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Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulators 18+

Trainer works for IV 1. What do you get: A dirt simple option to change to a desired radio station using one button, default station can also be customized using trainer. In addition to this one button change option, you can also force a default station in each vehicle you enter, or when using the mobile radio, both configurable in game and using the trainer. Other models have to be changed using the menu.

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It also features time and weather options, and a bunch of car options, including the very handy teleport to saved car option. Finally it features an open map option, which will open all islands with a press of a button, a save everywhere option, and a save coordinates option to be used for teleporting customization.

Also any predefined teleport slot can be customized in game, overwriting the predefined values. Further objects can be spawned by browsing through 8 lists depending on starting letter of the object, or by using the more objects menu.

GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony - Mission #18 - Ladies' Night (100%)

Using these object spawn options, you can preview the current selected object by holding the X key. Any object can also be spawned in game, by entering the decimal model hash or the model name in the object menu. In additional to bodyguards, also drivers, combat peds and peds and drivers that attack the player can be spawned. Normal peds can be given a total of ten tasks. You can assign the same tasks to the last spawned ped.

Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulators 18+

You can set the bodyguards to follow you in a car. You can also select a specific ped and do stuff on the selected ped. The trainer includes the mobile radio, which works outside of the car, all features that are available with the normal radio, also work with the mobile radio.

The trainer features a gravity gun, this gun will work on peds, vehicles and spawned objects for objects to work, you need to change the target in game. The trainer features a grab function, a bit rough but will work. This enables you to play speeches that are assigned to the model all speeches that are in the game can be played from here.

You will be presented with a list to choose from. The speeches on this list are depending on either the model which you used when entering the speech menu, or depending on the voice, if Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulators 18+ actually have check this out a specific voice via the voice menu for the model. Also 20 slots are provided to save and load specific speeches. A subway simulator has been added to the trainer, allowing you to drive the subway.

For TLAD this file is trainertlad. Settings that are supported by the save settings function in game: This also applies to the mobile radio. Further the seatbelt option can be enabled, hide hud and radar, Phone sleep mode, Mobile radio, Super jump up and Super jump forward speed can be set, as well as object move speed and object rotation speed. Also the weather can be locked on startup to the weather type set in trainer. You can enable real time duration or freeze time on startup and set the time as well.

Also sync time can be enabled on game startup.

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You can disable the display of ingame messages for options you use with key combinations. GravityPlayX, GravityPlayY, GravityPlayZYou can also add a blip for cars you spawn, however this also disables auto deletion of spawned cars, which might lead to performance issue when a large number has been spawned.

It is disabled by default.

[IV|REL] Simple Trainer for GTAIV - Scripts & Plugins - GTAForums

The following settings are not saved when you use the save settings function, but they can be set in-game using their own specific submenu: The menu color, the menu highlight color, the menu font and the under car neon lights color.

Also settings related to the parachute smoke are saved by using the parachute smoke menu.

Finally the color for the nitro level indicator can also be saved using the relevant menu option. The following settings still need to be set by editing trainer. Skipbomb can be set if the bomb model causes crashes.

SkipBombAnim can be set if you don't want the whole planting of the bomb animation. The spawning of episodic weapons can be enabled by setting the episodic value to 1, display of digits for the speedometer Digitsfast run Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulators 18+ either be the old - key hold down, or it can be a toggle option, where when you run, you go very fast, You can specify whether the sit down function should only attempt to sit down on valid objects or everywhere, The upper limit for car colors can be set beyond the standardin case you added car colors in the car color file, the maximum speed for the subway can be set, and whether or not the metric system should be used to display speed and Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulators 18+ for the subway simulator.

HydraulicForce can be set to adjust the force used for hydraulics. VehicleComponents can be enabled, this way the trainer is using the stock cars and maps all the components that are known. Modelhats, this will disable the trainer mapped hats and glasses and wrist items you will be presented with 9 possibilities per model. Skyliftmodel sets the name of the model for the skylfit. VehicleLivery to use trainer mapped liveries.

Finally the following settings are relevant to the special god mode CarSeatbelt, BikeSeatbelt and Dragged. In-Game Menu Options, Most of the options are in here, the toggle options will have link time information as to whether or not these are enabled 2 pages.

Car Options, all Car related options can be found here. On the 2nd page you can enable a special car god mode, for which a total of 11 options can be set, if you enable the special custom made car god mode, be sure to switch off the normal car god mode.

If you set the special car god mode to enable total car god mode, all others settings are disregarded. Lock radio station is also located here, as it is relevant to cars, but of course also to the mobile radio. You can also save and load 20 cars, the colors, components, locations and health are saved, they will load at the same just click for source where you saved them, or near the player.

Alternatively there is the possibility to set nitro for 10 custom cars in trainer. Health can be customized for all peds including bodyguards so that you can set the health higher than the default and don't have to enable godmode. You can also spawn peds that attack the player, spawn drivers, random bodyguards and a ped that can be given tasks, also two combat peds can be spawned, they will fight this web page other.

You can now select a specific ped, after selecting, this ped is used for menus like clothes, animations, speech, voice, walkstyle and move ped.

For bodyguards you can set if a drive by weapon is given. Disable this if Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulators 18+ want to assign a weapon that is less powerful then the MP5 like baseball bat, or unarmed, otherwise they will use the MP5 to fight.

Weapon and health selection applies to all bodyguards and peds, model selection only applies to the non random spawns. You can give the spawned driver the task to drive to waypoint.

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You can also give the random ped and the specific ped a total of 10 tasks when you spawn them, default task can be set in trainer. In addition you can set the color for that car. Also the option dead ped drop weapon can be set. Finally drive to waypoint can be set to automatic in trainer. The speed and driving style for the driver can be set in game. This menu also contains 10 animation slots, and you can set the animations to apply to all peds.

You can save and load clothing options for the bodyguards. Also you can give tasks to the last spawned ped. You can set bodyguards to follow you using cars. The speed they use to follow you can be set in game and is the same speed as the speed for the drivers.

The following settings cannot be set in game and need to be set in trainer. Car Spawning, all available vehicle models can be spawned, 5 pages, the last page includes the DLC bikes for these to spawn correctly, you need to have Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulators 18+ DLC unlocked mod enabled. You can change both the name on the menu and the text that is displayed in game, using the Car menu section of trainer.

Also there is the ability to spawn added cars see http: You can also enter the model name in game to spawn any car using the Car Spawn 1 menu. To rotate the 9 additional views press R counter clockwise or X clockwise. You can use enter to skip to next station, and F to leave the train. Some things to note: And opening the platform side doors If stop at stations is disabled this automatic behavior doesn't occur. Disabling it at a station has no effect at first, as you still need to use L to leave the station, but after you've left the station, the game will not stop at the next station, nor will you have any use for L until you enable stop at stations again.

When using the enter key to skip to next station you will be put somewhere along the tracks, if the doors not open more info stop at station is enabled this means the train has not reached the exact starting position, if that happens, just press L and the train will go to the Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulators 18+ start position, press L again to leave the station again this is only applicable when stop at stations is enabled.

When using enter to skip to next stationthe total distance display will not be accurate anymore, the game somehow doesn't record the statistics correctly if that happens.