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Prime Minister and I Episode 13 Recap

8 Dec Sir Antony Eden, the Prime Minister, learns of this uprising in the middle of a speech of his own. In address to students at his old school, Eton (an independent boarding school for boys in England that is just as posh as it sounds), he clearly lays out another theme of The Crown's second season: change. 21 Jan I really want to hug Prime Minister and I like it were the cutest little puppy in the world and I it's lucky owner. Undeterred by low ratings this drama has continued to chart a true course towards honest falling in love between two people who are both brave and deserving of those syrupy happily ever after. 20 Jan Let me preface by saying this episode recap of Prime Minister and I will by and large not jump the gun on the big pink elephant in the room, namely whether Yul's ex-wife Na Young is alive and what her return might do to this story narrative. I'll cross that bridge if and when she gets there because so far the.

Episode 10 of Prime Minister and I dipped a toe into more serious territory and reminds us that behind the hijinks and warmth of a contract marriage is two very different people trying to live a real life behind a public charade. Yul and Da Jung are being as candid and sincere as they can be under the circumstances, and I continued to be blown away by their ability to communicate and resolve issues. All the ducks are lining up in a row as the stirrings of romantic affection starts butting up against the reality of the political battlefield.

Right now Joon Ki is the villain of this piece with him gunning to take down Yul for both personal affronts and professional inadequacy.

Hye Joo keeps on surprising me with her attitude and actions, taking no shit from Joon Ki towards either Yul or herself and giving him a taste of his own medicine.

I quite like her now and hope she moves on from Yul soon and finds a nice guy of her own. Yoon Hee and her cronies walk past them in the hallway but In Ho protects Da Jung from being recognized. They fail to escape undetected and are cornered by all the reporters assembled by Reporter Byun.

In a quick save by hubby Prime Minister, Yul arrives just in time to bail them both out. He concocts the perfect cover story about being here to celebrate the th day anniversary of their wedding. Yul walks Da Jung into the hotel room leaving In Ho storming out and Reporter Byun pulling his hair out to be thus foiled. In Ho brushes past Hye Joo and races off in his car. Turns out Yoon Hee and her two cronies are at the hotel based on her hunch that Joon Ki was having an assignation there with Hye Joo.

They walk into the same hotel room before Yul and Da Jung does and does a Three Musketeers rah-rah cheer to read article the cheaters in action. When they hear the door opening, they dive into the closet and hide inside.

Yul asks Da Jung what happened back there and her explanation about being set up is enough for him to understand. Da Jung is rattled by the hug and stammers that she was expecting things like this before they got married. She really respects him a lot and even though their marriage is a contr…. Yul notices out of the corner of his eye a slip of cloth caught in the closet door and tries to shush Da Jung and leans The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10 Recap to kiss her before she finishes her sentence in a reversal from the last time Da Jung needed to quiet his lips.

Yul then walks over to the closet The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10 Recap pulls the door open and Yoon Hee and her two cronies tumble out hilariously. They quickly make an excuse for being in the wrong room and then hightail it out of the room.

After they are outside, the two cronies are cackling over how manly the Prime Minister is and how this is a totally different side of him. Yul and Da Jung sit awkwardly after they are finally alone and she asks why the ladies were here. Da Jung gets up her courage to ask if the kiss was because he knew they were hiding in the closet? Yul says of course since why else would he kiss her. Da Jung points out he could have used his hands to shush her and then Da Jung realizes that he hugged her first to comfort her.

Yul lies that his hug was also because he knew the ladies were The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10 Recap in the closet and he had no choice. Da Jung is not happy and points out that he violated their contract by kissing her. Yul reminds her that she violated it first when she kissed him before to silence him.

Yul starts stammering and calls this a lip press and tells her its no big deal. Da Jung huffs off leaving Yul sighing in the room. Da Jung goes out and Hye Joo tries to talk with her but Da Jung is in such a bad mood she yells at Hye Joo first that she did nothing wrong today. She then eschews the backseat to go sit in the front passenger seat.

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Yul walks out and when Hye Joo tries to talk with him he sighs and asks to speak about anything tomorrow. In Ho ends their cooperation now and uses the blackmail to keep Joon Ki in line.

Thanks so much for the great recap of episode Of course this being a rom-com it does feel a bit too deadly and serious but my guess is that the assassin never intended to kill Yul but mere use the knifing as a warning for him to back off on the investigation and blockage of the port construction. And while I understand that seeing dead wife will have him questioning his vendetta, reappearance of dead wife is a bit of a cheat to keep the love-birds safe from In-Ho's vengeance. Im interested in how the 'truth' about his sister and In Ho's brother will change him

During the drive home, Da Jung is muttering to herself in the front seat complaining about Yul. The sweetest driver ever decides to play a syrupy love ballad to change the mood and both Yul and Da Jung tell him to turn it off.

Da Jung orders the car stopped and she gets out and storms off into a club. Turns out tonight is an under theme night at the club.

