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GTA V - How to pick up SEXY STRIPPERS??? :o

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Strip clubs are one of my top spots for scoring with sexy girls. In fact, you could say they're one of the best. 17 Feb From what I've learned picking up strippers. I'm not too sure why but for some reason I seem to have better luck with strippers than I do normal checks in bars. Well I guess for the most part, Just like hired guns, The strippers have to interact with you. So that's actually a major advantage to you. They're not. 19 Aug I was reading these posts and alot of guys have it all wrong. Here are some things about picking up a stripper that u need to know and things not to say Dancer: "Would u like a dance?" Guy: "How about I dance for you?" DO NOT EVER use the line about wanting you to dance for us. (No offense to the.

First of all, you should pay attention to the flow of the club. I don't post on Facebook much. I trying get to know something about them. And this is a club where you're not even allowed to touch the strippers!

Today is your day! Yes, you read that correctly.

How To Pick Up A Stripper

First of all, you should pay attention to the flow of the club. What does this mean? Many of the strip clubs are easy to understand if you pay attention to their inside politics and rules.

How to Pick Up a Stripper

Pay attention to which girls are more friendly with other customers, which ones just stand around searching for the dollar bill or which ones just sit at the bar getting drunk. All these things and much more are important if you want to get lucky and be with a hot and sexy stripper from the moment you enter the strip club. Second, never ask boring and predictable questions.

These basic questions are being asked all night. Remember, you are going to a strip club to get laid for one night, not to search for your next girlfriend.

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Third thing is to focus on the mindset of the stripper. Maybe you know, or maybe you will read this for the first time, but almost all strippers have one important thought on their mind while they are doing their performances on the stage or sitting on your lap: They are there to make money.

How To Pick Up A Striper

The sooner you understand the mindset of a stripper that you want that night, the easier it will be to pick her up. If you show her a little bit of your wild side and that you can be respectful, but a bit of a bad boy and fun, this will increase your chances of getting laid.

For some guys, this step seems really difficult, but it is actually really easy if you do the previous steps right.

How To Pick Up A Striper

If you stimulate her mentally within the first 2 minutes of meeting her, your chances of getting her phone number is great! Fifth important step is to meet your sexy stripper away from the club now that you got her phone number.

Now you have to make plans with her and play the texting game to go on a date. You might be able to go home with her the same night after she finishes her shift, but strippers are usually tired after work. After reading these steps, are you confident now? Are you ready to pick your favorite stripper and get laid?

When I walked by one of them looked at me then kind of looked away. And all he got out of it was a bunch of no contact lap dances, And she just sat with him in the club the whole night Dont ask for freebees and especially dont ask for sex or extras. I find it kind of hard because as you know these girls are there to try and make money.

These steps will help you pick-up a stripper in a strip club, but we are not guaranteeing anything. We never said this was going to be easy. Good luck out there!