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GH - Elizabeth Recalls The Night Of Her Rape - 12.18.09 - Part One of Two

Useful information about Elizabeth Webber. * Marital Status - Divorced. (Lucky Spencer, twice & Ric Lansing.) * Raped. (February 13, ) * Injured lung in a car accident. (February 1st, ) * Accidentally shot when Zander and Jason were fighting over a gun. (August 5th, ) * Miscarriage - was pushed down stairs by. Due to Zander's dangerous lifestyle, Elizabeth and Ric (who had since reconciled ) decide to raise the child together without Zander involved. Zander agrees to let Elizabeth and Ric raise his child. Elizabeth ends up divorcing Ric when she realizes that he won't let go of his obsession with Sonny. Soon after, Zander dies in a. Elizabeth Webber Lansing. Nurse Elizabeth Imogene Webber, RN is a fictional character on the popular ABC soap opera General Hospital and has appeared on its SOAPnet spin-off General Hospital: Night Shift. She has been portrayed by actress Rebecca Herbst since the character's debut.

Aug 11, ]. Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr. Oct 21, ; Divorced: Mar 22, ; Divorced: June 18, ]. May 4, ; presumed deceased: March 18, ; revealed to be alive: Jul 8, ]. Who Is Elizabeth Dating On General Hospital Sarah's lucky pen and planted it in the teachers' lounge; stole test answers and planted them in Sarah's backpack so it would look like her sister had stolen the answers [Oct 1, ]. Stole a drug to counter the effects of a hallucinogen that a drug dealer injected into Lucky [Jul ].

Braxton Hicks contractions from dehydration during Metro Court hostage crisis [Jan 29, - the day played out into February]. Trapped in an elevator following the Metro Court explosion; stayed overnight in hospital to monitor her pregnancy [Jan 29, ].

Collapsed on the side of the road during a snowstorm after her car skidded off the road [Winter ]. Experienced a fever after being exposed to a toxin placed in the town's water supply by Jerry Jacks [Sep ]. Held at gunpoint and later shot in the shoulder by Liesl Obrecht [ Read more 28, to Apr 8, ]. Though naturally antagonistic towards her more amenable sister, Elizabeth had a specific axe to grind with Sarah -- Sarah was the object of Lucky Spencer's affections, whom Elizabeth herself was enamored of.

Despite the fact that Sarah was in love with Nikolas Cassadine, Elizabeth made several attempts to discredit Sarah both in school and in her personal life, to no avail. Elizabeth's life changed forever on the night of the school Valentine's Day dance.

Walking through the park on her way home, Elizabeth was attacked from behind by a stranger and violently raped. It was Lucky who became a pillar of support and helped her in her quest to find the identity of her rapist. At one point she tracked down the wrong man and accidentally stabbed Lucky in her attempt to seek justice.

Lucky forgave her and he teamed up with Nikolas to rescue both Elizabeth and Emily after the man that had raped Elizabeth held both young women at gunpoint. By this time Elizabeth and Lucky realized that they were deeply in love with each other and set their Who Is Elizabeth Dating On General Hospital on a future together.

Elizabeth was surprised when Lucky suggested she attend an art school in New York City.

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She was hesitant, until Lucky promised that he would go to New York with her. Lucky surprised Elizabeth when he bought her a new dress and hinted at a big Valentine's Day surprise.

Who Is Elizabeth Dating On General Hospital

When Valentine's Day arrived, Lucky took Elizabeth to a romantic empty church and they vowed to love each other forever. Their love met an untimely end when a devastated Elizabeth learned that Lucky had been killed in a fire. As Elizabeth continued to grieve, she went to Jake's and Who Is Elizabeth Dating On General Hospital trouble in the form of a male patron who wouldn't take no for an answer.

Jason Morgan rushed to her rescue, and she ended up confiding her troubles to him. Jason also found it easy to talk to Elizabeth and both were comfortable with their easy rapport. Elizabeth assisted Jason after he was shot and she took Jason to her studio.

She arranged for his care and allowed him to stay at her studio until he recovered. A close friendship developed between them until Jason realized that he had placed Elizabeth in danger. A bomb had been placed in Elizabeth's studio. It was defused in time but Jason refused to allow harm to come to her and he left Port Charles.

Click here life took another unexpected twist when Nikolas gave her the shocking news that Lucky was in fact alive. When an overjoyed Elizabeth finally was face-to-face with Lucky, he wasn't the same person he had been before the fire. Every time Elizabeth reached out to him, he would push her away, but Elizabeth felt in her heart that Lucky still loved her.

In time, Lucky realized something was wrong with his mind, but still didn't know that Helena had brainwashed him. Elizabeth witnessed Helena using her trigger phrase on Lucky and realized he was under her spell.

Lucky then started seeing Kevin Collins in an effort to erase the hold Helena had over him. With Lucky seemingly out from under Helena's spell, he and Elizabeth were free to express their real feelings for one another.

Around the same time, Lucky talked Elizabeth into becoming a model for his mother's company, Deception Cosmetics. Elizabeth battled Gia Campbell for the position and Gia won the position. When Jason Morgan returned to town, Elizabeth couldn't seem to stay away from him, much to Lucky's dismay. Eventually, Elizabeth did refocus on Lucky but he was under Helena's control once more. This time, Helena proved too powerful, and she was able to successfully erase all of Lucky's memories of loving Elizabeth.

Helena feared that Elizabeth's love for Lucky would be too strong and she planned to have Elizabeth killed.

