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It takes little effort to come across wealthy men who are looking for a fling. But when it comes to meeting successful men who are interested in something more committed and long term, that is when you need to get ready to do some hard work. However to make your search a wee bit easier, here is a list of ten places where. Whether you prefer the Sugardaddy relationship or that of the marriage minded millionaire, there is certainly someone for everyone in this world, and with the evolution of the Internet and our specifically themed dating website, you can be sure of finding something to satisfy your 'champagne wishes and caviar dreams'. Join. Rich Single Men. 37K likes. Meet rich single men who are looking for attractive women at 1dating.info Register for free!.

In a survey by SugarDaddyForMe. This is a survey taken by members of SugarDaddyForMe. These respondents are older guys looking for younger women on the Internet, and they're even willing to complete a survey about it.

Rich Old Man Looking For A Wife

It's kind of like asking NRA members about their views on guns, or asking Greenpeace if they like whales. We know who we're dealing with. That said, more info doesn't mean there aren't a couple of surprises. Men in the survey also said they prefer a good body over a pretty face, and a beautiful smile is more important than great hair.

So, work on the teeth and the abs and forget the hair and Botox. The most attractive physical attributes, however, may surprise you, as they put the Kardashians at a disadvantage. Here they are in order of popularity: My favorite part of the survey involves character traits.

Survey takers value honesty, loyalty and faithfulness more than anything else in a woman's characterthough they don't necessarily promise it in return. Rich families are hoarding cash, Citi says.

What are Rich Men Looking for in a Woman?

They also prefer a woman with a great personality over one with ambition—success is kind of a turnoff, apparently. The least attractive quality a woman can have, though, is being "a drama queen" I agree.

Creating drama is considered far worse than using drugs or drinking too much. As for politics, the men in the survey don't care much about a woman's political leanings.

Meghan reinvents royal dressing in androgynous tailoring, all-black outfits and flared trousers 'I'm bashful right now! After scores of dodgy dates, Charlotte Cory found Kevin Parrott although they seemed to have little in common. It is an excellent proportion for sugar daddy site. Intelligence, commitment and dedication are some of the attributes which every rich partner is bound to appreciate and one of the best places where you can give evidence of these qualities in yourself is here the workplace.

Whether she's liberal, conservative, blah blah blah, it doesn't matter. Just smile and work on those legs. Thank goodness I'm married.

Ten Places to Meet Wealthy Men Looking for Wives

Rich, but not rich enough. Imagine the tables were turned! Imagine if this was an Amazonian world where all women had as much money as Oprah, and young men were their playthings. I see it now. We'd want our men to be in shape! Look like Laird Hamilton! Shut up and have a great personality!

Place a profile with us today and get connected to faithful, affluent rich womenolder men and younger men from around the globe. Back to top Home News U. Contact those verified members with proof of income before making your mind with any person or to avoid wasting of time. WealthyMen is one of the most original rich men dating sites, which was launched in Now, she reveals how nursing her was like raising a newborn all over again Can YOU guess how much these wedding dresses cost?

Ask us about our day, clean the house, feed the kids, rub our shoulders Actually, you know what makes the perfect man or woman? The one who makes you happy. If a slim build and great legs make you happy, go for it.

I'll be over here doing squats, laughing, as my husband makes fun of me. What rich men want and don't want in a woman Jane Wells janewells. ColorBlind Photodisc Getty Images. What do wealthy men want in a woman? Rich families are hoarding cash, Citi says They also prefer a woman with a great personality over one with ambition—success is kind of a turnoff, apparently.

Rich Single Men Looking for Young Women

That sound you hear is me gasping as I do squats. Rich, but not rich enough Imagine the tables were turned! Oh man, that's funny. Download the latest Flash player and try again.

Rich Old Man Looking For A Wife