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What's it like to be a paramedic? A UK perspective

This job is a weird job. I say that at least once every day that I work. And it takes a special kind of person. That's not to say that only certain people can do the job. It is to say that only certain people can last in the job, can thrive in the. 15 May At the moment, all is quiet, but when her work begins she expects to be rushing around this corner of south-east London for the full 12 hours. "Or more like 13!" she laughs. "I can't just dump a patient at the end of my shift and say, 'All right, I'm off. Bye!'" No, but will she not be getting pretty tired by then?. 22 Oct We talked to a young paramedic about what it's really like to work in emergency medical services. Turns out, it's not nearly as dramatic as TV makes it out to be, though when shit gets real, it gets really real.

Make EMS1 link homepage. Being a paramedic isn't like what you see on TV; it isn't all fast-paced lifesaving.

This job is a weird job. I say that at least once every day that I work. And it takes a special kind of person. That's not to say that only certain people can do the job. It is to say that only certain people can last in the job, can thrive in the job. This job isn't like the TV shows.

It is nearly 7pm, so Berry takes me over to the ambulance to set up. He died in our arms, really, on the football pitch. The first thing, if you go to a patient, is if you can calm them down, that's half your treatment done. Liz joined EMAS part-time when her children started getting older. All the stress, they tell us.

It isn't all fast-paced lifesaving. In fact, most of the time, it's the opposite. Sometimes there are car accidents, explosions and heroics. But, most of the time, it's twisted ankles, toothaches, fevers and coughs.

What Its Like To Be A Paramedic

Sometimes it's legitimate heart attacks, allergic reactions, and severely septic old people, but the press never shows up to glamorize those. Sometimes it is literally just having a conversation with someone about their life while you take them to the hospital.

What Its Like To Be A Paramedic

You miss out on things when you follow this career path. Family will never really understand why you can't just take the day off. You will miss holidays, birthdays, camping trips and fun times with friends. You may even miss the birth of your own children. And you click do this to help strangers at their worst moment.

What's your typical day like?

Or their dumbest moment. And, speaking of that, you will constantly be amazed at what people do, to themselves or each other, you will be saddened by horrible things, and sometimes encouraged by the good things. But, if this is really for you, you will be addicted to it.

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In the UK, we hear many news stories about Australian paramedics being lured by the opportunities to work for some of the largest ambulance services in the country. Though mundane calls like this are numerous, however, no paramedic can hope to avoid the truly harrowing cases for very long. The English paramedics have their own versions of what it takes to become a paramedic and offers an incredible insight for paramedics from other countries. The unpredictability greatly appeals to me. Even so, the rules dictate that if such a caller insists, she must drive them to hospital.

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A Day in the Life of a Paramedic

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