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FACTORY78: D'Banj is he Back With Genevieve? And (Bother you the movie) interview

Why I couldn’t date Genevieve – D’banj

10 Mar D'banj started dating the Nollywood queen circa which was documented in the annals of history with the romantic video 'Fall In Love'. Their love story ended shortly after only for it to be reignited again in Everyone knows Genevieve Nnaji. She is perhaps the most famous actress in Africa. 9 May D'banj. Nigerian singer D'Banj (R) and Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji present on December. The gorgeous Nigerian actress dated the Nigerian admitted he dated Genevieve in an interview with Hearts Magazine back in the days and went on saying that he doesn't regret dating the Nollywood actress. 12 Mar Genevieve Nnaji kinda confirms she's dating D'Banj on the Tejubaby Face show. What do you like in man, and I mean that in terms of his physique, Tejubaby Face asked the beautiful actress on his show that aired last night. Genny said she doesn't care what a man looks like, all that matters to her is his heart. "I like a man .

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Not like i know the full story but if they say a lot of women were around d'banj then its probably true. Why do i think d'banj is saying all these now cos he wants some positive publicity, in regards to all his recently flopped songs and flopped concert. And the latest buzz that shes gotten quite close to the hit maker, dbanj in recent times may not make anyreadmore.

Is D Banj Dating Genevieve Nnaji

Am just disappointed in gene, wish them luck all thesamere: You follow their industry, genevieve nnaji, a local singer, is someone they would prefer to see d'banj dating. In the know claim that it wasn't only the other women in d'banj's life that ended their relationship but also because genny herself was not committed to the relationship.

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D'banj was said to have been hurt after he heard that genny had also allegedly dated another popular nigerian singer. Have met genny several times she has a link heart one may think she is arogant but sure she is a true diva wanna belive she has notice d'bang is cheating on her maybe that's why she opted out d'bang on the order hand is a confirm player met him several times with women in elevator of an hotel genny good you dumped him he is also dating nadia buari.

Is D Banj Dating Genevieve Nnaji

And D'Banj have been dating for less than a week officially, at least and there's already controversy. D'Banj is he Back With Genevieve? And Bother you the movie interview Subscribe it's free: All wished we were d'banj and click in the video and were glad when they started dating afterwards.

The relation between the two celebrities was a mistake. The koko master dbanjnow known as bangalee, has recently come out to once and for all clear the air regarding his purported I believe if D banj is a polper she wunt hav date him.

And not only did d'banj feature her in a nice video, but the song was also a hitand certified love song. When he released emergency and reminded us he is the groove kingemergency came out in and made us re-affirm our faith in d'banj.

Dbanj has rolled with bigger stars than gene could think of all in allthe beloved gene has become a statisticre: And d'banj might be happy and in love, but hey, it looks like they both still have ties to their exes that have the potential to cause some drama. She should increase her offering and go for thanksgiving that a young and rich bachelor like d' banj has and eye on her.

Dbanj reveals real reason why he broke-up with Genevieve Nnaji

The american king of rap back then signed our very own d'banj and don jazzy and each of us felt like proud parents at graduation. Genevieve nnaji dating d'banj 2: She has been described as one of the hottest spinsters in the movie industry but yesterday Saturday,March 31st, African Most of them seem to believe that d'banj should be dating a fellow nigerian star. The koko master dbanjnow known as bangalee, has recently come out to once and for all clear the air regarding his purported And Bother you the movie interview.

How to boost your sexiness and self-esteem in the bedroom. All these are just mere publicity stunts. God knws best for both of them. I want to be able to take her out, walk into anywhere with her and not have to hide.

It the one she lost in the process of dating our former vp atiku abubakar?