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10 Things To Know Before Dating A Southern Gentleman

He is proactive in his life

A good guy will tell you that you're beautiful, but a real gentleman will make you believe it. His actions speak louder than his words. 2. He respects the needs of others. shutterstock_ Maybe your need in a relationship isn't to be pampered with chivalrous gestures but rather to maintain a healthy degree of independence. A true gentleman will respect that, and he will respect the needs of everyone else. If you have to call off a date because your. 5 Apr It seems difficult to find good people these days, whether you are interested in men or women. And, the older we get, the dating pool seems to turn into more of a puddle. But the truth is, good men and women are still out there - though they may be scarce. I feel as though many times we allow ourselves to.

It seems difficult to find good people these days, whether you are interested in men or women. And, the older we get, the dating pool seems to turn into more of a puddle. But the truth is, good men and women are still out there - though they may be scarce.

I feel as though many times we allow ourselves to become jaded from past experiences and not give someone the chance they deserve. How do we know if they are for real, or just someone else who is going to break your heart? As someone who consistently speaks and writes about what makes a 'good man' and how to become one, I've decided to compile a list here help you identify when you've found what we will call the 'Modern Gentleman.

The modern gentleman is never content with mediocrity. He is on a mission to improve in all areas of life and accomplish his goals. Someone like this will understand your hustle as well, and be more likely to support you along your journey than someone who simply accepts what life brings to him. Any man who is serious about you will make you a priority in his life. He will put in consistent effort to see you, spend time with you, and get to know you. But, he will do this in a way that integrates your relationship into his life, not in a way that makes him become obsessive over your relationship.

A well-balanced man with a well-balanced life will have many sources of happiness and fulfillment, and he will welcome your relationship as an important one. It is too often that I hear women complaining about men who seem oblivious to their wants and needs.

14 Ways You Know You’re Finally Dating A Gentleman

Men who don't put in proper effort or seem to take a relationship for granted. The man we're referring to as the Modern Gentleman will pay attention to things you say and don't sayand act accordingly. You'll notice this particularly in the small things he does for you - will he always get it right?

Will he always be trying? He always supports and encourages you.

Nevertheless, we can enumerate some signs that are universal for all men and which show if the boy with whom you live is a true gentleman or a womanizer. Click to back to homepage. It's a celebration of the grown-up man's man who knows how to treat a woman.

The right guy wants to see you at your best, and he wants to support your mission to get there. He will never discourage you or make you feel like you can't do anything you set your mind to - because he knows you can.

He will never feel as though he needs to bring anyone down in order to lift himself up. A man of quality never shies away from equality.

How To Know If You Are Dating A Gentleman

He will understand that as a strong, independent woman, you don't need him for anything - but that won't stop him from always being there to offer his help just in case. Whether you need another set of eyes on your presentation from work, or have gotten a flat read more at 4am with nobody else to call - he will be there.

Whether or not you physically or emotionally need someone to protect you, men biologically have the urge to protect the people we love, particularly significant others. You may never need him to fend off a mugger or save you from a burning house, but he will make it clear to you that if he ever had to - he would.


The only thing more important than starting a great relationship, is maintaining a great more info. Relationships are like fires, you cannot start one, walk out of the room, and expect for it to burn forever. You need to continuously stoke it with love, affection, appreciation, respect, and all of the other fundamentals that ignited your blaze in the first place. Complacency is a sure path to letting things get stale - a path he will never take.

He will not be a doormat. Some people think that my advice to men sounds a lot like I'm encouraging them to become a servant to the woman in their life, but it is actually the opposite. No high-value woman will respect a man who just follows her around like a puppy dog. If that's what she wanted, she'd get a puppy dog. What she wants is a man who has his own identity. And, stands by them regardless of what she says. He will understand that you can disagree with someone on some aspects of life and still love them.

There is too much dishonesty and flakyness in the world. People are easily distracted and have a difficult time keeping their word, because they made a promise in a fleeting moment and forgot about it 5 minutes later.

If Your Guy Does These 16 Things, Congrats! He's A True Gentleman

The modern gentleman will not say anything he doesn't mean. He always backs up his words with actions, and understands that people who make promises do not http://1dating.info/l/mexican-dating-sites-free-for-black-women.php respect - people who keep their promises deserve respect.

I have said this before, but it can never be said enough. No good, genuine, caring man will ever even have the idea of being abusive cross his mind.

How To Know If You Are Dating A Gentleman

Under no circumstances will he be emotionally or physically abusive towards you or anyone else. The second someone displays warning signs or becomes aggressive with you, you need to walk run away. It is not the first time he has been that way this web page it will not be the last.

While the 'modern gentleman,' as we call him, seems to be a rare breed - he is certainly not extinct. In fact, he is likely equally as frustrated as you are with the state of dating in today's world.

But - he will never allow his frustrations change his goodhearted nature, because that is who he is at his core, and he is proud of it. If you enjoyed this article, please subscribe to my blog here. Click here to connect with James on Facebook. Connect with James on Twitter. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

Maskot via Getty Images. He lives a well-balanced life. He pays attention and puts in effort for you. He will jump at the chance to help you. He takes pride in protecting you.

This way he shows that he pays attention to what is important to you. And in fact, he spoils you on your special day. You know what he likes about you because he tells you. They open doors, they lend coats, they carry groceries. He may not always succeed.

He is always keeping things fresh. He will be on his own path in life, as will she, and they will merge them to walk together. He is always honest with you. He will never, ever be abusive in any way, shape, or form. Follow James Michael Sama on Twitter: This Blogger's Books and Other Items from Go to mobile site.