My Husband Secretly Texting Another Woman. Hookup Finder!

Husband Texting My Another Woman Secretly


I’m angry my husband is texting a female colleague

25 Jan Have you realized that your boyfriend is texting another girl and you're not sure what to do about it? While you Who Is My Boyfriend Texting? A lot of young women .. All of a sudden he changed his password and secretly had a Snapchat account behind my back with the loads of females. All of a sudden. 1 May My husband is talking to and texting another woman at work. We have been married for 13 years. We have one child. Recently I have found innocent texts from a female coworker in his phone. I checked his phone without knowing after I confronted him about it and there were still messages and calls while. 9 Mar For more strategies to deal with a husband texting another woman – My Husband Doesn't Love Me And He's Texting Someone Else: The Love Coach Guide To Winning Him .. So now I'm at a stand still with this and then to put the icing on the cake I find out he's been secretly texting a co worker female.

My husband and I have been married for a long time. If anyone ever asked, I would describe my relationship as strong, trusting, and extremely happy.

1. Checking in on your ex-girlfriend

We're best friends who can talk about anything with each other. This is the first time in the 20 years that I have known him where I have been at a loss for words. He has a large group of friends. That never bothered me as most of my friends are men and I believe that you can be click friends with a member of the opposite sex. But there is one particular woman who makes me uneasy.

And lately that uneasiness has turned into sleepless nights and a feeling of heart sickness that I've never experienced before. She has known him as long as I have and previous to our relationship expressed interest in him as more than friends. He rejected those advances but they have always been good friends. Good friends who text and write to each other incessantly. Practically every day they are going back and forth on their cell phones almost every hour on the hour.

It started some time ago and was getting to be so much that even our friends noticed and mentioned it. I talked to my husband about it and told him that while I knew nothing inappropriate was going on between the two of them, that didn't mean that their constant contact wasn't hurting me.

My Husband Secretly Texting Another Woman

He was very understanding about it and agreed to temper the texts. Which he did for about a year. But recently it has started up again full force.


And this time it isn't as open. Source waits until he thinks I'm not in the room and is practically glued to his phone. There have been many times when I've come in and the phone has disappeared again, but not before I see her name. And this is the part I'm not proud of.

He’s texting another woman all day

I'm not a snoop. I like my privacy so I try and give him his own, but my jealousy and curiosity were getting the better of me. I've looked at the phone without his knowledge once. Most of the texts were just back and forth about every day minutiae, but there were some that really bothered me.

I hope someone appreciates that, and Sheila too, otherwise I really am unwelcome here. If he cares about your relationship, he'll at least listen. But please, stop pretending to be another woman. It was his choice, his utilization of his agency, and when he opted to look outside of his marriage, the sin is on him.

Her saying she missed him and his replying back with the same. Affectionate back and forth that was not consistent at least in my opinion with a normal friendship.

My Husband Secretly Texting Another Woman

No concrete plans for meeting or anything that was not above board, but enough to make me uneasy. My Husband Secretly Texting Another Woman that I recognized as what we had at the beginning of our relationship.

He was being more affectionate and attentive with her than he has been with me in some time. What do I do? I want to trust him and I want to believe that there isn't anything more going on than just this.

I'm not as confident as I once was. Could it be that his hiding it was his idea of continuing what is an innocent friendship but without hurting me further? If this continues, should I be that woman who lays down an ultimatum? Or should I trust my husband and swallow learn more here misgivings? Your letter makes me heartsick, too, TOT. My guess is that this is simply a flirtation, but it's still awful.

I'm worried, but you have a very important thing going for you that many couples don't have: The last time you read article him about this, he was honest and understanding.

He didn't get defensive; he simply did what he needed to do to make you comfortable again. And it means that when you talk to him about this again and confess to him that you snoopedhe'll probably explain what's going on in his head. I have to wonder whether the texting is simply an addiction. It almost sounds like he's blogging -- but just to her. And let me tell you, when you write something down and someone comments on it, validating your existence by the hour, it feels good said the blogger.

It can become a part of your routine. It can be the thing that keeps you going. I'm not condoning his behavior, but I'm open to the possibility that he's using her as an audience. It's something for you both to consider when you have the talk, which should be soon.

Can say this has been worse year of my life, but trying to be positive and hope she sees sense. Lynette on March 19, at 9: I was shocked, looked into it and found out it is a speech therapist for high school students where he is a campus officer. When link married you he vowed to forsake all others.

I'd save the ultimatums and start with an honest discussion. Could I be right about the blogging? Is this other woman just his audience? Or is he having an emotional affair? What should the letter writer say and do? Previous Letter Thursday June 9, Speaking of Love "I love you, in a really, really big pretend-to-like-your-taste-in-music, let-you-eat-the-last-piece-of-cheesecake, hold-a-radio-over-my-head-outside-your-window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you, love you.

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