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Friday's South Eastern Regional Weather Outlook Jan 19, 2018

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See more ideas about World weather map temperature, Preschool curriculum map and Kids name labels. Het Weer In Nederland Android App - playslack. com, Stay up to date with the current weather conditions in the Netherlands - and in the world via the Weather . "Black Friday - Live infographic" by Jaromír Kavan . While some of its affiliates switched to other networks, the remaining affiliates received a computer-updated loop of satellite/radar images, current weather conditions and temperatures, and daily forecasts for major regions of the country – operating under the unofficial brand, "NBC Plus". This option allowed the equipment. 5 Jan d o w n t o w n. a n d. + n o r t h. r a l e i g h. DIAMOND AWARD. winners! l i f e s t y l e. Gowns. Venues Wedding Stories Alternative. Lisa & Brian .. carrying your white leather tote on any nice day of North Carolina weather and to any warmer place South of it, but use a more wintery (maybe in dark.

On February 2, X-ray vision just got cooler. This special type of 3-D scanning reveals not only bones, teeth and other hard tissues, but also muscles, blood vessels and other soft structures that are difficult to see using conventional X-ray techniques. There, the specimens are stained with an iodine solution that helps soft tissues absorb X-rays, then placed in a micro-CT scannerwhich takes thousands of X-ray images from different angles while the specimen spins around.

A computer then stitches the scans into digital cross sections and stacks them, like slices of bread, to create a virtual 3-D model that can be rotated, dissected and measured as if by hand. Laura Bagge was scuba diving off the coast of Belize when she noticed the transparent shrimp Ancylomenes pedersoni turn from clear to click here after rapidly flipping its tail.

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In the shrimp cross sections in this video, blood vessels are colored blue-green, and muscle is orange-red. The researchers found that more blood flowed to the tail after exercise, presumably to deliver more oxygen-rich blood to working muscles. The increased blood flow between muscle fibers causes light to scatter or bounce in different directions, which is why the here see-through shrimp lose their transparency.

Duke cardiologist Christopher KontosM. The researchers hope the images will shed light on changes in blood vessels in people, particularly those with peripheral artery disease, in which plaque buildup in the arteries reduces blood flow to the extremities such as the legs and feet. DiceCT imaging allows Heather Kristjanson at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine to digitally dissect the chewing muscles of animals such as this tree shrew, a small mammal from Southeast Asia that looks like a cross between a mouse and a squirrel.

By virtually zooming in and measuring muscle volume and the length of muscle please click for source, she hopes to see how strong they were.

Studying such clues in modern mammals helps Kristjanson and colleagues reconstruct similar features in the earliest primates that lived millions of years ago. Students and instructors who are interested in trying the technique in their research are eligible to apply for vouchers to cover SMIF fees.

People at Duke University and elsewhere are encouraged to apply.

Indiana [ edit ]. An additional estimated 2, ring-tailed lemurs live in zoos around the worldwhere experts work to maintain their genetic health in captivity. California [ edit ]. Morton was the first to demonstrate this relationship between parasites and marsh health in a behavioral experiment. Afterwards until the network formally ceased operations, it ran only a loop of various http://1dating.info/h/natalia-kuznetsova-bodybuilder-dating-meme-trash.php satelliteradar and temperature maps accompanied by music, local weather maps inserted by the network's affiliates, and Weather Plus University.

For more information visit https: For more info visit http: On January 11, The red-capped robin-chat Cossypha natalensis can mimic the songs and calls of dozens of other bird species — even their duets, says Duke researcher Tom Struhsaker. The latter finding comes from Tom Struhsaker, adjunct professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke. His interest in their vocal abilities developed while studying monkeys in Kibale Forest in Uganda, where he lived for nearly two decades from http://1dating.info/h/am-i-dating-a-beta-male.php He also noticed that if he whistled, eavesdropping robin-chats would approach and call back, and if he tweaked the pitch and sequence of notes in his whistle, the birds sometimes changed their reply.

This suggests red-capped robin-chats may be lifelong learners, unlike many other bird species that only learn songs during critical time windows, Struhsaker said. Notably, Struhsaker also heard them imitate the duet of the article source rufous warbler.

The partners sing back and forth so seamlessly that they are often mistaken for a single bird.

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On two occasions he heard single robin-chats sing both the male and female parts of the warbler duet by themselves. On January 8, In AnimalsLemurs. Captain Lee, on the other hand, would rarely send a friend request.

Photo by Ipek Kulahci. These are just two of the distinct personalities discovered in a recent study of group dynamics in ring-tailed lemursprimate cousins that live in groups of up to two dozen on the island of Madagascar. Catherines Island Lemur Program in Georgia. Along the way, she noticed a lot of variation in social behavior from one lemur the next. She observed socialite Fern, loner Captain Lee, best buddies Limerick and Herodotus and other lemur characters.

Some individuals seemed more outgoing than others.

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To try to quantify that, she followed four groups of ring-tailed lemurs over two consecutive years and recorded their behavior a minimum of four times a week for at least two months. A social network of lemurs. Thicker arrows indicate lemurs who respond more frequently and have a stronger social bond. Using a method called social network analysis, she was able to measure how many connections each lemur had, with whom, and how strong those connections were.

She was also able to figure out which lemurs were most influential in each group — either because they connected others, or because they had well-connected friends. Kulahci and colleagues found that lemurs behaved consistently no matter what their age, sex or social situation.

Whether they were extroverted or shy, all lemurs had an inner circle of groupmates they tended to groom, call back, or otherwise keep in touch with more than others. On August 21, Ring-tailed lemurs born at the Duke Lemur Center have seen a recent infusion of new genetic material at key genes involved in the immune response, finds a new study. Thanks to a long-term collaborative breeding program that transfers animals between institutions to preserve genetic diversity, genetic variation at one region was restored to levels seen in the wild.

