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Gibson SG Dating 67-71

Seeing as the Gibson serial numbers can be ambiguous, and that guitar serial numbers are sometimes removed, how can you be sure of a Gibson guitars vintage?. There are subtle changes in most Gibson guitars over the course of their production runs, and, you can usually date a guitar by physical features. Also, with a. 17 Jul “Some can tell you a lot about a guitar, and some don't really tell you anything. Gibson has had so many different schemes over the years, and now we're using reissue serial numbers that look like the old serial numbers.” Inside a locked closet just outside Davidson's office are some of Gibson's most. I've been getting an overwhelming amount of emails and comments for gibson guitar serial numbers, specs and info. Gibson Guitar Owners Manual .. i have a gibson les paul classic. it has les paul "classic" on head stock, not "model" it does not have "" on pick guard. serial # , does anyone know what date.

Welcome to Vintage Gibson guitars where you'll find reviews ,insites and a little history on gibson vintage guitars Every day my inbox is full of great questions but unfortunately I cannot answer them all, although i'd love tobelow is a list of pdf files from the blue book of guitars and gibson that im sure will help some of youand eliminate some questions You can print them out too.

Epiphone Serial Numbers Some great info and history on epiphone guitars and gibson along with epiphone serialization. Gibson Acoustic - Specs Brief specs for gibson acoustic guitarsalso include identifying featuresparts and dates.

Gibson Guitar Owners Manual More history and info on gibson guitars Learning Your Epiphone Guitar The history of epiphone guitars along with great info on how to take care of your guitar and more We got a Gibson Explorer with the Serial of 9: I think it is from the early 70's?? Thanks, Jodi Jodz10 aol. I have gibson sg with serial number and there is the "made in usa" sign also, onthe back of the headstock. So, that is Source, right?

Because the man who sold it to me said that is Gibson. Guitar has a switch to split neck humbucker. Do you now the year and are you familiar with that guitar, is it a SG Special or Deluxe?

Thank you for your comments. Regards from Munich, Selma. These guitars were Hookup Vintage Gibson Guitars Serial Number in Hi, I've been trying to get a appraisal on my vintage guitar. All it says is Gibson, but the serial number is I haven't had any luck with this number because now use 8 digits now instead of 6. Any comments would be great, thanks.

I have a single pickup cream colored Thunder bird bass. The serial number is - made in the USA below it.

Above it, it hase a Custom Shop Edition logo on it. It has stress learn more here in the paint, over all condition is good. It was altered for a pick up. Someone added three small switches. They are not working as the original pick was put back in. Could you tell me the approx. I am interested in buying it. I have an L-3 series Gibson archtop acoustic with a pearl star inlay in stead of the normal logo serial is in pencil Can anyone help me?

Hello I have a guitar I Hookup Vintage Gibson Guitars Serial Number Love to find out the year, approx. Or is there an actual place I can type the serial number in and ger info on Hookup Vintage Gibson Guitars Serial Number guitar?? I have googled and gotten nowhere!! I really appreciate ANY help. According to your serial numberyour guitar was made in Gibson Deluxe are you sure its a deluxegibson only started making them in On the back of the headstock it says made in the U.

Thanks, Michal michaldiaryba yahoo. Theres no way to tell the exact yearits an early seventies. It Says Made in USA an have 2 humbuckers with two volume controls and 1 tone control and no pick guard. I Want to know more about my guitar because i dont have any info about it Thanks Joel saiyanjvc hotmail.

Hi joelWhat Kind of sg do you have? Well today i discover the model! It is a SG Special with 3 knobs. Thanks for the help anyway! Friend has a White Les Paul with 2 hums and whammy bar all in gold Not sure about the model it has half-moon inlays in the neck, maybe an SG Special. Whant to know the year, model and estimate price if posibble. I believe there were about 5 winners total. Not sure on this The serial number on the neck is I want to sell this guitar but know nothing about value - or about guitars!

I have kept it in the soft case it came in since I won it- so it is unused and untouched. I also have the original guitar box that it was directly delivered to me from Gibson in. It also came with a extra truss rod cover engraved with the words "original Coors"- which I could replace with the one that was sent on the guitar if I so choose.

I did not do this but kept the extra truss rod cover for who ever I sold the guitar to. Can you give me some information about my guitar and if I were to sell on Ebay how much it should go for? Would I be wise to hold on to it longer and would the value increase over time? Serial number on a LPC cream color: The serial number starts I thought they all started with the factory id etc can anyone shed any light.

It also has "Gibson" in a little plate just above the nut thanks in advance. I have a gibson rd model les paul with active electronics and a moog board in it.

Gibson SG Dating 67-71

It has a bolt on neck, ebony finish, bright switch toggleand I was wondering what day of what month it was made? I know it was made in but that is all I know.

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I think it was the 15th instrument stamped that day but as far as the day and month go i am clueless. Can you help me? It seems like a sceaming deal. With your resources I found that its probably a but I'm not sure what series. I saw in a shop a used Gibson SG made in USA with serial number printed in the wood, according to the guide it would have been made init may be a weird question but, is that a good year for a Gibson SG?

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Hookup Vintage Gibson Guitars Serial Number

Then I realized that it has no "made in USA" stamp on below its serial number. The serial number is I have read that some products don't have this stamp because it is forgotten while being manufactured. I checked all body-shape, the electronics and pick-ups and they look original. But I am worried that the guitar might be fake due to the missing stamp.

I would be grateful if any one knows anything about this and inform me about that. But it has nothing else. I would like to know the Model. Thank for your help.

Hookup Vintage Gibson Guitars Serial Number

The owner of Gibson Custom Silverburst. Made in USA also stamped on back. Any idea how old it is? I inherited a guitar from my dad, who got the same read more from his dad again.

Yes Hello, I have a gibson sg and the serial number is and it does not have a made in the usa stamp or anything. I was needing help to identify the exact model and date of production. Thank You Jesse McClure. Gibson Serial is in ink not pressed in like the 60's and later. The serial is Is this a sg special.

That is, is not the same number as but when reading the number off the back of a Gibson peghead, these two numbers do look very similar! In these cases, to figure out which is the exact year for a guitar, see the General Specs section for more details. There were some exceptions though, like the Les Paul Custom which kept the smaller.

It has 2 soapbar type pickup, 2 squre switches not toggle type 2 control knobs and a small pick guard. Hey, i have a vintage gibosn es- d the serieal number is wondering when it was made and approx. Hi, this is a fantastic meeting place full of interesting info.

White label as used from to Cutaway archtop models made from to are also very collectible, but are not as much as the pre-war Advance Premier models. But, it has been refinished so the serial number is gone.

Thanks for making it available. The serial number is S I was told it was a '93 reissue of a ' Can anyone tell me the particulars of this guitar by chance? Sorry, the above serial number should be 3 and not S as I have it.

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