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Life doesn't have to stop just because you've become a teacher, but if you want to continue being a teacher, it will have to change. There are 4 D's that could spell disaster for your career for you in your community: dating, drinking, dressing, discussing. Dating: Be careful who you date. I'd steer clear of other teachers and . 27 Jan They're going to use the teacher voice on you. 24 Aug I am overly cautious about my online presence, I would hate for a pupil/parent to find me. Not that I do anything wrong, I just separate my work and personal lives very distinctly. I?d love to hear other people?s opinions and experiences about what teachers should/shouldn?t do. I know there is the whole.

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Has anyone ever dated another teacher on their campus? I started dating a go here at the beginning of last year.

It's not something I would suggest. Kids would pester us about it, and it made for a long year. I'm just friends with the choir teacher, but we're of opposite genders and the kids assume we're dating, forgetting that I have a fiancee and he's happily married.

We get teased about nonexistent dating! I'm fairly sure it amuses us more than it amuses our students. I have worked at the same school as my wife quit a few times and each time it have worked very well. It is nice to have some one to spare with when home and it is a bit easier when your sick and you know that your partner can explain the call-in what you have planned and why.

My Teacher Is Dating Another Teacher

I have a friend who did this. Because they were discreet, the students and administration didn't know. It was fine for them. Idk because she changed schools.


They've been together 3 years now. I think that's the most important thing to remember, and not just for teachers. I would try to keep it as private as possible because of the distraction it would cause and for any possible fallout if the relationship didn't go well.

My friend did this too. I was so surprised when she said they were dating. She kept saying, "you didn't know?

I used to date a teacher so I got to attend lots of parties with her coworkers. They are in a position of authority over their students so it is seen as abusing their status. Teachers are modern day frauds. Or something equally as horrible to your career

He was always in my room. Three years later, they're still together and have a baby girl. As a something, I don't want my My Teacher Is Dating Another Teacher knowing any details about my dating life.

Dating a co-worker would make that just about impossible. The art and math teacher at my school are dating- it's weird. Kids are always bringing it up and she is really inappropriate about it- shares too much information with them, and you can ALWAYS tell when they're in a fight about something.

They are constantly in each others rooms, even in the middle of a period. They moved in together this past year and they have both said that it has complicated things considerably- to the point where he got a job in another district for the upcoming school year. If you can stay professional about it I don't see a problem, but that can be difficult for some people.

I dated this really awesome guy. We had mutual students. We were discreet, but it was a small community. The teachers knew, administration knew, kids knew. No one made a big deal about it. Anyway that was 10 years ago and we're married with a child now. And he decided teaching wasn't for My Teacher Is Dating Another Teacher. I am currently dating and living with another teacher at the same school.

We have been very discreet and professional. All the staff and faculty know because we go out with colleagues for beers, etc. The administration knows, but is fine with it because we do not even touch while at school. It is VERY difficult not to kiss or hug her at school, but we remember. The students are mostly oblivious, but some of them have figured it out, but remained discreet on our behalf. It can work, but you have to keep it ultra-professional or it won't.

When I first graduated college I started working at a school my friend worked at. I was a teaching assistant. The teacher I worked with was cute. She broke up with her boyfriend mid year.

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I asked her out. Now, we are married and both happily teaching at separate schools. It can work out fine if you are cautious and not looking for a one night stand. There was some drama about two of my previous coworkers dating. He got a promotion at another school, so he transferred over, and a week or so learn more here, there was suddenly a job position over at that school for the exact same credential that the other teacher had it was a very specific transfer too.

The kids put two and two together being middle schoolers and all and would ask other teachers about those two they did that even before they leftwhich we denied to quash the rumors, but I'm sure it got passed around by someone anyway.

I'm currently seeing someone who works at my school one of our support staff. The kids figured it out after we went on like two dates My Teacher Is Dating Another Teacher came into my room one afternoon for something.

I don't remember what. We barely said anything to each other and the kids were just "Are you and Mr. When I was in junior high, my math teacher proposed to one of the English teachers at school.

I think they handled it very well. He told us a jokey story about the proposal but never really brought it up after that, and she talked about needing to change her name sign on her classroom door. Also, two English teachers at my high school were here. They were probably in their 60's when I was there. The wife taught freshman and juniors, and the husband taught sophomores and seniors.

They both taught honors, so it was normal to have a McClure for English all four years. If I weren't already in a committed relationship with a non-teacher, I think it would be relatively simple to handle professionally.

Elementary school children aren't the most perceptive about relationships or at the very least, would tease less than secondary schoolers.

My Teacher Is Dating Another Teacher

My junior year of high school, my algebra teacher got engaged to one of our English teachers. I don't think I'll do it when i teach, but it certainly wasn't unheard of in my days as a kid.

We had two other pairs of teachers married as well.

Dating other Teachers?

My husband got a subbing gig at the school where I worked. I didn't take his last name so it wasn't obvious that we were together.

When kids found out they were shocked and confused and then fine with it. He doesn't sub with us anymore, and got a full-time position elsewhere, but he subbed so My Teacher Is Dating Another Teacher that kids remember him and when they ask about my husband I ask if they remember the "Tall, red-headed sub with glasses?

I met my wife when she started working at my now our school. We started dating pretty quickly and got married the My Teacher Is Dating Another Teacher summer.

I'm dating another teacher at my school. We started dating two years ago then coincidently I began working at her school. Only two of our closest friends at the school know. It's nice not having to deal with the rumor mill, and actually funny to hear incorrect rumors.

I don't think it's a big deal as long as you are discrete. Wife and I both teach at the same school. Me in third grade and her in fourth.

Never had any problems and get to save on gas by riding together. Two teachers when I was in high school dated! I read article know how it got out or from whom, but it did. The students didn't do anything mean, but there was some good natured ribbing going on. Both teachers had been there for ages and were well-liked, so the students saw it more as adorable.

They denied it most of the time though, but everyone knew. They later got married and it's still so cute. Around the other time, two other teachers dated and one was well-liked and the other was a long-term sub turned permanent that people didn't really like. I don't think they got any crap, but I would imagine it would be awkward having all the students know if you break up as happened with these twoand the sub-turned-permanent wasn't well-liked nor respected.

Also, the first couple didn't talk about it and had a professional relationship with their students and were well-respected.

In America we equate success with wealth. One of my students lives in the apartment complex that my boyfriend lives in and he sees my car there. Yes some wear masks, but if you look hard enough you can see through it to the real person. This is a complete rewrite of what kids have to know at 18, and the definition of education. Mar 4, The two teachers across the hall from me are married.

In the latter, neither were well-respected and one was well-liked I'm sure you know the difference. And as you might expect, I wouldn't recommend it. Although students never found out at least as far as I know it still made work way more complicated than it needs to be.