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Houston Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Roadshow Application

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The old techniques of selling special shows have been expanded and refined for the hard-ticket, reserved-seat attractions.

MeetUp Lock and Key Event Houston

Among the circuits which have developed effective programs of selling to groups is Famous Players Canadian, and its suggestions for operation have been published in a brochure for guidance of its personnel. The photos above show left the type of a welcome sign used by the circuit to greet group sales patrons, and a page from a house organ published by a company whose employes attended a group sales performance — a device con- sidered an effective plus factor in publicizing the here selling program of the circuit.

Even more surprising was the fact that so many of our people have been using the Plan to buy U.

Houston Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Roadshow Application

Savings Bonds every single month since the Plan was first put in. Some of our veterans told me they have used these savings to help buy homes, put youngsters through college, and to build up their reserve for retirement. Because it benefits the country and the community as well as themselves, we feel more of our people should take ad- vantage of the Payroll Savings Plan. In addition, we call it to the attention of all new employees at the time they come to work. Editorial — N.

They ranged from cats to the occult, and psychedelic was the one everyone liked. Names of the award winners will be per- manently displayed in the national shrine, which is now under construction near Oklahoma City. BoxScottsboro, Alabama for money saving prices.

Clow, Telephone Superior Editorial and Film Adver- tising — Hollywood Blvd. Tele- phone Hollywood Equipment and Non-Film Advertising — S. Lafayette Park, Los Angeles, Calif. Martha Chandler, Walton NW.

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Conners, State St. George Rrownlng, Stanley Thea. Blanche Carr, S. Frances Hanford, UNlversity 1- Mable Gulnan, Wlnton. Bruce Marshall, S. Russ Schoch, Register-Tribune Houston Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Roadshow Application Reves, Fox Theatre Bldg. Martha Lummus, N. Don Lyons, 72 Glcmvood. Irving Baker, N. Kllngensmllb, Jean- ette. Joe A Joan Http://1dating.info/fyv/russian-dating-site-pictures-best-of.php. Dolores Barusch, 25 Tay- lor St.

Jerry Nowell, Stockton St. Charles Hurley, II. RoomBelmont St. Yet, somehow, the effort toivard that objective has not always been coordinated. But a change has been taking place and there is a growing realization that the best way to get the job done click here for all hands to work together.

And individual companies are exemplifying the good effort in carrying this forward between the field and the home office. Of course, this has bei-n done on innumerable occasions. But, in recent years, it has been more or less limited to what might be called the higher-echelon situations. Briefly, the letter recounted the gratifying experience of a group of Northeastern Montana exhibitors in teaming up with 20th- Fox in the hooking and promotion of pictures in a way that brought satisfactory results for all concerned.

And, by combining the efforts of several exhibitors in the surrounding area and coupling them with understanding and 'nelpful assistance from the distributors, the opportunities for increased ticket sales are not only enhanced, but virtually assured.

Here, in part, is how Mr. Why is 20th Century- Fox so willing to go along with our picture pro- motions and at terms which we think are fair? It is because the exhibitors in this area are sincere about Houston Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Roadshow Application to build a sales promotion program that will bring in more at the boxoffice for both the exhibitors and the distributors. This group of exhibitors are all willing to work with and for each other, so the next few months should find many more constructive ideas, as well as so- lutions to more of our problems.

And experience has shown that the job must be car- ried out on many fronts — at both the local and the national levels, with more aggressive and more far-reaching methods.

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For that reason, it is gratifying to see cooperative effort extended to such far-flung outposts as those theatres in Northeastern Montana. And the experience therein is reassurance, not only that small-town situations can be made profitable, both for ex- hibitors and distributors, but that, through them, patronage can be cultivated to a highly im- portant degree — even bringing an accrual of benefits to the bigger towns.

Certainly, there is mutuality of interest and purpose in exhibitors and distributors cooperat- ing with one another in the effort to increase attendance.

For the most part, such efforts will, in themselves, be fruitful; and they can also serve in bettering exhibitor-distributor relations in general.

There should be between 75 and features suitable for general exhibi- tion in U. An indication of how the supply of in- dependent product is increasing is shown in the annual index to feature reviews published in this issue of Boxoffice. The index shows that 88 pictures released through independent distributors were re- viewed in A year ago, only 31 such features were available for review.