However, Elizabeth learned of the plans and took a drug which simulated death.

Who is elizabeth dating on general hospital

Sonny helped her leave town undetected. When it was safe for her to return, she reunited with Lucky and they planned an impromptu wedding. Her dreams were dashed when she realized at the altar that Lucky had never regained his feelings for her.

Lisa chloroformed Elizabeth and threw her overboard. She and Ric eventually get back together and "Jake" goes to live with his "wife". A disappointing stint at Deception Cosmetics, Lucky relapse back to Helena's trance-like control, and an ever-growing fascination with a recently-returned Jason Morgan, kept Elizabeth's life in turmoil. She falls asleep there, and ends up passing out. The tense moments brought Lucky and Elizabeth closer, and they fell in love, but their romance was short-lived when she learned that he had been killed in a fire.

Lucky again convinced Elizabeth to try to start over. Soon after, Sarah returned and Elizabeth was involved in a car accident that threatened her life. Gia, who was involved with Nikolas, was at fault but Elizabeth had no memory of it.

Nikolas and Gia moved Elizabeth into Wyndemere to recover, while trying to ensure Elizabeth never remembered Gia's role in the accident. Meanwhile Lucky and Sarah continued to grow closer, and developed feelings for one another. Elizabeth remembered the truth about the accident and was devastated that Nikolas and Gia had conspired to keep Elizabeth the truth from her in an effort to protect Gia.

To make matters worse, Elizabeth walked in on Lucky making love to Sarah. Elizabeth felt betrayed by everyone in her life and became reckless. Around this time, Zander Smith had a falling out with his employer, Sonny Corinthos.

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As a lesson, Zander was given a harsh beating by Sonny's enforcer Jason. Elizabeth found Zander and took him back to her loft to recuperate. Soon after, Elizabeth was kidnapped by Source enemies and Zander was captured as well during his attempt to rescue her.

They bonded and remained close after they were rescued and Zander's feelings toward her turned romantic. They spent one night together but afterwards Elizabeth realized she only felt friendship because her heart belonged to Jason. Jason was hurt when he found Elizabeth and Zander together but helped Zander escape Sonny's wrath. Upon Elizabeth's request, Jason got Zander out of town.

Afterwards Elizabeth and Jason tried to make a relationship work but Elizabeth believed she could not trust Jason after he lied to her about Sonny's supposed death.

She was hurt when Jason moved on with Sonny's half-sister Courtney but was flattered by the attention she received from Sonny's half-brother Ric Lansing. Ric resented that his mother had chosen to raise Sonny but left Ric with his father Trevor. Ric had an agenda and Elizabeth wondered if she was part of his plan for revenge.

He swore that his feelings for her were the one genuine part of his life. Elizabeth chose to believe Ric but was unaware of his involvement with mobster Faith Roscoe. Faith and Ric shared a desire to take Sonny down and they became lovers. Ric's heart remained with Elizabeth but Faith wanted Ric for herself and was willing to do whatever it took to remove Elizabeth from his life.

She set a snake loose in Elizabeth's studio and Elizabeth was bitten. She recovered and learned that she was pregnant. Ric and Elizabeth were closer than ever, and with a baby on the way, they married immediately. Faith could see that the obstacle Elizabeth created was compounding, so Faith shoved Elizabeth down a staircase, causing Elizabeth to miscarry her child.

Ric found out that Elizabeth had been talking to Sonny just before her fall down Who Is Elizabeth Dating On General Hospital stairs, and Ric decided that Sonny was responsible for the loss of their child. Ric bought a house to share with his new bride, but didn't bother telling Elizabeth that it had with a secret panic room.

As Elizabeth grieved for her unborn child, Ric secretly made plans to give Elizabeth the child Sonny's wife Carly was carrying. He kidnapped Carly and kept her in the panic room. To ensure that Elizabeth did not become pregnant again, he secretly gave her birth control pills. Monitors inside the panic room allowed Carly to view what went on in the house and she believed she was going to be rescued after Elizabeth discovered the secret button for the panic room door.

She went home to pack her things and found a note from Lucky. Before she could decide what to do, Elizabeth ended up being nearly shot when Lucky stole drugs from the police lockup and tried to frame Jason. Present cast members Past cast members. Family Family Hardy Webber.

Elizabeth was floored to discover Ric's shocking secret, and suffered an embolism from the birth control pills read article she could notify anyone.

Ric returned home in time to lock Carly up once again and take Elizabeth to the hospital. Elizabeth remembered seeing Carly and told the police about what Ric had done, but by then, Lorenzo had moved Carly. Ric tried desperately to prove his love to Elizabeth, but she refused to believe him.

During the aftermath of Elizabeth's marriage to Ric, her closest friend, Emily Quartermaine, battled cancer. Jason and Elizabeth supported one another which evoked jealousy from Jason's wife Courtney. While high on painkillers, Courtney ran Elizabeth down with her car but fled the scene immediately.

Elizabeth was temporarily blinded and Ric tried to win her back.

Who Is Elizabeth Dating On General Hospital

He vowed to prove to her that he had changed and took a position as the Assistant District Attorney. Elizabeth was determined to move on from Ric and found company with Zander.

He was dealing with his breakup with Emily and Elizabeth spent one night in Zander's arms. Ric and Elizabeth did eventually work their way back to each other, but their reunion was marred by the news that Elizabeth was pregnant with Zander's child.