earlier versions of the Jargon File have played a central role in spreading hacker language and the culture that goes with it to successively larger populations, and we hope and expect that this one will do likewise. A Few TermsNext: Revision HistoryPrevious: When talking about the jargon there is therefore no convenient way to distinguish it from what a linguist would call hackers' jargon -- the formal vocabulary they learn from textbooks, technical papers, and manuals.

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To make a confused situation worse, the line between hacker slang and the vocabulary of technical programming and computer science is fuzzy, and shifts over time. Further, this vocabulary is shared with a wider technical culture of programmers, many of whom are not hackers and do not speak or recognize hackish slang. Accordingly, this lexicon will try to be as precise as the facts of usage permit about the distinctions among three categories: This terminology will be consistently used throughout the remainder of this lexicon.

A lot of techspeak originated as jargon, and there is a steady continuing uptake of jargon into techspeak.

A few new definitions attached to entries are marked [proposed]. I think you may misunderstand what i say sometimes. We all have been having endless discussions about how valuable intellect is to some of us. Sadly, the Befunge home page has vanished, but a Befunge version of the hello world program is link http: Multiple bounce message s accumulating to the level of serious annoyance, or worse.

On the other hand, a lot of jargon arises from overgeneralization of techspeak terms there is more about this in the Jargon Construction section below. In general, we have considered techspeak any term that communicates primarily by a denotation well established in textbooks, technical dictionaries, or standards documents. A few obviously techspeak terms names of operating systems, languages, or documents are listed when they are tied to hacker folklore that isn't covered in formal sources, or sometimes to convey critical historical background necessary to understand other entries to which they are cross-referenced.

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Some entries have a primary sense marked this way, with subsequent jargon meanings explained in terms of it. We have also tried to indicate where known the apparent origins of terms.

The results are probably the least reliable information in the lexicon, for several reasons. For one thing, it is well known that many hackish usages have been independently reinvented multiple times, even among the more obscure and intricate neologisms.

It often seems that the generative processes underlying hackish jargon formation have an internal logic so powerful as to create substantial parallelism across separate cultures and even in different languages! And, finally, compendia like this one alter what they observe by implicitly stamping cultural approval on terms and widening their use. Despite these problems, the organized collection of jargon-related oral history for the new compilations has enabled us to put to rest quite a number of folk etymologies, place credit where credit is due, and illuminate the early history of many important hackerisms such as klugecruftand foo.

We believe specialist lexicographers will find many of the historical notes more than casually instructive. Revision HistoryNext: Jargon ConstructionPrevious: A Few TermsUp: Some terms in it date back considerably earlier frob and some senses of mobyfor instance, go back to the Tech Model Railroad Club at MIT and are believed to date at least back to the early s.

This appears to have been the File's first paper publication. Stallman and Geoff Goodfellow. Shortly after the publication of Steele, the File effectively stopped growing and changing.

The AI Lab culture had been hit hard in the late s by funding cuts and the resulting administrative decision to use vendor-supported hardware and software instead of homebrew whenever possible. At the same time, the commercialization of AI technology lured some of the AI Lab's best and brightest away to startups along the Route strip in Massachusetts and out West in Silicon Valley.

In Aprilthe PDPcentered cultures that had nourished the File were dealt a death-blow by the cancellation of the Jupiter project at Digital Equipment Corporation. The File's compilers, already dispersed, moved on to other things. Steele was partly a monument to what its authors thought was a dying tradition; no one involved realized at the time just how wide its influence was to be. By the mids the File's content was dated, but the legend that had grown up around it please click for source quite died out.

Even as the advent of the microcomputer and other trends fueled a tremendous expansion of hackerdom, the File and related materials such as the Some AI Koans in Appendix A came to be seen as a sort Curve Game Meme Hookup Benchmarks Of Quality sacred epic, a hacker-culture Matter of Britain chronicling the heroic exploits of the Knights of the Lab.

The pace of change in hackerdom at large Curve Game Meme Hookup Benchmarks Of Quality tremendously -- but the Jargon File, having passed from living document to icon, remained essentially untouched for seven years.

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This revision contains nearly the entire text of a late version of jargon-1 a few obsolete PDPrelated entries were dropped after careful consultation with the editors of Steele This new version casts a wider net than the old Jargon File; its aim is to cover not just AI or PDP hacker culture but all the technical computing cultures wherein the true hacker-nature is manifested.

More than half of the entries now derive from Usenet and represent jargon now current in the C and Unix communities, but special efforts have been made to collect jargon from other cultures including IBM PC programmers, Amiga fans, Mac enthusiasts, and even the IBM mainframe world.

More info email all additions, corrections, and correspondence relating to the Jargon File to jargon thyrsus. Don't email us if an attempt to reach your idol bounces -- we have no magic way of checking addresses or looking up people.

If you want the book, you should be able to find it at any of the major bookstore chains. The maintainers are committed to updating the on-line version of the Jargon File through and beyond paper publication, and will continue to make it available to archives and public-access sites as a trust of the hacker community. Here is a chronology of the high points in the recent on-line revisions: Reorganization and massive additions were by Eric S.

Curve Game Meme Hookup Benchmarks Of Quality

Raymond, approved by Guy Steele. This version had lines, words, characters, and entries. Packaged with version 1. Copy-corrected improvement on 3. A number of new entries pursuant on 3. The Jargon File rides again after three years.