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After spending most of her life in her hometown Stockholm, she decided to take on the challenge of learning a new language and, therefore, she moved to Switzerland in to learn French. ECAL has boosted her ambition and creatitity including her technical skills and given her a chance to develop her competitive edge.

It is particularly the stimulative aspect of the "design world" that pushes her to constantly be creative and innovative in every aspect of her studies and daily life. The project answers theses questions: What if we could augment our food?

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Would it be possible to extend some dishes to a new dimension? A poetically extending proposition for three desserts. She observes and explores the world with profound critical thinking and an intuitive interest for the aesthetics of shape, color, image and material.

Her concepts and designs often contain Arab Hookup Videos Goddess Dominates Financially Fearless Alexa elements and a new playful approach, that she uses to push boundaries, resulting in a little idiosyncrasy or raw edge in every one of them. The desire to bring textile into the interior in a different way than we are used to, resulted in a technique that creates fragile looking skeletons, hat give the suggestion of a solid volume.

A lack of support and hollowness make them seem on the edge of breaking, though their structure is strong and sturdy. The volumes are built up, thread by thread, on a custom-made weaving loom. An engaging play of repetition and overlapping lines create an interesting visual interference.

This method creates endless possibilities in color, shape, material and application, giving direction within the interior, without diminishing the sense of space. For you to know her better our editor, Cecile Poignant asked her some questions. Textile crafts enable a person to create something by hand relatively fast with relatively little means.

Weaving, knitting, crocheting, knotting etcetera are all very approachable ways to create, but unfortunately are often seen as old fashioned. I wanted to shine a different light on textiles and textile crafts, by using textile in the interior in a different way than solely as upholstery.

Do you think the textiles of this project could be used for mass-production in the near future? At this moment I am still producing my textiles by hand, so mass-production in the very near future might be a little too ambitious.

The technique needs more development, but I certainly believe that in the future we can have machines, that 3-dimensionally weave lightweight structures for us to use, live in and even drive in. Therefore I am now seeking for the right party to help me further in the development of the technique and fine-tuning the material. What fascinates you about designing materials? Materials are intermediate products; they can still serve all sorts of applications and leave some room for imagination.

Besides that, materials speak to all the senses; therefore designing materials is like designing an almost ritualistic experience for the body.

Seeing, hearing and touching materials evokes thoughts and feelings. It is like a poetic communication between the body and materials. Fashion and Interior are all about the interaction between the body and materials. Can you explain more the idea of multidisciplinary that you use to describe your work? My designs start in ideas or in concepts, not in end products. I start designing by experimenting, trying to push boundaries and show other sides of the things we seem to take for granted. Every concept or design is different and therefore requires a different medium or discipline.

The mediums I choose to communicate my designs can range from film, to textiles, to interior products, to garments, to trend forecasts and more, but also combinations of these. Can you tell me a little about the design process, how do you start your design? A starting point for a design could be anything, from wanting to show the value of a certain technique, to the way we move in a space, to how we treat our bodies.

Having a subject in mind, I start experimenting and sketching 3-dimensionally with materials, shapes and colours, creating an imaginary world or story, with its own atmosphere.

From here I begin to work towards the application and purpose of the design, narrowing down by evaluating every creative step and outcome of experiments. How much impact would you like your work to have on society? In general, the messages that I want to bring in to the world click a little bit under the surface see more my designs.

I want to show people different sides and angles of the subjects that my projects are about, without serving the answer on a silver platter. Arab Hookup Videos Goddess Dominates Financially Fearless Alexa like to article source people wonder and think, which I think is one of the best ways to stimulate viewers.

Arab Hookup Videos Goddess Dominates Financially Fearless Alexa

What are your plans for the future? At this point I want to continue working on developing my existing projects, hopefully together with others. Collaborating and working in teams, is something that is very inspiring to me. I want to keep learning and can hopefully do so, by collaborating or being part of a bigger company, studio or even multiple collectives to keep sharing ideas and keep creativity flowing.

Eventually I hope to make my own autonomous work next to commissioned projects and collaborations. Sara Regal born on the seaside of Read article, Spain, was deeply enriched from her native environment.

After studying in Spain she moved to London, where she gained experiences working across diverse disciplines. Regal graduated in Currently in Hong Kong, she is teaching product design at HKDI where she is discovering modern mass production and its correlation with traditional Chinese crafts. For Arab Hookup Videos Goddess Dominates Financially Fearless Alexa diploma project she was inspired by recycled Pu foam: There is a big necessity to create useful applications for the large amount of scraps produced instead of ending their cycle on landfills.

