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Worst Pick Up Lines of All Time ❣

25 Pickup Lines So Bad That You Won’t Believe They’re Real

25+ Employees Share Their Worst Customer Stories And They're Unbelievably Insane. If you've ever actually worked in retail, you know that the customer is % wrong, % of the time. The fine folks over at Not Always Right get this, and that's why they've dedicated an entire site to just how wrong the customer is. "Hello, my name is David Truschel.” “You are almost as beautiful as my sister. But well, you know, that's illegal." "Your eyes are like limpid pools of primordial ooze, and I am the protozoa that wish to swim in their depths." “You have a beautiful head. It would look marvelous next to the other ones in my freezer. The Worst Pick Up Lines of All Time](1dating.info?feature= player_embedded&v=_PRpHuPVYLE&list=_PRpHuPVYLE#!) Fucking awesome .

Doing something like this would give someone so much confidence because they truly don't give a fuck anymore. Is that not considered sexual harassment? If not, I think I have my new favorite pick up line. I think in a workplace setting some of these would probably be considered sexual harassment at least in the U. Not sure about on the street to strangers though. I get the feeling I'd probably get slapped seeing as though I don't have a charming accent or nicely click at this page hair.

Legally speaking, an isolated incident is not sexual harassment. It has to be a repeated incident, and it has to be made known to the perpetrator that such behavior is not tollerable. However, this could be seen as molestation I'm no lawyer or law student, but I think sexual assault is the most this could be tried as, and since she went along with it, the case wouldn't in a rational world, anyway stand.

Yeah, I guess your biggest legit concern would be just coming off as a total ass haha. Though I don't think these guys in the video care. Worst 100 Pick Up Lines Of All Time a girl and tell her to touch your shirt and ask what material it has been made out of? When she says some dumb ass answer like "cotton".

Say "Nay, it is boyfriend material". Such a simple reply, but such a great point. I think I'm having a small realization right now, thanks to you.

He is doing some he thinks is funny and uploading it to Youtube, you don't really know much about him so i think it's a little strange to say that. This was really not a big deal at all. He want out to have fun.

Going through the day, I should ask myself "Why can't I do this? At the least, It'll help me to, at the very least, appear to give less of a fuck. Me and my friends used to hang out at the bar and hit on girls by asking them stupid pick up lines that you expect to fail. You get their attention with the shocker. As soon as they act surprised, change your body language, start laughing, and apologize. Come up with some lame excuse why you said something. No man, you can be an ugly motherfucker but if you know how to be even a little charming, a little witty, a little bit of a badass, and not take yourself too seriously, you can score girls easy.

You hit on enough girls, you're going to get their number, or possibly even a parking lot blowjob where you can give the thumbs up to the security camera you were oblivious to when you first got there. I especially liked the: Sounds like to me you're giving too many fucks for someone who doesn't even give a fuck: Honestly, I would not go out and do this.

I would be respectful to those women and ignore them while I go about my day. If this were just a list, okay but whatever.

What is done is done.

Worst Pick Up Lines of All Time ❣

No, his intention is clearly not to pick them up but to make a video that would entertain people. He probably and by probably I mean most definitely planned to use shitty pick up lines and fail all times to make this video before he even started recording. You have quite a few things wrong. First, trying to do stuff is not anti-NGAF. The goal is not to care so little you never accomplish anything.

Second, you think that just because someone is talking to someone that they are trying to pick them up. Yes they are article source "pickup" lines but since they are over the top, they are really just icebreakers. Since they are so outrageous, he stands to lose a lot of social value, which most people give a fuck about. While this is possible, I bet we all know women and men who would be greatly offended and having this happen to them would ruin their day.

And I bet that some of them were genuinely hurt that they would be treated in such a way.

Sounds like to me you're giving too many fucks for someone who doesn't even give a fuck: He probably and by probably I mean most definitely planned to use shitty pick up lines and fail all times to make this video before he even started recording. What a dick move to a complete stranger. I doubt there was much fallout in http://1dating.info/h/things-to-do-with-your-girlfriend.php.

Or perhaps it's best not to guess how other people will potentially react, and it's better to just be a good person - which this person is certainly not. Not giving a fuck and being intentionally rude in public are different. This is literally why this subreddit exists. What's the point of HTNGF if as soon as other people give a fuck you then have to give a fuck about their fucks?

