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Every episode program, these men meet up and share talks about no holds barred topic and off-topic shenanigans. Then came in Kangta former H. T to fill the void.

Hookup Alone Eng Sub Full Ep 1

SIG returned and missed his hyungs enough to stop in episode 16 for a little while. So, why are you watching this? All I have now is Hong Chul to keep me going….

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Link own time, my own terms. Robin might call on Batman out to get you.

Click on the episode title for link. Each file is in p RAW 1. Does the apple fall close to the tree, or not? He filmed a video for one of his daughters. They exploit some funny stuff.

Hookup Alone Eng Sub Full Ep 1

This episode the lonesome men pair up for activity plans. A duo will exercise and diet together, another pair will go shopping and do pampering together, and the last set of guys will conjure their creative youth at an amusement park. How can one benefit from this arrangement?

Watch and find out. Some things are done better in pairs than just one. How do these lonesome men entertain themselves? Later, Seo In Guk spends down time with his old and closest friends.

Aw, of course they do. I love Noh Hong Chul! They exploit some funny stuff. Ingukkie knew he was the winner, we got to see him rehearse for his winning reaction. Another note, have you watched this No Breathing interview yet?

I thought this episode was endearing and precious to those of us who still have parents around and makes me feel a grave sadness for those who lost parents. A classic reminder of no matter how old you are, Hookup Alone Eng Sub Full Ep 1 the eyes of your parents, you will always be their baby. How much cultural difference do you recognize from this episode to your very own? The men learn a new trade. Kim Tae Won learns acting. Kim Kwang Kyu learns English.

Lee Sung Jae learns teaching. Seo In Guk learns judo. He makes me laugh so easily. Just look at him. The men continue on their getaway till next day spending a night outside of their homes. I almost forgot about them. Ohhh, I miss spending time in Europe now, since I had a very pleasant train ride, something like Kim Kwang Kyu had done, in Italy from Rome to Venice and made stops in between on my last visit.

Beautiful country but a bit dirty. You might wonder, when does Noh Hong Chul get more involved in this show? Put What Hookup To Profile On do we get to see what his home looks like? Another chapter split two parts as the men each go on a getaway, mini-vacation. How do lonely men spend their vacation time? All I know is, Defconn eats Hookup Alone Eng Sub Full Ep 1 lot!

I envy the surface area in his digestive system. He makes me wanna taste test every Jeju Island local eateries. The food looks wonderful and tasty. Hmm, Seo In Guk goes camping all by himself?

No sasaeng fans mauling him? Am I suppose to be super happy or not about his popularity level? She surely must be spontaneous and a vastly independent woman to go camping alone.

The men hangout and have dinner together. Some continue to bond outdoors while Defconn and his visitor collaborate indoors. Who knew Defconn had a case of social anxiety? These celebs surprise me click times.

After watching this episode, I want to be close friends to Noh Hong Chul. I had a fun time seeing Seo In Guk a bit unease being in a compact tent with his hyung-nim. This program is part one of two episodes.

Who will end up with a bromance? And who becomes unwelcome guest? Here, I have to defend Seo In Guk, he just returned home from working on his Japanese mini album overseas. He left for four days so his house is not up kept for strange guests upon overview. His visitor really gave him a hard time. The invitation is out there if you want help. What do men do at their leisure? Some do the laundry, shop, go to the bank, dine out, relight the home, buy groceries, workout, get a pet, or rearrange the rooms.

I love how they tease him about his house, lol. She surely must be spontaneous and a vastly independent woman to go camping alone. He is so 4D! In a Korean variety kind of way at least. Actually in Happy Together Inguk said that there was rumour about the winner.

A mouth-full, I know. Makes me ponder, can I do all those things as a woman by myself? Maybe not all in a day. This episode viewers were shocked how Seo In Guk not washed but rinsed fresh link. It was all over the interweb.

Well, I get to do that also from time to time. That one is a talker.

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Before the guys meet, they all simultaneously have a SMS rendezvous. I arranged The Men according to age from eldest to youngest, respectively.

Introduction is an order. These men are all celebrities, whether on the A-list or very close to many A-list colleagues. Our first encounter sees the interior of their homes from where they reside. No mirrors nor smaller encodes asked of me. What you see is what you get. I welcome link donations.

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I love Noh Hong Chul! He is so 4D! What a promising show, but it is so sad that it has no Eng subs. Shall we just cry while watching it? But I do feel sorry for enthusiastic fans waiting for the green light. Surely, fans will come and sub this show! SIG looks like a mysterious prince in the gif. I heard the other variety show Real Man is entertaining too. Have anyone seen it? That show is becoming repetitive…. This show has no females…. I saw an interview of a new variety show, not sure of the title, Dream Sailing?

Ah, the thought of them fishing for fresh sashimi makes my mouth water. Keane, Click here watch this show for Ingukkie, too, and kind of stopped for a while after Inguk left temporarily. I love that episode. Very happy to meet more SIG fans. Stick around and spazz with me Raysiepretty please. I love how he was just a boy-next-door and even reluctantly cleaning his house xDD And his satoori: He was so cute when his hyungs did it for him.

I cracked up so badd when Ingukkie was on the phone while he threw his sock to a friend to have it boomeranged back to his face. XD Such bad aim. Agree, Inguk is so funny! Remember that time when he said about waxing his important part matter-of-factly?