The Crown, episode 10, review: 'a dark, doom-laden season finale'

Da Jung is drinking by herself at the bar when a dude sits down next to her and tries to pick her up. Punk rocker Yul walks in with his The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10 Recap, all of whom have changed their attire to look younger. The bodyguards push the guy away but Da Jung still refuses to go home so Yul has the bodyguards pick her up and carry her home.

Da Jung is deposited in the courtyard of the mansion and Yul comes straight out and apologizes to Da Jung. She asks if a simple apology is enough and Yul asks what else she wants. Da Jung wants to slap his rude mouth and Yul puts his face in front of her and gives her a chance to punch him. Yul and Da Jung come home and everyone stares in shock at the new younger Yul. Yul goes to the bedroom and finally soaks in his transformation for the night. He smiles and ruffles his spiky hair as he takes off his jacket.

Sadly Yul changes into his proper wardrobe and sits down at the desk to deal with serious matters. He calls Joon Ki.

He also accuses them of messing with his plan at the hotel. Hee Chul chews Reporter Byun out for doing such shady things and asks who is behind it.

Reporter Byun is cowed and runs out with his tail between his legs. The editor comes in and tells Hee Chul to come clean about everything, the hotel and the pictures. Before he could resolve it the trap at the hotel happened. In Ho continues that if it was him, he would never forgive his ex-wife or that other man. In Ho runs into Da Jung in the mansion courtyard and goes up to greet her. In Ho says its all a big deal, her getting into the contract marriage for her dad and then having to work so hard at it afterwards.

Da Jung says there is no other choice, when she decided to marry Yul she knew there would be a lot that could happen. She likes it here and likes the role she plays.

In Ho looks sad that she is happy despite all the challenges.

For me that tonally jumps the shark. Tony brushes off this bold proposal and Margaret leaves in a huff. Although, to be fair Da-jung asks where Na-ra is, and we see her in the middle of an earnest prayer, thanking God for bringing her father back safely and promises to attend church regularly if things work out with Suho oppa. This is particularly true for psychiatrists, as their patients are always more psychologically vulnerable.

In Ho says nothing and Da Jung says bye and walks away. Joon Ki comes home and Yoon Hee is waiting for him with vitamins. She tries to ask where he went last night and why he was home early?

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Yoon Hee and her cronies call Da Jung out and act all friendly so they can get Da Jung to convince the Prime Minister to forget about last night.

Da Jung wants to The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10 Recap why they were at the hotel and one crony accidentally slips up that Yoon Hee suspected Joon Ki of being at the hotel and having an affair with Hye Joo. Da Jung says Hye Joo is so beautiful and accomplished she would never fall for a married man. Da Jung tries to explain its a misunderstanding but then Yoon Hee feels like Da Jung is insulting her for being suspicious for no reason.

Yul is thinking back to his conversation with Joon Ki where he tried to warn him to stay away from Da Jung. That pisses off Joon Ki even more that Yul is so protective continue reading her. Hye Joo asks Yul if he wants to handle Joon Ki directly? Hye Joo hands Yul the marriage registration and tells him to register it lest Joon Ki find more evidence to use against him. Da Jung confirms nothing is going on and tells Hye Joo to be careful.

Yul comes home from work and sees Da Jung piggybacking a sleeping Man Se. They put the boy to bed and we see his room is littered in stuffed frogs. Da Jung thanks him for the help and then asks how his homework is coming along? Yul pauses and looks at her before saying the homework is fine since he has an answer. She compliments Yul on his quick thinking at the hotel and then asks if he remembers that this Saturday is the real th day anniversary of their wedding.

Yul appears to want to say something to Da Jung but decides to save it for later.

The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10 Recap

Go register it, dude! Hee Chul then warns her to be on the look out for Yoon Hee and her cronies. Da Jung threatens to call Yul here so they quickly change their tune and get ready to bake goods and do whatever else is needed.

Da Jung calls Yul who hears that not a single frog has been sold. Da Jung sounds very down and Yul asks if she wants him to go help. That gets her spirit up and she vows to sell it all. In Ho is being all mopey thinking about Read article Jung wanting them to be friends like they used to be.

The charity auction is over and Da Jung sold nothing. Hee Chul is mad on her behalf but the editor tells her that she picked the wrong product to auction off with all the rich ladies. Turns out Yoon Hee sabotaged Da Jung by ordering all the rich ladies to purposely not buy the frogs. They notice Da Jung leaving with her bag of frogs and purposely bump into her and cause her bag to tip over and all the frogs to fall The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10 Recap.

She apologizes for asking the wives to do something not suited for them but she also thinks a brand name auction is also not suited for them.

The wives leave and Da Jung goes to pick the frogs up in the rain.

The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10 Recap

In Ho arrives and looks at her sadly and walks over to shield her from the rain. He hands her the umbrella and kneels down to pick up the frogs for her. Yul sits at home and looks at restaurants for the th day celebration. In Ho takes Da Jung to Subway and orders a giant sandwich for her. It cheers her up to see such a big sandwich which she thinks Man Se would love.

In Ho now regrets confessing because then they could have stayed friends. Da Jung asks again if its not possible for them to go back to being friends?