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When you make a purchase on Google Play, we'll send a confirmation email with your order information to the Google Account you use when making your purchase. You can always see your order history on Google Play or payments. 1dating.info 23 Sep For whatever reason, from time to time you're probably going to want to clear out your search and/or your apps history from the Google Play Store. Clearing out your list of apps is a little more involved as there isn't a way right now to clear out all your purchased/previously downloaded apps in one go. No, currently the Google Play Store does not support clearing of purchase history .

Try Google Play with Chrome.

All text shared under a Creative Commons License. Yes, its really done with one touch Full Review. Google Play Store lets you search for any app you need.

History Delete for Google Play. Item added to wishlist.

Google still has your Browsing HISTORY !

Item removed from wishlist. Downloads history storing on Market servers and could not be deleted! Works with new Market and with old Market application as well. Just press the button and your market search history will be clear.

Please mail me if you have any questions. Market rating is highly appreciated! That's all it does. That's all the developer claims it does. You can do the same thing from within the Google Play app with a few extra key presses.

To those reviewers who magically want it to do more, read the developer's description of the app - or learn how to code and write your own app. And why is it that the people who complain about the language skills of others don't know basic English grammar or how to spell? Sucks Doesn't delete history. Deleting, don't waste your time on How To Delete Purchase History On Google Play app. If I could rate this app in a negative number it would be a negative 6 waste of Time.

Delete your Google Play search history - Google Play Help

Honestly a -6 star would be a complement, remove the app would more info a better contribution. I couldn't wish for a better app. Phony app deleted nothing but I will right now. The best and fast! If you dont want to be under suspicion remember to delete the app after you delete your history. User reviews Peter F January 14, JaJa S December 6, J Spottedwolff October 23, How To Delete Purchase History On Google Play Spottedwolff Full Review.

ProboFast October 25, A Google User December 29, I couldn't wish for a better app Full Review. A Google User August 29, A Google User March 6, Ellee Elvan June 19, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 I am running a test on this app, it does nothing.

I refuse to purchase this app in support, unless it does even a part of what it suppose to be doing How to June 29, It is a total nonsense you can manually clear the history. Settings - clear Local search history. Gary Harlan May 10, A Google User August 19, Nope Under the impression it would delete app history download but it doesnt!!.

Summer Lemieux December 19, Best App The beat app for deleting unwanted searches gone in seconds This app has no flaws Full Review. Grace McNee March 5, A Google User April 5, Doesn't work Moto droid - apps I've uninstalled are still in my market history. Imperfect Cell December 8, A Google User July 15, Didn't work I tried it cause people were saying it worked, but it didn't for me Doesn't erase market history don't waste your time does nothing uninstalled Full Review.

A Google User January 28, Follow my 3 easy step: No need to download any History Cleaner or any apps; Full Review. Ron Wagener March 2, Useless Deletes nothing out of search history in play store.

Stephanie Aicher November 30, Sucks and misleading Say it will delete your account purchase history and it doesn't!!!

Launch the Google Play Store. U can go for wheeh Full Review. A Google User August 19, I dare not ask what apps you wish to hide, although for legal reasons I believe Google retain this info for keeping track of financial information.

ProboFast November 30, Marie Kusiak November 20, Did you say Google Market history? Denise Bonello April 2, Did nothing order history still there.

User reviews

Did not clear the history I wanted clear Full Review. A Google User April 18, Don't work Only clears search history not app history Full Review. A Google User September 30, A Google User March 2, Shona is ok but whats the point here having to download this when ut sgauld have the option to delete history right nxt to it or under it like google Full Review.

A Google User September 23, Lousy liars It does not do what it is supposed to do Full Review.

How To Delete Purchase History On Google Play

A Google User June 29, A Google User May 3, Market history delete Does what it should 1 click n gone!! A Google User November 18, This app is so awesome Literly takes 2 seconds A Google User May 24, This was a hard one to look for as I couldn't find anything on my galaxy portal to erase history Full Review. A Google User March 23, John Watson November 26, Its dont work plz tell me why Full Review.

Carl Estrada September 13, Galaxy S4 It does the job.

How To Delete Purchase History On Google Play

Some people miss the instruction where it says this app only clears My Market history. A Google User January 6, Does what it saids and fast, great app. A Google User June 12, This doesn't do that Full Review. A Google User January 7, Keith does not work on Moto citrus. A Google User January 3, U can go for wheeh Full Review. A Google User April 17, Wtf Wtf this app is useless,dont download it Full Review. A Google User February 21, Yes, its really done with one touch Full Review.

Kang Kamal February 26, Just 1 touch and my history was clear What's New Includes new Market 3.