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iHave a Dirty Little Secret Chapter 1: The Secret, an icarly fanfic | FanFiction

18 Oct Follow/Fav iCan't Keep a Secret. By: CertifiedShipper. Sam and Freddie have been dating in secret. When someone finds out, will they be able to work through it, or will it ruin what they have? iOMG Never happened. My first story! SEDDIE! T cause I'm paranoid.. Rated: Fiction T - English - Sam P., Freddie. 10 Feb Freddie and Sam are keeping a big secret from Carly, but Carly has been keeping a secret of her own. When Carly returns from Italy . Spencer is OK, she had 2 emails from him yesterday and he even texted her after his date last night to let her know he thought this girl was the one. Oh my gosh! Granddad!. 8 Oct Sequel to 'iGet stuck in an elevator' So Sam and Freddie out of the elevator, and decide to start a secret relationship, but will any good come from keeping Carly in the dark? SEDDIE! sorry about the bad summary, please read and review!:D. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - Sam P., Freddie B.

I have read iCarly fanfics about Sam and Freddie hiding the fact that they're dating from Carly, and then they "talk" it out with Carly and make up.

I got up and started pacing. Howard said, eyeing Sam and Freddie. They started sharing emotions and feelings, and the more time they were apart the more time they missed each other.

I decided to write my own. Was listening to some garage music and oddly enough it gave me some inspiration for this story. It wasn't a surprise that Sam Puckett had and kept secrets.

Oh, Spencer, what were you thinking? I stepped over the small ledge into our place. Jim asked me if I'd be interested in his recommending me to replace him at Edwards, along with a healthy promotion to Brigadier General. I smiled and rolled my eyes. Little did she know he was deep in his thoughts, too and very nervous about the talk he was about to have with his daughter.

She was a teenage girl, afterall. The thing was that most teenage girls didn't keep a secret of such large proportions, and not from their best friend. At first, Freddie didn't understand that Sam showed affection through insults, and when her "insults" became more flirtatious, he took a chance and asked her out. Much to his surprise, she happily accepted.

Sam And Freddie Fanfiction Secret Dating

The question was, would Sam and Freddie tell their longtime best friend Carly Shay that they were in a relationship? The three knew each other's combinations, even though Sam thought it was stupid. Sam and Freddie sat next to each other in the classroom, and held hands under the desks. Freddie had a brief moment when he came across gum stuck to the bottom of the desk, but if they had something to enjoy in the class, it was each other's company.

Carly was sitting next to Sam. We aren't even going out. Gibby gave them a look. And why'd you have a dreamy smile on your face? Sam was actually daydreaming about marrying Freddie one day, and her notebook told the same story. This was another one of her secrets. Briggs shouted as the students ran out of the school looking forward to their break.

Had to fib to Carly, though. Now we just have to wait until she gets back to her apartment. You can't use a book or something to cover your nubby head with?

Freddie rolled his eyes, but stopped in his tracks when he noticed Carly walking out of B. Sam and Freddie ducked behind a nearby dumpster.

Freddie peeked above the dumpster to see Carly staring at him. Freddie gave Sam a "that was close" look, and Sam rolled her eyes. He knew that Sam agreed with him though, and hoped that he'd get rewarded for his lie. After they made it back to Apartment 8-C, they ate at the Shay's kitchen table.

Sam And Freddie Fanfiction Secret Dating

Spencer was at the junkyard looking for parts to make a new sculpture. Sam and Freddie absentmindedly held hands under the table. Just testing this out. Let me know what you think: Things should get messy in the coming chapters. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sam and Freddie are hiding their relationship from Carly. The secret eventually is let out by none other than Gibby, and they flee to the first place Sam thinks to go: Was listening to some garage music and oddly enough it gave me some inspiration for this story ; Disclaimer: Dan Schneider probably wouldn't have dreamed of this happening.

Sam rolled her eyes.

iTold you so/Seddie trailer/fanfic

The bell for the last period of the day rang. After this, we're done with high school anyway. Howard said, eyeing Sam and Freddie. Sam and Freddie proceeded to touch legs for the rest of the class.

It starts raining as soon as we leave.

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