The findingspublished in the journal Ecology and Evolution, are important for the ability of future generations to fight disease. Their mother Sophia was among 62 ring-tailed lemurs recommended for breeding across 20 institutions nationwide in Distant primate cousins with long black-and-white striped tails, ring-tailed lemurs live on the African island of Madagascar and nowhere else except in zoos and other captive facilities.

Some studies suggest that Black People Speed Dating Raleigh Nc Weather Bug Computer few as 2, ring-tailed lemurs live in the wild today. Habit loss, hunting and the illegal pet trade have reduced their numbers by at least 50 percent in recent decades. An additional estimated 2, ring-tailed lemurs live in zoos around the worldwhere experts work to maintain their genetic health in captivity. The researchers studied DNA sequence variation at a region of the major histocompatibility complex, or MHC, a part of the genome that helps the immune system identify disease-causing bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Because different MHC gene variants recognize different types of pathogens, greater MHC diversity means animals are able to fend off a wider array of invaders. The researchers estimated the number of MHC variants in captive individuals born at the Duke Lemur Center and the Indianapolis and Cincinnati Zoos between and Since their establishment, gene flow between captive populations and wild lemurs has been restricted.

Overall, the researchers found 20 unique MHC variants in the captive population, fewer than half the number in their wild counterparts. However, efforts to identify good genetic matches across dozens of institutions have helped to preserve and even improve upon the diversity that is left. For infants born at the Duke Lemur Center, MHC gene diversity remained low but stable for three decades from tothen increased significantly from toresearchers found. An arranged marriage between ring-tailed lemurs at the Duke Lemur Center in North Carolina produced healthy twins Griselda and Hedwig in The infants are among 40 to 60 ring-tailed lemur infants born in North American zoos and other facilities each year.

The American Association of Zoos and Aquariums AZA tries to maintain a genetically healthy population by moving animals between institutions as potential mates. A team of experts uses computer software to help pick the best pairs for breeding.

Between click the following articlemore than 1, ring-tailed lemurs were transferred between institutions in North America alone. Experts also brought a mother-daughter pair, Schroeder and Leisl from the Zoo at Chehaw in Georgia, as potential mates for a resident male named Aracus.

Grogan and colleagues are now examining whether MHC gene diversity helps the animals live longer or produce more offspring, as has been shown for other species. Conserving genetic diversity in captive populations over multiple generations is challenging due to their small size and relative isolation, Black People Speed Dating Raleigh Nc Weather Bug Computer careful breeding can stem the loss, said Grogan, now a postdoctoral fellow at Pennsylvania State University.

Black People Speed Dating Raleigh Nc Weather Bug Computer

Louis Zoo and the American Society of Primatologists. Ecology and Evolution, Date. On June 28, Duke launches free two-week girls Black People Speed Dating Raleigh Nc Weather Bug Computer camp in Pisgah National Forest. At least until her first backpacking trip, when a friend convinced her to let one glide over her outstretched palm.

Soon she started picking them up along the trail. She would collect a couple of snails, put them on a bed of rocks or soil or leaves, and watch to see whether they were speedier on one surface versus another, or at night versus the day. For the high schoolers, it was their first overnight hike. They experienced a lot of things you might expect on such a trip: But they also did research.

Over the course of 13 days, they learned ecology, earth science and chemistry while backpacking with Duke scientists. Photo by Savannah Midgette. The students hauled to pound loads on their backs for up to five miles a day, through all types of weather.

For the first week and a half they covered different themes each day: Then on the final leg they chose an independent project. Armed with hand lenses, water chemistry test strips, measuring tapes and other gear, each girl came up with a research question, and had two days to collect and analyze the data.

Briyete Garcia-Diaz of Kings Mountain High School surveyed rhododendrons and other trees at different distances from streambanks to see which species prefer wet soils. Marwa Hassan of Riverside High School in Durham waded into creeks to net mayfly nymphs and caddisfly larvae to diagnose the health of the watershed. Savannah Midgette of Manteo High School counted mosses and lichens on the sides of trees, but she also learned something about see more secret of slug slime.

High please click for source head to the backcountry to learn the secret of slug slime and other discoveries of science and self in new girls camp. On their second day they were still hours from camp when a thunderstorm rolled in. We were soaking wet and freezing. At camp they took turns cooking. They stir fried chicken and vegetables and cooked pasta for dinner, and somebody even baked brownies for breakfast.

Samantha Cardenas of Charlotte Country Day School discovered that meals that seem so-so at home taste heavenly in the backcountry.

Black People Speed Dating Raleigh Nc Weather Bug Computer

And then eat it and say: Learn more at https: The students were chosen from a pool of over 90 applicants, said co-instructor Emily Levy. There was no fee to participate in the program. Thanks to donations from Duke Http://1dating.info/h/i-met-my-husband-on-a-dating-website.php AdventuresProject WILD and others, the girls were able to borrow all the necessary camping gear, including raincoats, rain pants, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and stoves.

Standing in front of her poster in a crisp summer dress, Destoni Carter said going up and down steep hills was hard on her knees. On June 24,

Some studies suggest that as few as 2, ring-tailed lemurs live in the wild today. Post by Maya Iskandarani. Iowa [ edit ]. Kentucky [ edit ]. Other stations have discontinued their use of Weather Plus in order to take advantage of upgraded weather technology after converting to high-definition news production, or switched to an entertainment-based multicast network featuring programming more palatable to different advertisers.