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Finally, once you are attracting seemingly suitable mates, it is crucial that you know how to spell and have decent grammar. When emailing, don't pretend you are texting either. In today's world, you will stand out if you spell out the words. It is all you have (besides your one strong photo) to provide insight. This is a way to . “Thanks for your site”. 11/19/ Met a great guy from Scotland, early days but so far so good and I am happier than I could have imagined. Thank you for making 1dating.info Was this review helpful? Yes. Response from Hannah D., ILoveYourAccent Representative Responded on 11/19/ We love to hear when . 14 Feb Expat Rochelle Peachey is the founder of I Love Your Accent, a dating website designed to bring Brits and Americans together.

Paid through Paypal - at no point whatsoever in the payment page does it state that providing your details means that they will set you up on an ongoing subscription. I found the site to be pretty dire - cannot upload pics without contacting them to upload them for your or use the video chat, it's like something from 30 years ago when the internet first started!

Decided to cancel my account so contacted them to say this and received no reply. Odd as when I contacted them to upload my pics they replied straight away. I was therefore shocked to see that more money had been taken from my account that I had not authourised.

I immediately logged into my Paypal account and saw that a pre-authourised payment, that I had not agreed to, had I Love Your Accent Dating Site set up. I cancelled this and again contacted them asking for a refund and for my account to be deleted. Over a month later there has been no response despite a number of emails. In addition it states on my account that my premium membership expired a month ago yet they have charged me again for a three month subscription!

I have now logged a complaint with Paypal to get my money source but I am upset that a site meant to help people who are trying to find love would treat people so nastily.

I could not be happier, my life is about to change in a wonderful way. I wish all good things for everyone using the site and happy All I can say for us it worked, take a chance and try it out, not a booty call site for sure lol if that is what you are looking for. Happy New Year people. Thanks to the site iloveyouraccent. My life was spiraling downwards after my divorce, took a chance on the site and did not expect much more than friendship at the most. I started to chat with a guy visit web page Nottingham, he made me laugh, he made me want to check my messages every hour.

Long story short, we met, we married and are now expecting our baby girl in March, thank you iloveyouraccent and to anyone thinking of joining or whois leery, just take a chance, I hope you find the love of your ;life like I did Met a great guy from Scotland, early days but so far so good and I am happier than I could have imagined.

Thank you for making iloveyouraccent. Met the man I will grow old with on this I Love Your Accent Dating Site. Took me 6 months of searching and finally he popped up. I love you Robert and I love this site, would recommend to anyone looking for love.

I wanted to share my succes story with you from my time on iloveyouraccent. From the first time we talked with each othother we developed an unbreakable bond and for the first time we both know what true love is. She is living with me now in Louisiana and are making plans for our wedding in Maywe are so excited and grateful to iloveyouraccent for allowing us to find each other.

I joined with no expectations but came out with a life Joined this site inand hooked up with a guy from Ft Lauderdale I am from the UKwe will this year be buying our house together in Naples Florida. My child hood dream! Thank you to I love your accent! Writing this review as we go on our honeymoon. I joined this site in July purely on the spur of the moment, who I Love Your Accent Dating Site I would end up finding the most important man in my life across the pond in Worcester but I did.

We married a week ago and I we just wanted to let others know that finding love online can work. To the people at iloveyouraccent.

No more time to write now as my "Husband" is telling me to hurry up. I just became a Citizen of the USA and have nothing but praise for iloveyouraccent. Thanks to everyone at iloveyouraccent xx. Just married the man of my dreams yesterday in Florida. England meets Kissimmee Florida. Thank you I love your Accent!

I began using this site back inmet a really great guy and we started to talk. We met after 6 months of Skyping and wats apping thank goodness for those apps. I am not a believer in love at first sight but I do believe there is someone for everyone, my everyone just happened to live in Ealing London.

