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Slam poem- Why I'm afraid of love

Feelings For You

What if I look odd? What if I'm judged? I'm afraid of using big words, Even though they sound beautiful. What if I use it wrongly? I'll be thought of as a fool. Most of all, I'm afraid. Of telling you. That I love you. Everyday. It's meant to be a cute, Sweet gesture. A way of. Reminding you. You're the best thing. In my life. But what if. Read "I'm scared of what I feel for you" from the story Confess my heart ~ MY POEMS ~ by exoxo15 with reads.I'm not Poetry. This is a collection of my poems, some short some long ❤❤❤ What if she continued on with her miserable life, her body numb, not feeling a single thing but fear and the absence of love. I send her a poem now daily. She wants them now ;-) and am writing every one in a book for her. Doing my best to regain our love like it was and this poem helps. Reply. by Tia Goins; 4 years ago. I love this poem. because I am a poem writer myself. but I really don't express my feelings like I should because am scared that .

I guess I'm too afraid to do it as it feels like I'm truly admitting this to the person I like. Okay so I wrote this yesterday night and edited it now: Story Story Writer Forum Community. What if after all of those bumpy rough terrains she stumbled onto a smooth path. Stay in touch with us!

I'm not good at projecting my feelings. I'm a hassle, and I'm a mess. I get jealous and that might be what's compelling me to press the send button on this message and I truly don't know if I will yet.

This is so similar to how I feel. I have so much to tell you, but I don't know where to start. I'm afraid of the nighttime sounds, The echoed barks of some distant hound. Were you touched by this poem? But I still see your face everywhere I go and I hear your voice in my sleep and sometimes wake to think I hear you laugh.

I might regret pushing myself this far, I'm so close to the edge I can already feel myself falling, but something I won't regret are my feelings for you. I'm so afraid right now, I'm terrified. Not just of what you're going to say, not that you have to say anything at all. I would be content if you didn't want to reply, but I'm petrified of myself and what will happen to me if I break down after this, though no matter what will happen to me, it will be worth it.

It will be worth it to get this off of my chest, maybe then I'll have some sort of closure. Maybe I'll have some conclusion to this seemlessly never ending train of thoughts driven by one, that one is you. My whole life is, and always has been, full of "what ifs" and I don't want you to be one of them.

Free Fall Down Into The Unknown

I don't click here to look back and regret not telling you this because if I do in the end become regretful of telling you, this will just be an experience, not a memory that ceased to exist. I've overcome more things in these past few weeks than I have in the last couple of years all because of you. So I'm just going to get these "what ifs" over with. I'm going to battle them like you told me to battle my fears, and hopefully take control of this sinking ship.

What if a young innocent girl had her heart broken, broken by a heartless scary monster figure, one that haunts her, one that's destroyed her self image, who's sent her dreams to the graveyard.

I Love You But I M Scared Poems

What if she was so abused that she broke down, she let herself go. What if she continued on with her miserable lifeher body numb, not feeling a single thing but fear and the absence of love.

What if that o' so wretched feeling ate her up, and what if now she gets attached too easily. What if she was lost. What if she spent her time bent over trying to pick up the shattered pieces of her consciousness, breaking her back, causing her to fall, to relapse, as the broken pieces of her self worth dig their ways not only into her skin, but into her heart.

What if she gave in one day, what if she couldn't take it anymore.

Scared to lose you

What if she placed cut after wretched cut, marking her fresh skin. What if a perfectly good wrist went to waste. What if she was haunted. What if she woke up in the morning with puffy red eyes, from trying to scream her problems away. What if she spent countless minutes in the morning trying to cover up every imperfection she could see, and there were a lot of them.

What if every time she looked into the mirror she saw a million more imperfections. What if she saw one, two, three, less reasons to live every morning. What if she spent years that felt like eternities stumbling over piled up roads. What if on those roads she faced the horrific scenes of life. What if after all of those bumpy rough terrains she stumbled onto a smooth path. What if,perfectly placed at the beginning of that more info path, was a young heart.

What if he was tall and had curly hair.

Most importantly, what if he was just what she needed, what if he was strong, stronger than she could ever be. What if he was strong enough for the both of them. What if he held her hand and walked her down that road, slowly, yet at a rate, perfectly in sync with his strong heart beat. What if he taught her how to overcome those rough patches in her miraculous journey, and survive with life's bruises and scratches.

What if he stopped her bad habits. What if he saved her wristshealing them. What if with every inspiring word he said he wiped off another foul scar, leaving soft kisses on her heart.

I Love You But I M Scared Poems

What if he started good habits for her aching and healing heart. What if he rid her mind of that monster and those nightmares that ran themselves along side it. What if all her sleepless nights full of haunting tortures and wet pillow cases turned into blissful escapes of her godforsaken house.

What if she was undeniably in love with him? Okay so Click wrote this yesterday night and edited it now: I really hoped you liked it, please leave feedback and tips! You could also kik me, I would l o v e to talk to you! Log in Sign Up. Read this story for FREE!

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