Van Eyck No Morals 77 Mishkin. There are still some issues to figure out before a district can be launched, including what area should be included. Four of the films projected in the deal will be Doris Day starrers, while the remaining four will involve the Ar- win company and director David Mil- ler.

The shortage of U. The big problem, however, is obtain- ing suitable distribution facilities, and getting the word to theatremen that pro- duct is available. And tradepaper advertising is virtually nonexistent for most of the smaller companies — those having one or two pictures to sell — so exhibitors find themselves unable to locate addresses to inquire about playdates.

Even independent regional distributors often find themselves lacking information on pictures they have contracted to handle. What appears to be a great need is bet- ter channeling of information between the independent distributor nationally and the List of Independent Film Distributors Following Houston Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Roadshow Application a partial list of national independent motion picture distributors whose release charts offer U.

A few distribute direct from New York offices, but most of them are repre- sented in exchange cities by independent distributors. Following is a listing of some of the more active independent distributors and their product plans for the new year: A tentative lineup of ten features has been announced, six to be provided by Crosby Productions, which is headed by Everett Crosby, brother of Bing.

Roger Corman and his or- ganization have announced a 12 -picture program for the year, an indication it in- tends to maintain its schedule established during the past year.

The company prom- ised 12 pictures and delivered This firm, known more widely for its foreign-lan- guage imports, also is releasing a number of English-language pictures.

Kingsley product is released through Union Film Distrib- utors, Click the following article. Samuel Schneider, former Warner Bros, executive, heads this company which is engaged in acquiring in- dependent product for U. Motion Picture Investors, Inc.: January 2, first double-bill rerelease program to be offered by the investment group in its program to make more product available for U. The pictures will be released to indoor theatres February 1 and to drive-ins mid- April.

Houston Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Roadshow Application will be through Allied Artists exchanges and Harry Thomas, vet- eran distribution executive, will supervise circuit and saturation sales.

MPI is ne- gotiating for additional product. Mur- ray recently announced he had completed deals for 12 features and would release them on an orderly basis over the next 14 months. This new company, which A. Schwalberg and associates an- nounced several weeks ago, plans to release about 12 pictures in its first year. As Schwalberg also heads Citation Films, it may be that Omat eventually will replace Citation as an independent film distribu- tor.

It expects to have three more in the works by the time the first feature is released. The com- pany had four releases in After establishing a national distribution organization, Valiant is em- barked on an expanded production and distribution program. The company placed five features in release in the last two months and has four additional pictures for the January- April period.

Pickus, in looking ahead, said it was reasonable to ex- pect that would see Pathe - America Distributing Co. I look totoo, as the year that moderation will return to the content of film, with industry going back to the more wholesome, but no less provocative, fare. The forces of exhibition, buttressed, I hope, by the producers them- selves, will check the trend towards screen frankness by embarking on the production of pictures of click here universal appeal.

That accomplished, we shall recapture the audi- ences that have drifted from habit to in- difference as to motion pictures. He said more state and regional units would be established and, with the exper- ienced staff it has, the association would make greater strides in the months ahead.

Expansion plans are being drafted. Beckley of the Herald-Tribune. The formal pres- entation of the Burstyn Award for to Daniel Frankel, president of Zenith, will be held Houston Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Roadshow Application in Menus has been appointed to ,: A tradeshow will be held in conjunction with the meetings, and one of the sessions will be held at the Buckner Drive-In The- atre, considered one of the finest theatres in the southwest.

A model of the theatre will be displayed in the lobby of the hotel. Concessions will again play an important role on the agenda, and Augie Schmitt, of Houston, veteran concessionaire, will conduct the clinic on this phase of drive- in operation. Youngstein, vice-president of United Artists, had been offered a studio post with 20th Century-Fox was denied here by Spyros P. Skouras said he had never had any dis- cussions on the subject with Youngstein.

London, president of Allied Theatres of Michigan. He views such efforts as a seri- ous threat to the future of the industry. For instance, in the state of Michigan there has been police censorship only in the city of Detroit, and the rest of the state has tacitly accepted this standard. So we have had no problems in the state.

An exhibitor knows which pictures get public acceptance and which do not. The excuse given is that every community where a theatre is located can pass anti-obscenity laws or already has such laws in the books.