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How to make your voice DEEPER

Lessons From Fahrenheit 451 for the Modern Day

25 Nov Yes it is. I've done it, Morgan Freeman's done it, I've even built an app to help people to do the same. Here's a screenshot of my voice (from a while ago, it's actually deeper now) It's possible because the depth of your voice isn't just a produ. 13 Nov Have you ever listened to a recording of your voice and cringed? Perhaps you were surprised about how nasally or high-pitched it was, or how hard you were to understand. Perhaps in that moment you wished for a manlier, more pleasant- sounding voice. A deep, strong, masculine voice is not without its. 22 May Should we just come to terms with the severe disadvantage of having an ' average' voice? The answer is 'no'. See, according to science there are several steps we can utilise in order to develop a deeper voice, and luckily for you, I have written the most effective of them for you bellow. These are all heavily.

The problem with these is, none of them seem to be written by people who are actually speaking from experience.

Tips Record your voice. There's nasal airflow and nasal resonance. There's nothing you can or need to do, that will happen through puberty.

As someone who has actually deepened his voice from about average to lowI wanted to take a different tack and discuss the methods that worked for me, click a few others. Just to get it out of the way, none of this is medical advice. I trust you to follow these tips without giving yourself an injury — and if you feel in any way like you might, you should stop immediately.

Right, here we go. These are your sternocleidomastoids, and when they get tense they tug on your vocal chords, resulting in a higher note. Relax these and, logically enough, your voice gets lower.

One recommended way of doing this is by making the neck muscles stronger. Stronger muscles are better at meeting their daily demands and therefore click likely to tighten up throughout the day. As you can see, by all four metrics, my voice did deepen over time. My matches completely changed too.

More compellingly, my voice actually got higher before it got lower. It starts at about Hz, then shoots up to Hz and stays high for a week, before it gradually deepened month after month to the current pitch of 89Hz. This fits the idea that strong neck muscles give you a deeper voice.

The exercises first made my neck weaker, like any muscle when you start training it. So my voice got higher. Then, as I continued with the exercises, it got used to the strain and became stronger, and my pitch dropped.

I should add that I also stretch my Click here to relieve any tension that might build up with the exercises.

In fact, this guy on Reddit seems to have a routine which worked really well for him and seems to focus more on stretching. While it seems as good as any method, this kind of breath shifts effort to the upper half of the torso, putting tension on the neck and vocal chords.

As you inhale, try to shift the effort downward so your stomach flexes out while your shoulders remain completely still. Feel as though the air is being summoned by your abs.

How To Develop A Deeper Voice

This one correction had the greatest impact on my voice depth — but, like any bad habit, it requires a conscious effort to overcome it. You can try this one for yourself and immediately see its effect. Open Vocular and enable the Pitch Tracker in Settings, then speak to the microphone in your normal voice and see what numbers come up. You know how the depth of your voice is partly caused by the size of your vocal chords?

How to create a DEEPER voice

Well, dehydration literally shrinks your vocal chords. The loss of water equates to a loss of mass, leaving you with thinner, squeakier vocal chords.

And, strikingly, most people are dehydrated. The solution is to make things easier for yourself.

Develop a Strong He-Man Voice by Using the Voice Nature Gave You

If you work at a desk, get a jug one that can hold litres and fill it every morning. One of these names How To Develop A Deeper Voice Clint Eastwood. However, one thing Eastwood has in spades in monotony. So it may be that the masculinity of a monotone voice tricks people into thinking that voice is deep as well.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Voice Depth No Comments. Breathe from the Diaphragm Ever noticed how your shoulders bob up and down as you breathe in and out? Aspirate You can try this one for yourself and immediately see its effect.

How To Develop A Deeper Voice

You should see your numbers drop as soon as you take on this breathier kind of tone. And not only does this make your voice deeper, it makes it more attractive too.

There are two things you can do to speak with your best voice possible. These are your sternocleidomastoids, and when they get tense they tug on your vocal chords, resulting in a higher note. I remember one commenter making the case that "NoFap" was this huge conspiracy to control the male population by the catholic church because most men are controlled by their dicks and make more rational decisions after they've stroked it.

A study found that the most attractive male voices were also the breathiest — and this was so pronounced that women preferred a high-pitched but breathy voice over a deep, non-breathy one. In fact, I now make a point of drinking a litre of water an hour before going on a date or to an important meeting.

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This is backed up by a paper on vocal attractiveness, which found that the voices which varied less in pitch were the most likely to be considered deep. In fact, pitch variation was almost as important as actual pitch in deciding whether a voice was deep or not. Leave a Comment Cancel comment Your email address will not be published.

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