No one was intentionally making anyone unhappy. But that's only because society, as you call it, has written the rules on what you have to give a fuck about. We all know this guy did it for youtube views, but if someone wanted to go out and talk to new people, how can you say it is unnecessary and inappropriate?

Worst 100 Pick Up Lines Of All Time

Look at the guys from Simple Pickup. They just pick random themes to say to random girls and they don't give a fuck because the first few collections of words that you say to a stranger don't really matter one way or another.

If everyone followed your way of thinking the world would be silent in fear of offending someone. I was going to rebut your comment, but I was afraid you might be offended, so I'll just go away now. Yeah, it would definitely make my day continue reading if a guy sat down next to me when I was minding my own business and made a reference to fucking me in the ass, let me tell you.

Worst 100 Pick Up Lines Of All Time

I wonder how you'd feel if someone who was bigger and stronger than you did that to you? Would it be "interesting? This guy was fucking awesome. He had tons of fun and made us all laugh doing something most of the people here wouldn't do because they'd be too scared to do it. You're just being silly now; he didn't go out to make anyone "feel like shit", nor was he transferring his shit attitude and making others feel bad.

He want out to have fun.

Worst Pick-Up Lines Ever

Fun is good, you should try it some time. I didn't watch very far, but one of the first five were the guy telling a stranger that her "face is fucked up".

Worst 100 Pick-Up Lines Ever

Do you source see anything wrong with that? Most of those girls were smiling bud, I think you're the one who should work on those emotion-reading skills. And even if those girls did get offended, who the fuck gets offended by a strangers words?

It's their problem and he's helping them fix it at the least. Nah, they were laughing cause it was funny, maybe if you take the words out of context it would sound awkward, but his delivery was pretty spot-on.

That wasn't any of those girl's places either, which is why it's perfectly fine for him to say what he wants. Do we continue reading an invitation to talk to other people now? For example, "Did you fall from heaven? What a dick move to a complete stranger.

This was really not Worst 100 Pick Up Lines Of All Time big deal at all. I don't see how he was being a jerk or a twat, but I'd agree that this isn't the definition or purpose of NGAF. Having lived with girls that get a lot of attention I can assure you that at the time they may act disgusted or whatever, but they almost always love the attention and laugh about the guy later.

You don't speak for women. And yes, he is socially unaware. Having a click the following article inability to read basic social cues and facial expressions and just acting like an idiot isn't a positive thing. I bet most of the people here started having various social issues at a young age when some asshole guy or girl came up to them and said something to them similar to the video.

He gives all the fucks in the world by doing this shit and promoting it online to show the whole world how alpha male NGAF he is.

He cut out the best part as well, how he handles the situation after he has done the damage. But the Worst 100 Pick Up Lines Of All Time of the video is a motherfucking comedy, read article b some of them are good to use in the right situation on the right person. Have fun, but don't be a sociopath. He obviously didn't pick up any of those girls and quite honestly, most looked entertained with the situation.

I think you're just Worst 100 Pick Up Lines Of All Time at it too seriously because the whole point is to be funny. Much like most of the women in the video understand. I can almost guarantee that at the end of the day, all those women just had a funny story for their friends and probably weren't upset by that guy acting like an idiot at all. I saw him walk away and over to some other girls to drop another line at several points. I doubt there was much fallout in general.

I bet more people have been traumatized by the belief that if someone is ever so slightly offended at what you say, then its not worth saying anything. Of course he made it for youtube views. What is NGAF is if you were to try to meet as many new people as possible without worrying about the first few words you say. Oh man I haven't laughed like this in a while. Not many of those I'd use but pride be damned I just won't give a fuck next time.

His lines are awesome but the way he goes about it just makes me cringe.

Cold approach and fucks off when it gets awkward. No this post really isn't doing it right. Givin yes, he doesn't give a fuck, but I don't entirely see where this is video is supporting not giving a fuck. Well to be honest, i find all of this "I don't give a fuck" shit very childish.

But it's obvious that this dude gives no fucks about what you or any other person really thinks about him, he is just doing what he thinks is funny. He is doing some he thinks is funny and uploading it to Youtube, you don't really know http://1dating.info/h/advice-on-dating-a-much-older-man.php about him so i think it's a little strange to say that.