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It was late evening on January 12, and three men were laboring over the body of psychology professor James Bedford, who had just died from kidney cancer at the age of But while the manner of Bedford's death - in bed at a hospital in Glendale, California, was not unusual - what happened next certainly was.

Bedford was about to become the world's first cryopreserved human being — and now lies suspended in liquid nitrogen in a vault in Scottsdale, Arizona. Although the year-old said before his death that he didn't expect ever to be revived, scientist Robert Nelson, one of the trio who carried out the preservation process, says continue reading is confident that Bedford will one day live again.

James Bedford whose body is pictured on the white table was the world's first cryopreserved human being. Robert Nelson, now 80 pictured giving Bedford an injection was one of a team of three that helped preserve his corpse.

Cryogenics is the idea that death is a gradual process, and one that can be reversed if a dead body is frozen quickly enough. Pictured, Bedford was eventually transferred from his original 'cryocapsule' to a more modern container.

Robert Nelson right has given DailyMail.

Bedford Male Dating Scammer Pictures From Nigeria Fat

After being placed into the capsule, technicians covered Bedford's feet with heat shielding and bolted the stretcher into place on the side rails.

Bedford's body was wrapped in a Dacron polyester sleeping bag and affixed to a stainless steel stretcher before being prepared for placement and put in a new capsule. I think his hope is in nanotechnology but the means to bring him back will exist sooner or later. Now Nelson's extraordinary story is set to be turned into a film starring Paul Read article - and will follow his life from his early years as the stepson of a Boston gangster to his role in Bedford's preservation.

In the aftermath, Nelson was pilloried by the scientific community and the media, an experience he says left him so scarred that he refused to have anything to do with cryonics for more than 25 years. Bedford's death was the first step towards modern cryonics Bedford Male Dating Scammer Pictures From Nigeria Fat the science of preserving a dead body or 'patient' as Nelson calls it - until such time, it is claimed, that the technology exists to awaken them.

But unlike contemporary 'patients', who are slowly cooled over three days before being stored in a capsule filled with liquid nitrogen, Bedford's journey began with an ice bath — followed by being stuffed into a Styrofoam box and temporarily stored in an LA garage. Along with Nelson, a retired electrician who never finished high school, Italian biologist Dr Dante Brunol and chemist Robert Prehoda, of Santa Barbara, California, began work on the psychologist moments after he was pronounced dead.

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Having cooled Bedford with ice, removed and replaced his blood with the 'biological antifreeze' dimethyl sulfoxide, and packed him into a box, the trio realized they had nowhere to put him because his cryonic capsule was still being built in Arizona. As a result, Bedford spent his first two weeks in suspended animation stashed in a Topanga Canyon garage belonging to two 'pothead friends' of Nelson's — and arrived there by pick-up truck.

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I look back at it now, and I think, oh my God. Nelson at his Oceanside, California home, holding a photo of another 'patient': Marie Sweet, the first women to be frozen. Pictured, Nelson with photos of Mildred Harris at click at this page memorial service two years after she died; her son later sued Nelson. His father left before he was born and his mother remarried five years later.

Buccelli, who is father to Nelson's younger brother John, 75, was sentenced to two years in jail in for his crimes — and was murdered exactly a month after his release on May 19 But while Buccelli was rarely around, he at least seemed to 'genuinely care' about the young Nelson, unlike his mother, an alcoholic who spent most of his childhood Bedford Male Dating Scammer Pictures From Nigeria Fat, smoking Lucky Strikes one after the other or passed out'. Eventually, both boys were taken into state care, although Nelson says that Buccelli, who was also convicted of running a drug ring, would come read more visit during the periods when he wasn't in jail.

Human and other animal tissues can, of course, be preserved. The corpses of mammoths, preserved in the permafrost, have been shown to have viable fragments of DNA after thousands of years. More to the point, human sperm and embryos can also be preserved for several years and still retain the capacity for life.

If this technique were to ever work, perhaps a condition of future resurrection should be an agreement not to reproduce during one's current lifetime as a trade-off against a growing population. If it could work, then cryogenics might be construed as a caring option particularly in the light of a dying child's plea.

According to newspaper reports, several children, some as young as seven, have also signed up to be frozen after their deaths. Accurate figures of how many people have been cryogenically preserved are difficult to obtain because there is no system of recording this information.

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There are probably several hundred in the US and Russia where facilities are known to exist. There are no laws which ban the practice outright but there may be legal difficulties for cryonics because most countries specify how a dead body must be disposed of — and exclude long-term storage of this kind.

Despite his difficult life at home, he found a measure of happiness at high school where he met his first wife Elaine Smith, now 80, during his studies. Nelson became a father inaged just 17, when the couple's son John was born. Two daughters, Lori, now 52, and Susan, now 50, followed shortly after. Inthe same year Buccelli was found dead in his Cadillac with two gunshot wounds to the head, Nelson and his family relocated to Scotch Plains, New Jersey, where they remained for seven years.

