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Retractor How To Fix Seat Belt

How to fix slow retracting seat belt

27 Nov The protective housing is not airtight, and if you do a lot of dusty driving, the cup or the bearing could easily become caked with dirt over the years; that could keep the bearing from rolling properly. Address this by popping the trim off the B- pillar and then unbolting the seatbelt recoil mechanism from the car. A seat belt retractor contains a sprocket with teeth on it that grips the seat belt. A horizontal lock bar allows you to lean forward and gain extra shoulder harness while driving with the seat belt on. The force of pressing the brakes quickly or an impact causes the lock bar to rotate and press the seat belt into the. 11 Mar Is there a way to repair a seatbelt retractor? I have a relatively new SUV with seatbelts that are slow to retract. The belts require a little help so that they don't get caught in the door when we get out. Can they be lubricated?.

How To Fix Seat Belt Retractor

Do you have a seatbelt that doesn't retract all the way when you take it off? Tired of slamming the door on it? Sick of having to untangle the mess each time you need to put on your belt? Josh Carlson illustrates how to fix that pesky seatbelt in 10 easy steps. Small Flathead Screwdriver Ratchet and 14mm Socket. Pull the seatbelt out until it ends. The retractor has a mechanism that keeps the belt from moving when the ball is anywhere but level in the bottom.

How to fix slow retracting seat belt

It is necessary to hold the retractor straight up and down to move the belt out. Push the seatbelt so some it sticks out the other side. That way you can use the screwdriver to pull the loop out. Remove the plastic click and then remove the seatbelt from the retractor.

The World Health Organization calculates that in alone 1. When your vehicle breaks down, you need to be prepared to stay safe, alert, and well-equipped to handle an emergency situation. The seat belt retractor may be broken and needs to be replaced. Make sure to disconnect the battery when you do this or the airbag light will stay on.

Note how the belt came out so you can put it back together. Always keep pressure on the spool.

Do not let go or else it will completely unwind. Turn the spool until the metal spring on the side is completely wound up.

This may take awhile. This spring was tight out of the factory, but after time the spring will stretch out. Back the spool off until you can line up the belt and the part it goes into.

How To Fix Seat Belt Retractor

It is easier to back it off a little farther and thread the belt in to reach the spot on the spool. Then thread the belt into the spool. Reinsert the plastic bar and test the belt to see whether the belt is correctly inserted. It also helps to clean the belt itself.

To clean the belt, remove the belt completely and wash it in a washing machine. Simply remove the belt from the retractor and then remove the other 2 14mm bolts that anchor the belt down.

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It is possible to insert a screwdriver into the retractor to keep it from moving. Gen My left knee opens windows by Bluuplanet. Gen My left knee opens windows by rxinhed. Toyota 4x4 Tech - Mods, Maintenance, Tech and more Toyota Tech from How To Fix Seat Belt Retractor Read More. Mitsubishi 4x4 Tech - Mods, Maintenance, Tech and more Mitsubishi Tech from 4x4Wire Read More. Copyright c OutdoorWire, Inc and MUIRNet Consulting - All Rights Reserved, no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without express written permission You may link freely to this site, but no further use is allowed go here the express written permission of the owner of this material.

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The seat belt on my Audi was not going back. Simply remove the belt from the retractor and then remove the other 2 14mm bolts that anchor the belt down. Get a bucket of water and add dish soap.