Therefore, this recycling methodology is applied to a furniture system for events in a collaboration with a recycling factory based in Switzerland, considering the existing resources to keep the whole life-cycle on site. The component shapes are flexible enough to create infinite possibilities that can be assembled on site. Regal elaborates an intuitive and experimental approach centered on material qualities and production, with a strong influence on color trends and art direction as we can see in her previous projects.

The industrial material brings a new aesthetic to the craft sandal world alongside a long lasting product due to the strength properties of the rope.

Each pair takes 10 minutes to be hand produced, speeding the craft labour. The usual solution is to wrap them with metallic profiles or cable sleeves. The carpet is composed by a top felt layer and a bottom rubber grip. The rubber grip leads and keep sort the cables underneath, while keeping the carpet secure on place.

Arab Hookup Videos Goddess Dominates Financially Fearless Alexa

The cables are imperceptible while walking on the top. We will sure keep an eye on such a promising young designer! Violette van den Berg is half French half Dutch, she is a student aspiring to become creative strategist and is currently studying Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Click here. The team want change people minds by creating a contemporary campaign against the use of fur.

As fashion has a long history with fur, we thought it would be interesting for us to tap into that subject and explore why people wear fur. The choice for Snapchat as a communication tool seemed obvious, as Violette explains: A lot of them have fur animals. Users put dogs, foxes and rabbits on their faces but they never think about the fact that these animals are killed for fur. Snap Together for Animals is a campaign aiming to put fur back in the conversation by disrupting users' daily experience of social media such as Snapchat and Wechat.

Violette and Aron remove digital representations of animals, like the Snapchat lenses, to show the young generation that real animals are in urgent need of their help.

With myself as an intermediary and my table as a medium, I let participants find out that working together stimulates mutual trust, understanding and positive energy. Arthur Bishop thought he had put his murderous past behind him when his most formidable foe kidnaps the love of his life. Franklin, 18, was the swimmer of the meet. Just two months ago, Schmitt led the University of Georgia to a national championship in the same pool where she competed this week.

Whether with recycling materials, sustainable textiles, handmade items, seasonless collections, genderless approaches - finding its way back to http://1dating.info/piz/hookup-a-single-mom-with-a-2-year-old.php root of analyzing the garment itself. Iahai International x Bonne Life two experts in their own field, coming together to develop a future recipe. Flaka, you from the exploration of materials and handmade traditional crocheting, working with Ateliers in your home country where you employ Kosovar Women to preserve traditional knitting techniques and Bonne, you from the volume perspective of reimagining the workers suit and genderless shapes.

Was this where this collaboration initially originated from? It started out when I discovered Bonne's suit and orderded one.

I have 6 by now Already there I realized that Bonne was interested in much more than fashion. I researched and read all his interviews. In one interview he mentioned Rick Owens and Issey Miyake to be his favorite designers, both brands I have worked for. I liked his approach of going back to uniform.

I was at the same point in a different field but with the same mindset. We celebrated the opening together and decided in Zurich to do a collaboration. Yeah, so we try to do 4 drops of the normal suits but in different colours and 4 times a year a collaboration with an artist who uses my pattern but can do anything he or she wants.

Flaka was the perfect fit and we've known each others since the brand started. Flaka's suits fit perfect with our collaborative philosophy and truly reimagines them in addition puts everything in an amazing new perspective.

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Would you ever consider exploring experimenting with it? If yes, how so if not why? My favorite technique is crochet because until this day there is no machine able to recreate this textile or the possibilities of within this technique. I'd love to sit together with a machine engineer and nerd around trying to figure out a way.

But I think I prefer to preserve the artisanal handicraft rather than forcing it into technology. Certain things can not be created by machines and shouldn't. I like the human error for example.

She now lives in Leed, near Manchester in Northern England. Product designer, Qiyun Deng has interpreted these matrices of agriculture, design and ecology in the form of biodegradable tableware for his diploma project at ECAL, in Switzerland. I don't recall ever seeing even one Canadian soldier in the flesh and blood, let alone a gun, let alone so many big guns and pointed at me. People were not just glad to be at this festival, they were honored.

I like perfection within finishing and details but I love when somewhere in between a tiny little error appears making it human. Locally sourced materials and production is a treat with all the outsourcing surrounding the industry. You decided to build your atelier in Kosovo, to slow down fashion and preserve and readapt. How does it work in terms of production? It of course allows you to provide jobs to a neglected atelier but also how to do you see the production developing over the next years and how will you adapt to the potential growth?

What are the key struggles and how could we get more brands to produce in Kosovo? The structures of my atelier are source loose.