Fast forward to now, we are married and have a baby in the way. We are going to be featured in a I Love Your Accent Dating Site show in a few months and we could not be happier.

I Love Your Accent Dating Site

I am happy to recommend this site and to answer any questions. The INS interview was nerve wracking for him but no problems. As I saidit is not for hook ups. My pictures were loaded sideways, they helped sort it for me, I had an issue with flirting and they helped me make my profile visible, as you might tell I am not technically minded.

I do not have any issues so far, I like to get a response if I send an email and so far so good. People on the site seem OK and I like my time so far, not a huge fan of people without a photo on their profile, it does not make any sense to be out there but not showing yourself. Shallowmaybe but if I have a picture, you should also. Yes I am one of those who has used dating sites before, without much success to be honest. Got talking to someone in a restaurant a while ago, nice American girl who told I Love Your Accent Dating Site she met her husband on this site.

I decided to give it a click I Love Your Accent Dating Site 3 months. It actually took me 4 months before I connected with click to see more who I felt could be more than just a fling or a friend.

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I don't really understand the bad reviews but then again I am aware that things can happen. No one asked me to send money nor did I or would I. I am not embarrassed that we met on a dating site, quite the opposite, she is from a place I would never have visited if we had not met on this site and so I can only be grateful I Love Your Accent Dating Site give it 2 thumbs up. Took me a while on this site but at last I have found a girl who has made me the happiest man ever. So far, so good I am a true Southern Gentleman with values and morals, she is a sweet girl from the Emerald Isle with the cutest accent.

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Life is good, feel free to ask me anything. Thank you for this opportunity and good luck everyone. Do not wait for your ship to come in, send flirts, some girls are shy. You can find love online, it just takes patience. It worked for us, no problems. Give its month, flirt, chat This site has been my saving grace!

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I have met the most wonderful man in Doncaster England. Ruddy cheeks and a beer belly but he's mine. We are happyI was on the site for about 6 months before I found someone special, guess anything worth while takes time.

Joined with no real expectations as I have tried another well known site with zero click here. Started chatting with a man from Florida who just happened to be coming to the UK.

This site has changed my life and my opinion of online dating. Thanks to I love your accent! My experience has been eye opening but positive.

I Love Your Accent Dating Site

I think i might be in love. Could not have happened at a better p9int in my life. Looking good so far.

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I have been on here for about 2 months abf have talked with some awesome people from the UK and Spain. I am not a fan of guys who want to Skype immediately, but have done after a while when I feel comfortable. I have used other well known sites but they are expensive and full of scam artists trying to get you to send money. No one has tried to scam me on here. I guess you have to give it time, so if my Prince rides up and rescues me I will make sure to update this lol.

Does anyone ever receive an email? I joined a few weeks ago and absolutely nothing.

Can anyone help me to cancel my subscription? When we went up to Iowa and Wisconsin last year, she pretended she was from there and probably annoyed everyone because everyone knew she was actually from Tennessee. You have already made 2 claims against us one for each time you joined. I signed up for ILoveYourAccent dating website and used it for about three weeks.

Think it's time to give up on dating sites! You can cancel the subscription in PayPal but to delete the account the admin has to do so.

As soon as you cancel article source will probably no http://1dating.info/fyv/advice-for-dating-someone-with-aspergers.php have access to the site even though you've prepaid until the end of the billing cycle.

Hi, please email us at admin iloveyouracent. Hi, Wendy, there is no payment coming through from you, do you have a a confirmation email showing your payment? If it is a mix up on our end I will make sure you have a few days extra for your inconvenience but so farI see no payment from you. Please let me know if I can assist further. Hi, we did send you an I Love Your Accent Dating Site earlier today, please check your spam filter.

Hello Catherine, we have no financial info for any member but please email us directly and we can assist you. You have already made 2 claims against us one for each time you joined. Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Was this review helpful? Happy New year and huge congratulations to you both, thanks so much for taking the time to write a review, we really appreciate it.