But it wasn't until a year after his move to Los Angeles, California, that Nelson first encountered cryonics. Nelson's introduction to the science came via a copy of Dr Robert Ettinger's seminal tome, The Prospect of Immortality.

Ettinger, who was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey, is considered the father of cryogenics and posited the idea that death is Illegal Age In Carolina gradual process — and one that can be reversed, provided the body is frozen quickly enough. The physics professor, who died in aged 92 in Detroit, Michigan, and is cryopreserved himself, was responsible for introducing Nelson to Bedford — who had begun corresponding with him after reading his book.

By the end ofNelson had become the president of his local Life Extension Society and met his hero, Ettinger, after he was invited to Los Angeles to talk with members of the group. Nelson says he was initially reluctant to go ahead but agreed after Ettinger convinced him Bedford's preservation would help further the cause of cryogenics. I came into the hospital and expected him to be in a coma but he was lucid so Continue reading introduced myself.

He said, 'Mr Nelson, I want you to know something — I don't have any hope that I will ever be revived but I do this in the hope that this incredible science will benefit my children and my grandchildren someday. Other people started coming to Nelson to perform the procedure and freeze their body, including an eight-year-old girl.

Bedford's personal capsule is pictured here bottom right in the 'patient care area' of the Fullerton facility. Nelson said in hindsight, freezing the bodies of patients whose families were unable to pay for their upkeep was a mistake. When Nelson ran out of money to fund it, he was forced to let some of the bodies decompose.

An early cryonics enthusiast who 'volunteered' to be frozen, Nelson says the cooling process began several days late because the authorities who collected her corpse were unable to identify her. Her Bedford Male Dating Scammer Pictures From Nigeria Fat was cryopreserved nonetheless and she became the first occupant of a vault constructed at the Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery in Chatsworth, a northern LA suburb, by Nelson.

The entrance to the vault, which eventually contained two liquid nitrogen capsules, has now been covered over with turf and the cemetery denies having any record of it — although Nelson insists that he still holds the title deeds to the plot it occupies. When the vault was finally closed and its occupants left to decompose in Marchtwo tiny bodies were missing — those of de la Poterie and Sam Porter, a six-year-old boy who died from leukemia in October Nelson says he Bedford Male Dating Scammer Pictures From Nigeria Fat resigned as custodian of the Chatsworth vault the preceding year, having been unable to keep up with http://1dating.info/h/dating-someone-12-years-older-than-you.php time and money required to maintain it.

Porter's father John maintained the vault for another 12 months but eventually decided to give his son a Catholic burial in Orange County — and buried de la Poterie alongside him.

De la Poterie, who was eight when she died of a Wilms tumor, was the first child to be cryogenically preserved and was frozen at the request of her parents, Guy and Pierette. According to Nelson, the couple, who had two other children, Eric and Marie-Claude, got in touch with him in January after being told that their daughter had just a month to live.

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The child was preserved and placed in a capsule with Phelps-Sweet, with the cost Bedford Male Dating Scammer Pictures From Nigeria Fat the treatment and upkeep paid for by Nelson. But, he says, with hindsight, the preservation of de la Poterie and others whose families were unable to pay for their upkeep was a mistake — and one that would eventually lead to court.


Early man lived into his twenties. Today, living to is not unusual. There's no question that science is progressing,' Nelson said. At the start ofNelson was contacted by an attorney named Michael Worthington who said he was suing him and his friend, mortician Joseph Klockgether, for fraud and breach of contract.

The lead plaintiffs were the Harrington brothers whose parents, Mildred and Gaylord Harris, were among the 'patients' left to decompose after the vault was closed down. Once a week we'd have to come up there with a big sump pump and pump out the water so we could get down in there and replace the ice. The big problem was replacing the liquid nitrogen and the dry ice.

I went out into the desert and had a ceremony and said goodbye to these people. I did the best that I could. I couldn't get over it.

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So upset was Nelson, he decided to wash his hands of cryonics and had nothing to do with the fledgling science for 25 years. During that time, he divorced his first wife and met and married his second, Cambodian-born Mouerth with whom he has two daughters, Christine, 22, go here Natalie, But when he retired, he had a change of heart and decided to re-immerse himself in cryonics — eventually publishing his memoirs called Freezing People Is Not Easy in Now, he says he is delighted that a film is being made about his life — and says he too will be frozen one day.

Despite joking that the first thing he expects to do when brought back to life is 'to ask where the men's room is', Nelson says it is merely a matter of time until science makes reanimation possible.

Bedford Male Dating Scammer Pictures From Nigeria Fat

There's no question that science is progressing. I've always been so fascinated by what's going on [in the world].

So for me, I just want to know what happens — I'm curious to find out what's next. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

I froze the first man in liquid nitrogen 50 years ago - and he WILL be brought back to life.

Cryogenics pioneer says he is sure freezing will work and is planning his own second life too Robert Nelson, 80, has revealed to DailyMail. When we froze Bedford, man had never been on the moon, there had never been a heart transplant, there was no GPS, no cellphones.

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