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27 Oct We all know that the best breakup songs—unlike the best love songs, which usually provide a pleasant uplift—can be irritating, painful and downright depressing. You just got dumped after all! Or maybe you did the dumping. Either way, let's face it—they were no good for you and you're both probably better. 2 Jan It's okay to cry it out and here is a list of songs to help you along the way. 1 Jul 11 Songs About Heartbreak For When You Just Really Need A Good Cry . Maybe days, months, or even years after the breakup, and you found yourself still in love with that girl or guy but you realize it's for the best to stay that Months and a few failed relationships after the break up, you hear this song.

The Ronettes had it all wrong.

1. "Sometime Around Midnight" by the Airborne Toxic Event

The best part of breaking up is not the making up. That rarely happens, and when it does, it often leads to more breaking up. No, the real pleasure in having your soul shredded by another human being comes in the days, weeks, months, or maybe even years of wallowing that follow.

This journey into the self can be scary, but luckily, generations of musicians have written songs to soundtrack the plunge. What follows are the saddest and therefore finest breakup songs of all link. These songs are plain and simple, rip-your-heart-out sad.

Jewel conjures up a relationship in its last moments with haunting vividness. Oh, the awkward coldness that comes once intimacy has left. That's just what this song is about. She points out how easy it would've been is to not break up: All he had to do was stay. This one is a triumph. Instead of moping, Cee Lo realizes he's better off without his ex-partner. Do you relive the past like I do?

But Bey can't get over the fact that he cheated on her. Legend sings from within a relationship, knowing that it may end.

Moving On / Breakup Songs

For now, though, he wants them to love each other. Wallowing on rainy days, experiencing the feeling of being shipwrecked, sleeping just because you can't stand to be awake. For a song about depression, "Smokestacks" is ridiculously catchy. That anger produced one of the best mid-song monologues: Nicks hated one of the lyrics in particular.

He knew it wasn't true. It was just an angry thing that he said. Every time those words would come onstage, I wanted to go over and kill him. He knew it, so he really pushed my buttons through that.

It was like, 'I'll make you suffer for leaving me. This song's about one of them. You got off the hook. Miniature Tigers' song, of the same title, shares the wistful, post-breakup sentiment, but it's a completely different song. After experiencing heartbreak, is it possible to love again with the same unabashed enthusiasm? Is it a lament? Do you dream of elaborate revenge plans? Then blast this many-layered, biting song by one Songs To Cry To After A Break Up England's most criminally neglected rock bands, and sing: It's profoundly romantic and will make you cry no matter the stage of a relationship you're in.

Or, more specifically, the disintegration of her idea of the relationship. Disillusionment has never been so catchy. The brilliance of the line, "Yesterday came suddenly," grows on you. Buckley doesn't know how to stop wanting to be both free and committed. Dylan sings with the self-satisfied bite of the wronged party.

Sometimes, it sends you down the kind of emotional rabbit hole Loeb goes into here, with winning results. The couple seems a moment away from getting back together.

When was the last time Sublime or Abba made you bawl?

Songs To Cry To After A Break Up

For whatever reason, though, this moody summer jam — all about keeping a brave face while having your heart ripped out — has less bounce than a punctured beach ball. The lyrics describe the sense of wandering through daily life with a phantom partner — not there in presence, but there in mind.

Darnielle repeats, "What am I gonna do without you? He'll do everything he did before, but after waking up new, nothing's the same. As the lyrics go, "I got ready for the future to arrive. Like many great breakup songs, the tune details that moment when you're teetering on the edge, deciding if the relationship has reached its end. Also, it's a great karaoke song.

This single from her album Rated R emphasizes the idiocy involved in all failed relationships. Stupid in love, one might say.

Songs To Cry To After A Break Up

Fittingly, the album is imbued with both mourning and a come-together rallying cry. The song "Million Reasons" narrates the harrowing decision to dump someone.

But, ultimately, we want to stay no matter what, right? The chorus ends with this unfortunate truth: Even her happier songs, like "Dog Days Are Over," hint at a deep sadness. Somewhere in those hollow click here, there's a hope for the future. It can also swallow you whole. The song uses metaphor to allude to all that achey breakey pain, and it works.

The second verse croons: There's just something about that slow croon that scream melancholy romance.

It can also swallow you whole. But the woman is as emotionally ravaged as he is: Never mind, I'll find someone like you I wish nothing but the best for you too Don't forget me, I beg I'll remember you said, "Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead, Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead". The Ronettes had it all wrong.

In essence, the song is a eulogy for love lost, but it's actually not all that plaintive. This is the breakup song that resolves the relationship turmoil, and it's best for listening when you're coming to terms with that newly single life. The refrain — "Hope it gives you hell" — summarizes our most juvenile sentiments toward an ex. It's fun, angsty, and a great song to shout at your ex as they're driving away in their getaway car or whatever.

But it's a fake out! They continue, "And truth be told, I'm lyin'! He sings throughout the track, "And now that it's over, I'll never be sober. This is angsty lady pop at its best — call it a guilty source if you want.

29 Breakup Songs Guaranteed To Make You Ugly Cry

Directed at a past lover, the lyrics are just plain tacky. Which is exactly what we want post-breakup. And then she puts it plainly: The title refers to man-made metal cranes used in construction. The lyrics read as a catalogue of various attempts at healing. Like a metal crane, the singer wants to construct a way of remaining 'above' the world's maladies. Former Vampire Weekend bandmate Rosstam Batmanglij goes solo on this sad breakup link. Soul singer Solomon Burke won a Grammy for the album, which borrows its title from this song.

They continue, "And truth be told, I'm lyin'! This journey into the self can be scary, but luckily, generations of musicians have written songs to soundtrack the plunge. Share On tumblr Share On tumblr. Just Play These Songs. You're bound to get drunker than any game of Kings Cup ever.

Not the breakup anthems or the Lemonade-style dizzying divorce solos — XX's songs are about the nuances of every stage of a romance, even when it's stalled. Abel is asking his lover why she insists on hurting them both. But the woman is as emotionally ravaged as he is: The lyrics are simple — Redding wishes his lover was back in his arms — but the way his voice ascends and drops is deeply moving.

The song's plot is simple enough: When she decides to take another man's proposal, their world shatters. It hurts to be the only one putting in effort, caring about whether or not a relationship can be sustained.

It might be the greatest break up song ever — the tempo feels like a desperate whine. But he needs someone different. You can feel the irritation in the deliberately slow pacing: This is sad, regretful Drake: But what does he have to show for his fame? Late nights and loneliness. Devendra is in newly in love, and emboldened by it.

Summertime speaks to the latter: Blonde is marvellous, and White Ferrari is a sad-song highlight. Once Frank and his former lover could communicate without even speaking; now he only has his imagination of what they learn more here have been.

Here's your late night breakup song. How can a loser ever win? Ocean sings a capella here, thinking out loud about Songs To Cry To After A Break Up, heaven, and his fear of being swallowed into his own darkness. Could this be light?